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With a change in season comes a change in wardrobe. It is way too early to bring out all the winter storage boxes with all your big warm coats and sweaters so what does one do to stay cozy? Fall is rather fiddly to dress for because on some days you will feel the need for extra layers and heating whereas in others it might just feel like a warm summer day altogether. This in-between fall time weather is what calls for clothing that is somewhat in-between as well. Perhaps, a jacket to keep you warm and protected from the chilly crisp breeze.

Jackets seem basic and perhaps even boring to some, but jackets are so much more than that. Available in an array of designs and styles, choosing the right jacket for a specific occasion is tricky, to say the least especially if you are not equipped with the necessary knowledge. From the classic denim jacket to the edgy and bold leather biker number to the statement bomber jacket, following is a comprehensively compiled list of some men’s fall jackets that every man should try to have in his wardrobe.

Bomber Jacket

A short and robust jacket with elastic fitted cuffs and waistline paired with a zippered or button-down front, the bomber jacket is a classic style that was first worn by flight crew members which is why it is also often referred to as the flight jacket as well. Now, the bomber jacket is loved by everyone. Comfortable, not too warm and incredibly versatile, the bomber jacket is designed in a variety of materials and colors making it perfect for everyday wear.


bomber jacket


Biker Jacket

Simple and stylish with just the perfect hint of rebellion, the biker jacket is perfect for the crisp fall season. This short, close-fitting number is the definition of rogue fashion. Studded with zips, buttons, and studs, this pair brilliantly well with jeans, t-shirts or even button-down shirts making them incredibly versatile for just about any occasion. These are the ultimate quick fix if you are running late and short on time to piece an outfit together.


Track Jacket

With athleisure apparel making waves in the world of fashion, track jackets are all the rage for the fall season. Whether you are going out for a run, running errands or meeting friends for a casual get together, this comfortable and lightweight jacket style is ideal. Wear them over jeans or track pants and pair them with your favorite sneakers for the ultimate sporty aesthetic.



Denim Jacket

A timeless classic, denim jackets will forever be a style statement. Versatile and effortless, a denim jacket is essential for everyone. Ideal for almost any time of the year, a denim jacket is an investment. Wear them over a simple tee and a pair of jeans or over a turtleneck sweater or underneath another coat, there are countless ways to style a denim jacket.



A staple for every man now, the trench coat was initially only sported by military men. A clean, polished and fashionable style statement, the trench coat is a classic that will keep you warm and keep you dry throughout the fall and winters. Invest in a trench coat for a flawless and refined outlook that will never go out of style.


Harringtons also referred to as blouson jackets, are waist length zippered jackets with fitted or elastic cuffs and a waistband. Their style is comparable to that of a bomber jacket, but with Harringtons, the material tends to blouse over the fitted cuffs and waistband, and the neckline is usually a classic collar. This additional feature gives the blouson jacket a more polished and tailored look that is not as rogue and edgy as the classic bomber jacket.


Who doesn’t love hoodies? Stylish, effortless, comfortable and practical; what more could one ask for? This casual number is perfect for the fall season because it is not too warm. If in case it gets colder, you can always layer another coat or jacket on top for a cool and fun look. Hooded jackets come in many styles: the simple sweatshirt, the hooded puffer jacket, the hooded bomber jacket and many more. Pick your favorite.

Trucker Jacket

This button-down jacket features double breast pockets along with a fitted silhouette. This short jacket is primarily made with denim, but other styles are also available such as suede, shearling, etc. What makes a trucker jacket a wardrobe essential is its practicality and versatility; it’s the perfect casual jacket that works well over anything ranging from jeans and tees to cotton pants and linen button-downs.

Pea Coat

Featuring broad lapels and a double-breasted front, the peacoat is the perfect short coat a man needs for this fall season. A style that was originally inspired by sailors, the pea coat has evolved and now become a fashionable style statement. The large buttons and diagonal pockets give the coat a rather chic and sophisticated look. Traditionally made with wool, the pea coat is ideal for those days in the fall when it’s chillier than usual. Smart, chic and stylish; the pea coat is a must-have for the coming season.


Parka Jacket

Parkas are always imagined to be just for the extremely cold months, but now parkas can be worn in the fall season as well. Traditionally, parkas are stuffed with synthetic fiber and lined with fur to make for that puffy outlook. Now, modifications in the design and material are deeming them fit for the cool fall season as well.

The fall season is all about pumpkin spice lattes, beanie hats, and snuggling by the fire with a nice book. When it comes to dressing up for the season, there is really no better time to play dress up than the fall season. These men’s fall jackets are wardrobe essentials because they are practical, simple, versatile, and comfortable; each in their own unique way. There really is nothing to complain about. Find a style that vibes with your personal taste and style and nails your fashion game this fall season.

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