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Winters have finally arrived, and so is people's undying love for bomber jackets! We're sure you, too, are excited about donning your favorite bomber jackets in your favorite season. Aren't you?

If your interest in bomber jackets has brought you to this page, be glad because you'll leave this page with a whole lot of information, ideas, and inspiration.

Even if you're someone who has little to no knowledge about bomber jackets, this page will be your ultimate guide. So, keep reading!

What is a Bomber Jacket?

So, first things first: what is bomber jacket? Basically, a bomber jacket is an outerwear jacket type. It's short (till the waist), has front pockets, nicely gathered matching waistband, matching cuffs, and a plain/rounded collar.

Bomber jacket is the single most popular jacket type that's equally famous all over the world, unrestricted to any specific culture, language, or border.

Wanna know more about bomber jackets, its types (including the most asked question: what is a flight jacket?), fabrics, colors, styles, etc.? We'll tell you everything you need to know!


Remember World War 1? That is exactly when the very first bomber jackets originated. World War I was physically very taxing, especially for the military pilots. The airplanes back then were very different from what they are now, lacking enclosed cockpits and not providing physical comfort to pilots in the extremely cold weather.

So, the aviation board realized the pressing need for durable, comforting, and warm jackets for the pilots and viola, they introduced the bomber jackets as part of the pilot's uniform to help the pilots fight against the harshly cold weather conditions.

Fast forward to World War II, and as you might have guessed already, the bomber jackets are back again into the picture, however with a different twist. The second variant of bomber jackets were thus produced, known as the B3 jacket.

Since WW2 was different in circumstances from WW1, a revision of the initial jacket was needed, and this revision was in accordance with the progress made in aviation. Pilots flew way higher in WW2 than they did in WW1, and so the jackets needed to be considerably warmer and thick, that's how the sheepskin flying jacket came into being.

Gradually, these jackets shifted from being exclusively a military outfit to becoming a part of the wardrobe of common civilians. It became increasingly popular in Europe, where people first adopted it from the military, among other countries. The MA-1 type of bomber jacket is worthy of mention here, as it became significantly popular in different nations and countries.

Different Materials Used For Bomber Jackets

Just as there are many varieties in bomber jackets in men's style, there are many varieties in the material of bomber jacket as well. Different men prefer different materials while buying a perfect bomber jacket for themselves, depending on the weather conditions they live in, their physical comfort, etc.

Following are the different materials used for men's bomber jackets:

Leather Bomber Jackets

Leather bomber jacket is the most popular and common one, for good reason. Leather is obviously very durable, warm, and also never goes out of fashion. So there's a good reason why leather bomber jackets are a major staple in winter seasons.

Many men prefer leather jacket because of their extreme durability, making them a good investment for the winter season.

Polyester Bomber Jackets

Polyester bomber jackets are also pretty popular because polyester is a nice alternative to leather. It's warm, cozy and can be dyed into different colors, which is why people prefer this material, especially in the spring season.

The water resistant and weather resistant characteristics of this material make it a perfect fit for men seeking security along with style.

Nylon Bomber Jackets

Nylon is also pretty good in terms of durability and warmth, so it also makes a good material for bomber jackets. It offers a wide range of textures and provides a unique warming effect.

Cotton Bomber Jackets

Cotton Bomber Jackets are especially unique because they provide all the stylistic qualities of Bomber Jackets in a versatile material that can be worn in every season and is available in a variety of colors.

Suede Bomber Jackets

Suede bomber jacket looks classic and trendy, and are usually worn by men to give off a luxurious vibe with their unique, multi-tonal look.

Bomber Jacket Patterns

Apart from being versatile in the different fabrics and materials, bomber jackets are also very versatile in their patterns. Men's bomber jacket outfits feature different patterns, all of which are unique and stylish, suiting the different moods and preferences of every individual.

Following are the 2 popular patterns of men's bomber jackets:

Quilted Bomber Jackets

As the name suggests, quilted bomber jacket is the one that is quilted at the surface. Now this quilted patterning further varies, with some jackets being exquisitely quilted at the sleeves, some being quilted at the front, some at the back, while some being oversized and quilted throughout.

Padded Bomber Jackets

Padded bomber jackets, again as the name suggests, are the ones that offer padding. This padding allows for a double effect: providing deeper functional protection and comfort to the wearer as well as enhancing the style of the jacket. The jackets vary according to the padding location, where some are padded at the shoulders, some at the elbows.

