by Jennifer Smith September 03, 2019 5 min read

I wear my leather jacket like a great big hug

Radiating charm - a living cloak of luck

It's the only concrete link with an absent friend

It's a symbol I can wear 'till we meet again

The Chills came out with this banger song back in 1986, but to this date, it remains the anthem of the fashion-forward.

All our favorite fashion girls and boys have at least one or two leather jackets as a staple piece of their wardrobe – no matter what the weather outside is like, or what styles are in trend at the time.

The evergreen, ever-fashionable leather jacket is such a versatile garment that it can be worn with anything and everything and never seems to go out of style. Just like The Chills, we all love our leather jackets and wear them all the time.

However, there is one thing about a leather jacket that, if you get wrong, can instantly drop your look from fab to drab. The one element that you must always get right with this versatile piece of clothing is how should a leather jacket fit. Mess this up, and you go from being a solid ten on the fashion scale to a maybe three.

A leather jacket is an investment piece, so make sure you get the right one

Usually, leather jackets can be pretty darn pricey, and reach up to $1000 even – that is, unless you are shopping at the  So, though you may be able to afford a couple of more styles if you shop at Leather Skin Shop, you must still be careful about their fit. Even when you are shopping at a budget price, it is still your hard-earned money you are spending!

Now, after spending a near fortune on your super chic leather jacket, an unflattering jacket that appears to have been borrowed from your brother is undoubtedly not your desired look! But choosing the right fit for your body can often be challenging when it comes to the leather jacket. The reason being that there are just so many opinions out there on the best wayhow should a leather jacket fit.

In this blog, we will discuss these numerous opinions, different types of fits for different styles of leather jackets (first for the ladies, and then for our fashionably enthusiastic men), as well as one basic fit that will work for most people out there. So, instead of dabbling here and there, let’s get on with the discussion!

The two basic types of leather jacket fit – sensible and fashionable

When it comes to leather jackets, there are two opinions about their purpose. While some believe that it is okay to get a pricey jacket just for the fashion quotient, others say that a leather jacket that does not serve the primary purpose of protecting you from the elements is not worth it. In leather jackets numbered 1 and 3, we will be discussing the latter type of leather jacket.

After the more practical approach, we will discuss the leather jackets that are more of a fashion statement than protective outerwear. They serve the purpose of keeping you fresh to death and helping you stand out of the crowd no matter where you are. These are the jackets that are numbered 2 (for women) and 4 (for men) in this article.

The boxy, practical jacket for women

When you want a jacket that keeps you warm in cold winter evenings, you must make sure that there is enough room to add more layers under the jacket and then zip it up. This will probably require the shoulder seam to fall just below your natural shoulder line.

For functional winter outerwear, the arms should have the width that does not make you look trapped if you add a woolen sweater underneath the jacket. Your breasts must not be constricted but should be comfortable when you zip the jacket up entirely (which is something that you may be doing a lot, considering the purpose of this style of leather jacket). The length of the jacket should be that it comes to an end at just the point where your hips begin. The sleeves should best end at the point where your wrist bends.

The adventurous, cropped look for women

For the more adventurous leather jackets, the rules tohow should a leather jacket fit vary slightly from their more practical counterparts. This is because you are rarely going to be wearing them zipped up all the way.

For a fashionable fit, your shoulder seam should be exactly where your shoulder is – neither above it nor below. The sleeve should once again reach the point where your wrist bends, but can also be just a smudge longer than that. Since you will most probably be wearing this type of jacket in the spring with a tank top or a dress underneath, the cut of the overall jacket has to be slimmer. The length can vary right from your waistline (for a cropped jacket such as the one in the above image) to just beyond your hips (for a slightly elongated look).

The sensible fit for men

For this practical fit, the shoulder seam must again either coincide with your natural shoulder line or lie just below it. You must be able to zip up the jacket right to the top and still be comfortable and move around quickly. Though slightly longer sleeves are currently in fashion, you do not know when they will stop being the cool thing. Because your leather jacket is an investment piece that you are hoping to wear for years to come, it is safer to stick with the normal, and opt for sleeves that end at the bend in the wrist.

The fashion-forward man

The fashion fit for both men and women is more or less the same. With the shoulders at the shoulder seam, your jacket will neither be too big and swallow you whole or too small and look like you borrowed it from your much smaller friend. The fit should be quite snug, rather than having a ton of room to allow layering – you are probably never going to layer it with thick, woolen sweaters. Hence, the jacket should be fitting you like a second skin.

As far as the sleeve length is concerned, it must again end at the bend in the wrist (get a slightly longer sleeve length this season for an added oomph). The jacket itself should be just long enough to sit above or at your hip.

The final word

Have you been thinking of finally jumping on the bandwagon and getting yourself a nice, warm leather jacket? If so, we advise you to be super careful about the fit before you buy it. Check twice that it fits you as entirely as you want it to, and if you are buying it online – only trust the stores that will offer you easy exchange, refund, or alteration in case of a mishap (like Leather Skin Shop). Better yet, send us your measurements, and we will send you a customized leather jacket that is specially tailored to fit your body!

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