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Currently, baddie style is ruling the fashion world, with immaculately dressed divas channeling their confident bearing on social media platforms. Embracing their curves, baddie divas put a lot of effort into getting their look right, using high fashion streetwear clothing, flawless hair and makeup, and attention grabbing accessories. It's natural to be in awe of these breathtakingly stylish girls, and we want to make sure you know all the secrets of how to become a baddie. 

Origin of the Baddie Style

Who started the baddie aesthetic in the first place? The credit goes to the original baddie Kylie Jenner. Her electrifying transformation with plumped up lips, curvy physique, and voguish ensembles inspired women who wanted to ace the same fashionable looks. Kylie simultaneously started her beauty brand, Kylie cosmetics, which is considered standard by women who create baddie makeup looks. 

Soon after, the baddie fashion became a talking point across social media, turning it into a huge frenzy that is still reigning in the realm of aesthetics. 

A lot of baddie outfits fundamentals stem from sporty streetwear, including tracksuits, athletic joggers, and sneakers. Major trends for the aesthetic include pastel shades, a mix of oversized and figure hugging clothes, and special attention given to well kept nails and brows.

Baddie Attitude: Acting Like a Baddie 

A significant part of baddie aesthetic portrayal is the right attitude. Given the name, it’s easy to assume that baddies are rude and hostile. However, that’s not true. If you want to learn how to act like a baddie, develop an unshakable inner confidence, plus persuasion for women empowerment.

Baddie divas try to uplift themselves and other women, taking pride in who they are. Although they fall into the bracket of conventional beauty standards, they don’t judge other people based on society’s standards. 

All the baddies on TikTok, Youtube, and Instagram have a determined, unbothered attitude in common, and they focus on their goals to become even better. You will notice how they deal with everyone confidently, talking to the person in front of them without being nervous.  

Insta Baddie Girl Starter Pack

If you want some quick “How to be a Baddie tips” to be like an Insta Baddie, there is more to it than getting ready and posting nice pictures. To replicate the style of these modish divas, follow these tips:

  • Practice self love! To be the perfect Instagram baddie, never neglect general grooming. Take care of your nails, hair, skin care, and hygiene in general.
  • Adopt a self assured bearing that makes your personality irresistible.
  • Curate a wardrobe like the baddie by incorporating trendy streetwear clothing, sporty style staples, complementing accessories, and stylish footwear, including sneakers and high heeled boots.
  • Learn baddie makeover tips from famous makeup gurus on Tiktok and Youtube. (We bring some no fail baddie makeup tips in one of the sections below)
  • Don’t hesitate to show off your curves. Embrace your own look and wear baddie outfits that bring out the best in you.
  • Experiment with new trends in fashion and makeup, and keep up with the popular aesthetic blends that go with your persona. You can try the baddie subgenres, which we will talk about later.
  • Learn the hashtags that increase the reach for Instagram baddie content. Use them under your captions to increase chances of being visible to a wider audience.
  • Make sure you curate an eye pleasing social media grid with awe inspiring baddie looks and relevant captions. 

How to Look Like a Baddie?

The crux of the authentic baddie look is the self confidence that oozes from within no matter what outfit you are wearing. Baddies make any outfit look glamorous, with a major focus on comfort. The inclination of comfort is why sporty clothing such as tracks and sneakers make a prominent part of the aesthetic.

Apart from the outfits, baddie style cannot be portrayed until you learn to keep the right posture. Every outfit, makeup look, and accessory looks a lot better when you aren't slouching.  

Ways to Nail the Baddie Aesthetic 

Browsing the top celebrities and influencers who have adopted the baddy style, it is understood if you, too, want to go the same route. Transitioning into this fashion forward aesthetic may feel like you would have to spend a million bucks. But with a few tips and tricks, you can start looking and feeling like a true baddie. 

  • Strive to build better grooming habits so that it's easier for you to create those flawless baddie looks. Give special attention to the nails, as voguish nail art is a big part of the baddie subculture.
  • Inculcate body positivity. You don't need to have a curvy, hourglass figure to achieve the right look. Even if you are slim or plus sized, the baddy style can be adopted with a self loving, confident attitude. Skin tone also doesn't matter in this regard, as the aesthetic has been inclusive ever since it began, letting women of any skin color embrace it.
  • We highly recommend keeping travel sized grooming products in a pouch with you at all times. You can keep a good moisturizer, perfume, refreshing wipes, mint gums, and small makeup kits with you to be ready to rock wherever you are.
  • Pay special attention to your hairdo and use suitable hair colors. 
  • An essential tip to build baddie outfits is to wear a fitted clothing piece with an oversized staple. For instance, wear a bodycon dress with a baggy cropped biker jacket.  