Different Colors of Bomber Jacket

Bomber jackets are exceptionally popular in men and women alike because of their attractive colors, allowing for a variety of outfits for each gender according to their individual taste. Some colors become more popular than others, setting actual trends at different points in time.

The different colors of Bomber Jackets, which can create exceptional men's bomber jacket outfits, include:

  • Maroon
  • Black
  • Dull Khaki Green
  • Sage Green
  • White
  • Dark Blue
  • Royal Blue
  • Light Blue
  • Tan
  • Burgundy
  • Camel Brown
  • Dark Brown
  • Red

Different Styles of Bomber Jackets

If you're planning on buying a bomber jacket, you must also be naturally interested in knowing what to wear with a bomber jacket.

You can wear different bomber jackets with various styles of bottoms and supporting uppers, including skinny jeans, straight leg jeans, skirts, chinos, button down shirts, deep necks, off shoulders, and even with bikinis as additional layering.

However, how to wear a bomber jacket depends highly on the style of the bomber jacket itself. Therefore, knowing the different styles beforehand will help you a great deal in deciding which jacket to buy, and in turn which bottom and upper to pair it up with.

Following are the different styles of bomber jackets:

The Military Bomber Jacket

This is the traditional classic bomber jacket style, as worn by military personnel during the world wars. They are warm and puffy, usually available in different shades of green, with matching waistbands and cuffs, reminiscent of the traditional military uniform.

The Navy Bomber Jacket

Navy bomber jackets are comparatively simpler in style. In keeping with their name, they are of blue color, reflecting their initial usage by the US navy and marine officers. They are usually available in soft Polyester material, and have matching ribbed neckline, knit waistband, and rib knitted cuffs.

The Flight Bomber Jacket

The flight bomber jacket is the one that has undergone the most variations and revisions till date. It was initially made for the fighter pilots of WWI, and gradually made their way into the masses. Generally, it's short, has thick lining, a collar, and several pockets.

Classic Bomber Jacket

These jackets combine the timelessness of the aforementioned jacket types with a richness of style and comfort. They offer matching sleeves, collar, and ribbed waistband which are usually leathered whereas the body is made up of a different material such as cotton, allowing for an aesthetic as well as functional outerwear.

Modern Bomber Jacket

Modern bomber style jacket is all about experimentation. They offer pockets at different places, funky zip closure, unique collars and a variety of stylish patterns. They are usually worn by youngsters seeking thrill and wanting to express their personal style through their clothing.

Bomber Jackets Vs. Other Types of Jackets

Following is a comparison of bomber jackets with the other, equally popular types of jackets.

Bomber Jacket Vs. Parka Jacket

Parka jackets are another staple of the winter season that are very different from bomber jackets in style and functionality.

Unlike bombers, parkas are longer in length and thicker in material, making them fit for people residing in harshly cold environments. Bombers, on the other hand, are short and not suited for extremely cold weather conditions.

Bomber Jacket Vs. Varsity Jacket

Varsity jackets feature sleeves that are differently coloured from the rest of the jacket, with buttons, hoods, hems, pockets, etc. They are made mostly from natural materials like cotton or wool. In contrast, bomber jackets use synthetic material and feature an overall uniform look in color and style (except for the modern variations).

Bomber Jacket Vs. Biker Jacket

Bomber and biker jackets differ significantly in their collar styles. While bomber jackets feature a long, full collar which can be folded, biker jackets feature a flared collar. Both jackets also differ in their lengths and fittings.

Bomber Jacket Vs. Puffer Jacket

The most prominent difference between a bomber jacket and a puffer jacket is in the heaviness of their materials. Puffers are lightweight, whereas bombers are heavy. The puffiness of puffer jackets make them have a looser fit than the fitted, gathered appearance of a bomber jacket.

Family Tree of Bomber Jackets

Bomber jackets have undergone immense variation and evolution since they first originated as part of pilot's uniforms in the world war. Following is the family tree of bomber jackets based on historical timeline.

