by Jennifer Smith August 28, 2019 5 min read

What is the one thing more fabulous and stylish than a leather jacket?

A leather jacket with a fancy, shearling collar, of course!

Shearling, or sheepskin, has been generously used in the clothing industry since the beginning of time itself. Originally sought after by the warmth and comfort the material provides, it soon graduated to being considered high fashion. Since the first shearling leather jacket was designed, the comfortable apparel has been a symbol of grandeur and style.

One thing is for sure – Shearling leather jackets are never going out of style

Though there are times when the fashion industry has preferred other leather jacket styles over the shearling leather jacket, fashionistas keep coming back to it like a moth drawn to a flame.

By now, it is evident that the flamboyant style is never going to die indeed out – but that it will persevere whatever lies ahead. We can say with absolute certainty that the shearling leather jacket you buy today will be back on the runways by the time your grandkids are your age.

While the jacket itself has not changed very much, the ways to carry it and the occasions to wear it have changed through the ages. Once only worn in the coldest winters for the snug feeling it is famous for, exclusive shearling trims were designed to make the shearling leather jacket wearable for all seasons.

In this blog, we will talk about the many occasions and ways you can wear the flamboyant design in your everyday life without it seeming too over the top. Let’s begin.

Win hearts when in the streets with a casual, effortless look


Who thought that the royal shearling trims would one day become the epitome of street style? Believe it or not, the modern winter day street fashion is considered incomplete if it does not have an exuberant shearling leather jacket to top it all off.

There are countless ways that you can pull off the fancy look of the shearling trimmed leather jacket in your off duty ensemble. Not only does it keep you comfortable all day long, but it also brings an energetic blend of vibrancy to any dull or moody outfit. Our personal way to wear it in a street setting is with denim that is ripped at the jeans.

Style your rebel denim and indulgent shearling leather jacket with a basic t-shirt in a neutral color – preferably black, white, or the gorgeous grey. Finish the look with some sexy boots and a trendy crossbody bag and get Instagramming to show the world your dazzling ensemble.

Pair it with a pencil skirt to bring out your femininity

When the shearling collar first become prevalent, it was meant to be worn by males. It was used as a symbol of social status and was considered very masculine. However, it was not long until the women decided to jump on the bandwagon and adopt the style for their own.

Because of its past association with men, many women like to add small details of their own to make the piece seem more feminine. If you are one of those females who love to show off their femininity through what they wear, then what better way to do it than styling the luxurious jacket with a passionate pencil skirt?

For a look that is as graceful as it is undeniably womanly, pair your favorite shearling leather jacket with a contrasting pencil skirt and a black blouse. Throw on some chunky boots, grab a bag that is the same color as the skirt, and maybe put on some fabulous sunnies too – for the added mystery.

Remember: Bold is often beautiful


When wearing a shearling trimmed leather jacket or coat, there is always the perpetual fear of being “too much.” You definitely do not want to be looking like you are trying too hard as you strut around town, do you?

To prevent this from happening, there is just one fashion rule that you should follow. Whenever there is one thing in your outfit that is more on the theatrical side, always know that you can dress it down with accessories and the rest of your clothing to produce a picture that does not look too out of place in a casual setting. Instead of being scared of wearing a flashy garment, know that you can style it for an everyday glamorous look.

It is important to remember that when you are wearing a shearling leather jacket, more often than not, it is your statement piece. You want the general eye to notice the jacket before it notices the rest of your outfit. Hence, it should always be paired with something minimalistic. Something that blends in the background to give your favorite shearling leather jacket the spotlight that it needs.

Try on the above statement biker leather jacket trimmed with black fur with a pair of skinny black jeans and a neutral t-shirt. Complete the ensemble with some long, high heeled black boots.

Bundle up for those cold winter evenings outside

Has there ever been a better combination of fashion and function than a leather jacket finished with shearling? We think not. The shearling leather jacket is a timeless classic that provides a cozy, comfortable experience while keeping you on the top of the fashion charts. Favored by our favorite fashion girls and boys, it is our number one outerwear to throw on – especially for the cold winter evenings outside.

So, whether it is a winter barbecue night or you are going stargazing with the girl of your dreams, the shearling leather jacket will keep you snug and warm all night long. A comfortable sweater with an excellent fit, your favorite pair of jeans, and suede boots can bring together an outfit that is guaranteed to fetch you compliments.

If you have not yet worked out your personal style, go with a classic piece


Sometimes, it may take a while to work out your style – and that is entirely alright. No fashionista was born knowing what will suit him for the rest of his or her life. If you are a fan of shearling leather jackets but do not entirely understand how to wear them, then do not worry. A classic, simple look is always there to save you from making some fashion bloopers.

A simple white tee and jeans is all you need to look effortlessly fresh and fashionable when there is a gorgeous shearling leather jacket to top things off. This cool outfit is often what works best for most people with regards to shearling jackets.

The Final Word

Styling the shearling leather jacket is not a huge challenge. There are not many ways you can go wrong with it. This is perhaps the biggest reason why it has remained such a favorite for people throughout the ages.

How do you style your favorite shearling leather jackets? Do you like to wear it casually, or do you save your best look for special occasions? What are your go-to shoes to wear with a shearling jacket? Comment down below and let us know your thoughts on the subject.

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