Baddie Wardrobe Mainstays 

Upgrading your wardrobe with chic and glamorous baddie essentials is the right way to dive deeper into this unique aesthetic. Start with a collection of baddie style staples for all seasons and styles and keep adding fashionable pieces as you develop your style.

Matching sets or co-ords are trending high in the baddie fashion, and so are stylish tracksuits, bodysuits worn with high waisted trousers and layered with jackets. Apart from these, you can get the following:


The type of tops that baddies like to wear include chic crop tops, trendy smock tops, bandana tops, and off shoulder blouses. Baby pink tops are a must-have as that color is highly adored by the baddie divas. Try adding sheer tops that you can wear over tube tops or fitted tanks for authentic baddie outfits. 

Printed t-shirts, front tied tops, collared blouses, and turtlenecks are wardrobe must haves for the ultimate baddie babe.

In the oversized clothing category, keep a few sweatshirts, a graphic oversized t shirt, chunky sweaters in pastel hues, and oversized flannels to be worn with slim fit ribbed jeans. 

Jeans, Bottom Wear

Baddies prefer wearing high waisted jeans in many styles, including boyfriend jeans, ripped jeans, skinny jeans, and cargo jeans. Cargo pants and joggers are also used frequently with stylish tops and jackets. When in doubt, just pair a cute top with tracksuit pants.

You can't do without a pair or two of leggings, especially short leggings, also called cycling shorts. Pair sweaters and turtlenecks with plaid skirts and leggings to get the look right. Another huge trend of bottom wear for baddies is that of leather pants, with the voguish girls often wearing leggings, cinched trousers, or flare pants made of faux leather. 

Dresses for the Baddie Diva 

Baddy girls are often spotted flaunting their curves with dresses that enhance their feminity. These include bodycon dresses and oversized shirt dresses worn with belts and boots. Baddies highly prefer Jumpsuits for their style and elegance.

Baddie Outerwear 

Baddies ace the layering game with denim jackets, bomber jackets, varsity jackets and cropped leather jackets. Fur coats, puffer jackets, and biker jackets go well with the style principles of baddies. To try some funky looks, try any of the Punk Leather Jackets from Leather Skin Shop's collection. 

Shoes for the Baddies 

Colorful sneakers, often chunky soled, are the primary choice of footwear by baddies. But they also wear combat boots, stilettos, ankle boots, high boots, and sandals and pumps embellished with rhinestones.  

Baddie Accessories Guide 

An aesthetic highly depends upon the accessories that are used with the outfits, as it is the little details that matter. Here are the things that baddie divas love to style their outfits with. 

  • Jewelry encrusted with blingy stones, especially rhinestones. Diamond jewelry is a big part of the luxurious baddy subculture followed by ace celebrities.
  • Gold jewelry 
  • Watches
  • Hoop earrings 
  • Embellished phone cases 
  • Fur stoles 
  • Silk scarves 
  • Belted handbags, clutches, crossbody bags 
  • Baseball caps 
  • Bucket hats 
  • Beanies 
  • Cat eye shades 
  • Rhinestone encrusted hair clips 
  • Rhinestone encrusted sunglasses 

Baddie Makeup Basics

A significant part of the baddie look is the makeup that these fashionable women do. They strive to achieve perfection with features such as perfectly blended foundation, shapely brows, lots of shimmery highlighter, and false lashes. Baddies love contouring, blush, and using lip gloss to create bold lips.

A lot of focus is done on hair, skin, and nail grooming, and that reflects in flawless makeup. Baddies use skin care products that help them achieve a smooth surface to work on. They always prime the face before applying makeup. Filled brows, defined eye liner, and applying lip pencil to make the lips appear fuller are a few of the classic baddie makeup features. 

Hairstyling may be done in the form of braids, high ponies, or luscious soft curls. 