  • A1 Bomber Jackets: first created in 1927, this bomber jacket variant featured knitted collar, cuffs and waistband, along with button-up closure. They were made with horse hide, goatskin and sheepskin.
  • A2 Bomber Jackets: this is a revised version of the A1 jacket, featuring high collars, heavy fasteners, knitted waist, wind flaps, and zipper front.
  • B3 Flight Jackets: these were manufactured in the 1930s and gave way to a whole series of B3 flight jackets to follow. Their distinguishing feature was the unique shearling they had. In contrast to the earlier versions, these jackets had leather straps in place of waistbands.
  • B6 Flight Jackets: these jackets followed the b3 jackets, offering a different, more distinct cut because of lesser insulation and lighter weight. They substituted the collar with a single latch.
  • B7 Flight Jackets: these were introduced between 1941-1942, during world war ii. They were made entirely of shearling, and were three quarters in length.
  • B10 Flight Jackets: they were very different from all the preceding jackets of the B series. They offered a cloth composition with lining of alpaca fur, with matching fur collar, and a front zipper.
  • B15 Flight Jackets: these jackets revived the same style that the earlier B10 jackets disregarded. They brought the knitted cuffs and waist back and introduced many new materials. They introduced pen pockets, slash pockets and leather strap holders.
  • M422 and M422a Jackets: both of these jackets were almost similar, with the exception that the M422a jacket had a pencil slot at the left pocket.
  • G1 Jackets: they were simply a modification of the M422a jackets with an addition of new and durable materials including wool knit.
  • MA1 Bomber Jackets: these jackets replaced the fur collars of the previous jackets with an elastic one. They were mostly manufactured in Nylon, and offered a variety of new colors.
  • MA2 Bomber Jackets: these jackets were modifications of the earlier MA1 jackets, offering additions such as huge cargo pockets, a foldable collar, and matching inner and outer linings.
  • Irvin Flying Jackets: these were heavy weight jackets made of thick sheepskin. They had long sleeves with zips, and a super wide raisable collar, along with a belt added at the fitted waist.

What to Consider While Buying a Bomber Jacket?

If you're planning to buy a nice bomber jacket, you should consider the material, durability, texture, functionality and color of the jacket. We have already provided a detailed description of all of these buying factors in the above discussion, so you can revisit it whenever you want.


Are Bomber Jackets Warm?

Yes. Bomber jackets are staples of the winter season because of their very warmness of fabric.

Can You Wear a Bomber Jacket During Winters?

Bomber jackets are especially worn during winters to keep the wearer protected from the harsh cold environment of the winter season.

Can You Wear a Bomber Jacket During Summers?

Some bomber jackets are especially designed for summers, and so they are made with summer friendly fabrics such as cotton.

Can You Wear Bomber Jackets in the Rain? Are They Waterproof?

Yes. Some jacket materials include polyester that is waterproof and weather-resistant. These materials make the bomber jackets waterproof and perfect for rainy seasons.

Are There Hooded Bomber Jackets?

Some types of bomber jackets have hoods in them, allowing for greater head protection and increased warmth.

Will Bomber Jackets Ever Go Out of Fashion?

Never! Bomber jackets have been in fashion ever since their emergence during the 1st world war, and they are unlikely to ever go out of fashion.

Are Bomber Jackets Currently Popular?

Bomber jackets are currently very popular (specially the oversized bomber jacket), with fashion icons and stylists donning unique bomber jackets as part of their winter wear.

Baggy or Tight-Fitted Bomber Jackets? What’s Better?

Both have their own appeal and benefits. However, the preference of one over the other depends on the wearer's personal style and comfort preferences.

How to Take Care of a Bomber Jacket?

Keep your jacket in a safe place, away from dust or pollutants. The more clean a jacket is, the more likely it's to last for longer periods of time.

Are Bomber Jackets Formal or Casual?

Bomber style jacket can be both formal or casual, and there are a variety of styles and cuts that allows the wearing of bomber jackets in formal and casual settings alike.

Who Generally Wears Bomber Jackets?

People who live in cold environments are more likely to wear bomber jackets because of their warming capability and weather protection. However, people living in generally neutral climates can also wear it.

How Regular Leather Jackets Are Different From Leather Bomber Jackets?

Regular leather jackets are different from leather bomber jackets in many ways including the style, length, cuts and colors.


We hope that you got all the information that you could possibly get regarding high fashion bomber jackets, including what is bomber jacket, how to wear it, its types, textures, materials, styles, and its historical evolution.

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