Tips for Baddie Aesthetic Outfits 

The baddie fashion is not at all complicated, as these stylish divas have well defined goals in their minds while getting ready. They build ensembles according to a few baddie outfit tips, which are as follows:

  • Don't shy away from hourglass shape enhancing clothing. If you feel apprehensive, invest in shapewear to help you style your baddie outfits confidently.
  • Mix and match baggy and tight fitting clothes, such as oversized t shirts or sweaters with fitted denim to make an outfit.
  • Co-ords are all the rage to create the ultimate baddie look. Go for matching tops and skirts or sweatshirts with jogger pants.
  • Patterns and prints can be your style weapons when curating outfits according to latest fashion trends.
  • Opt for pastels, especially baby pink and purple, neons, and shimmery hues to build fashion forward ensembles.
  • High waisted jeans, pants, and skirts are an excellent way to emphasize your shapely waist.
  • Give a sporty twist to outfits with chunky sneakers, athletic jackets, jerseys, or tracksuit pants.

Being a Baddie on a Budget?

You don't need to have high end luxury clothing and accessories to be a baddie. Besides keeping a positive and confident attitude, here are a few budget friendly tips that can help you become a baddie:

  • Pay a visit to the thrift store to get some amazing finds. You may get a great deal of trending staples in good shape. 
  • Create fashionable pieces by upcycling your old clothing. Skirts and cutout tops from dresses, shorts from jeans, and crop tops from hoodies are a few ideas to try.
  • Do your grooming yourself. Rather than spending hundreds of dollars on skin, nail, and hair treatments, learn to do them yourself to save money.
  • Search for makeup dupes for your baddie looks instead of high end makeup products. Some drugstore makeup finds work equally good.
  • Instead of spending a lot on off-the-rack clothing that might not be perfect for you, consider investing in custom clothing to save money and time. This especially goes for jackets, coats and blazers.
  • Take advantage of the yearly sales, most of which allow you to buy clothing, shoes, accessories, and makeup at throwaway prices.

How to be a Baddie? Must Try Baddie Outfits

Baddie looks can be created in any season and style. You can be like the fashionable insta baddies while donning an off duty ensemble, streetwear, or while at work. Try to instantly turn into a baddie by trying the following baddie outfit ideas. 

Spring Baddie Looks

Spring is the time to experiment with colors and prints, merging your baddie look with fashionable spring staples. 

  • Our first Spring ensemble for the baddie look features a patterned silk bodycon dress layered with a cropped cable knit cardigan in a contrasting color. Accessorize your look with hooped earrings and chunky sneakers.  
  • Wear a pastel tie and die tracksuit with pink and gold sneakers to recreate the luxe baddie look. Carry a white fanny pack to round off the look.
  • Over a pair of shimmery gold jogger pants, wear a front tie top and a cropped puffer jacket. Complement the outfit with white combat boots.
  • Pair a baddie floral top with a plaid skirt and sheer leggings. Round off the outfit with heeled ankle boots. You can layer this cute outfit with a spiked and studded leather jacket in a cropped style. 

Summer Baddie Looks

Channel your inner baddie on a warm day with any of the following baddie aesthetic outfit ideas:

  • Pair a pastel bodysuit with a denim skirt and leggings for a curve hugging outfit that speaks volumes about your baddie fashion expertise. Complete this outfit with chunky sneakers.
  • A grey high waisted ripped jeans and purple crop top are an effortless way to slay like a baddie on a hot day. Round off the ensemble with strappy heels.
  • Wear a white oversized t shirt dress with a gold chain belt and knee high boots for an edgy look.
  • Team up your baddie style short leggings with an oversized graphic t-shirt and black combat boots.
  • A chic summer outfit in the baddie fashion would be a sky blue halter neck top tucked in a black mini skirt and fishnet tights. Wear high heeled boots with this outfit to complete it nicely. 

Fall Baddie Looks

Fall is the time to bring out your inner fashion loving diva with cozy sweaters and turtlenecks paired with warm leggings and boots. Here are a few ways how to look like a baddie on a chill fall day:

  • Pair a white crop top with boyfriend style jeans in a light blue shade. Throw on an oversized black leather jacket and wear brown ankle boots to finish the look.
  • A long sleeved shirt dress is an excellent way to create a fall outfit. All you need to do is to team it up with leggings, a sweater vest in a contrasting color, and high cowgirl boots. Make sure your hairstyle game is strong to add the baddie vibes to the look.
  • Wear a cropped sweater with faux leather leggings and layer the pairing with a glamorous puffer coat. 
  • Matching separates, such as a pair of burnt orange sweatshirt and joggers, look nice on a fall day. Round off the outfit with white sneakers and a crossbody bag.

Winter Baddie Looks

Bulk up with baddie essentials to look hot no matter how low the temperatures go. Take advantage of the cold to put on heavy makeup like the baddies do.

  • Try wearing a black hoodie with dark blue cargo style jeans for the perfect laid back look. If needed, layer with a stylish quilted coat and choose black combat boots for the footwear.
  • Wear skinny jeans with a denim shirt and a brown leather moto jacket to create a voguish and edgy look. Round off this look with a pair of brown leather boots.
  • Another way to slay the winter styling the baddie way is to wear a corduroy jumpsuit over a fitted turtleneck and layer up with a long fur coat. Accessorize with a matching beanie, a belted bag, and sneakers to complete the look. 

Subcategories for Baddie Fashion 

With its popularity and millions of followers, baddie aesthetic branched out to several merged aesthetics and subgenres. You can learn how to be a baddie while fusing hints of other aesthetics as well. Some of them are:

Soft Baddie 

Merging the soft girl aesthetic with the baddie, many women go for outfits that portray a hint of both styles. A soft baddie is basically someone confident and stylish, but has a dominant soft side to their personality.

Outfits may look like the baddie staples in soft, pastel hues, an inclination towards cozy knitwear, and a makeup look that has hints of both softcore looks and the baddie look. 

Luxurious Baddie Aesthetic 

As the name implies, the style is adopted by the super wealthy Insta Models, A-list celebrities, and music stars, such as Cardi B, Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, and Saweetie. They love wearing valuable jewelry, high end designer wear, luxurious accessories with diamond and fur detailing, and killer makeup looks that go well with their outfits. 

Drugstore Queen: Baddie on a Budget 

As opposed to luxurious baddie girls, drugstore queen adapts the baddie trend on a budget. These are mostly the ones who have just transitioned to the style, and look forward to replicating the perfect looks within their budget. They mostly do their own nails, hair, and makeup and create their outfits using a lot of thrift finds and affordable fashion. 

Retro Baddie/ Vintage Baddie 

Both retro and vintage baddies bring a lot of 80s and 90s trends into their outfits, such as elements from hip hop style or the popular skater style. Retro and vintage inspired baddies wear baddie aesthetic outfits with staples such as cargo pants, flannel shirts, vintage tees, accessories, and jewelry from that era.

Grunge Baddie Aesthetic 

Grunge aesthetic blended with the baddie style gives us outfits with ripped baggy jeans, leather jackets, combat boots, and flannels. However, the grunge flavor is limited to clothing and fits as baddies focus on flawless makeup and hair, unlike the messy, unbothered look of the grunge aesthetic.

Y2K Baddie Aesthetic 

Y2K fashion fused with the baddie trend brings back so many clothing and accessories trends that originated in the 2000s and are gaining popularity once again. These include low rise skirts and jeans, blingy jewelry, and colorful makeup. The blend of these two aesthetics is taking social media by storm currently.


How to Identify a Baddie?

To spot a baddie on social media, look for how she creates flawless looks with fashionable curve hugging outfits, impeccable makeup, and stylish accessories. She would always have her hair and nails done perfectly, often wearing hooped earrings, statement rings, and hair clips to look glamorous.

Who is a Baddie?

A baddie is a social media influencer who dresses up in perfectly fitted outfits or voguish oversized clothing. These divas ace the grooming game by always looking perfect, focusing on modern makeup techniques, and using the power of accessories. Baddies post awe inspiring looks on Tiktok, Youtube, and Instagram, amassing a huge number of followers.

How to Be a Goth Baddie?

If you are a baddie having a penchant for goth subculture, you can try portraying it in your baddie looks. Try incorporating black period style clothing, smokey eye makeup, black fishnet tights, or dark lipstick. Learn how to be a baddie in a goth inspired way by wearing baddie style silhouettes and incorporating dark, goth elements in makeup and accessories.

How Can You Be a Baddie At Work? 

When you are at work, showing your co-workers your boss-babe side will do wonders. Keep a confident, self assuring demeanor. Wear nicely fitted pantsuits, skirts with collared shirts, and matching heels to look flawless. Make sure your makeup is appropriate for work and not too eccentric.  

It’s a Wrap 

Being a baddie primarily comes from within, as you can pull off any outfit and makeup look with the right attitude. With the proper clothing essentials, accessories, and makeup looks, you, too, can be the next big sensation on social media. It is fairly simple to adapt to this style, especially after we have laid down the aesthetic to help you understand how to be a baddie in detail.

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