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Tell me, what color pops in your head if I ask you to imagine a leather jacket? It's natural to picture a sexy black leather jacket right away. However, if you really want to stand out with your choice this season, you need to think about color! Yes, this season's hot favorite is a bright yellow leather jacket!

Naturally, leather jackets are pretty versatile. And if you already own it in a black hue, you can adjust it with any outfit for that chic look! But if you just stick to that regular one, how will you experience what the other funky colors in this amazing piece of clothing can do for you!

Best ways to style a yellow leather jacket

A yellow leather jacket is cheerfully bright.  And since it has a loud personality of its own, styling it and pulling it off with the right outfit can be downright challenging. But that's where we step in!

If you have an obsession with leather jackets, a yellow leather jacket is indeed a must-have. And if you want more reasons to be convinced, here they are:

1.The casual look with denim

Casual and chic - simultaneously!

You can create a perfect street-style outfit with a yellow leather jacket if you pair it up with your casual jeans. You don't even have to worry about your top here. Anything in a solid or striped white or black would do. After all, it will mostly be covered with a yellow jacket on top!


To give your outfit a casual punch, ripped jeans with white sneakers work perfectly fine. For an added touch of style, accessorize with a cool watch or a black choker around your neck.

2.The little black dress

The perfect way to pull off a feminine yet classy look is if you pair your little black dress with a pastel yellow jacket. This gives out a semi-formal touch to your outfit, which means you can even wear it to work.

black dress with a pastel yellow jacket

The figure-hugging, plain black dress will further highlight the already popping jacket and bring more personality to your overall outfit. Strappy heels are inevitably going to be an excellent choice for this smart and elegant outfit.

3.Button it up

Leather jackets with buttoned-up tops are so classy!

But for a jacket as bright as this one, pick a top with more neutral shade to avoid color-clash. Two bright shades on top will be nothing less than a disaster. To keep it simple, grab your regular white buttoned-up top and see the magic it creates.

For bottoms, you can go with your regular denim skinny jeans for a casual look or pick trousers to give it a formal touch. Pointed-toe white heels will match perfectly with this outfit.

4.The funky shoes

The perfect way to bring a balance to your outfit from top to bottom is if you complement your jacket with the right color and style of your shoes. The jacket is quite bright in itself and may appear awkward if you keep everything else bright too. However, if you keep your shoes bright and funky and everything else in between warm and classy, it will speak volumes!


Grab a pair of funky looking gladiators, neon platform pumps, or just your regular pointed shoes in a bright, cheerful hue. This technique can bring life to any outfit.

5.The accessories

While yellow leather jackets are an accessory on their own, you can't go wrong with pairing it up with a few more accessories chosen wisely.  A matching envelop-bag, a black hat, aviator sunglasses, or a printed silk scarf wrapped around your neck - the possibilities are endless!

However, the idea is to add more elegance and classiness to the whole look. Avoid adding too much pattern or noise with accessories. Keep it simple for an elegant look.

6.The summer dress

It's hard to put your leather goodies aside regardless of the weather. While the fabric promises to keep you warm, it's a style statement that can be rocked around the year. So what's the perfect way to pull it off on a warm summer day? Pair it up with a flowing summer dress!

Pick a floral print or pattern that does not look too overwhelmed with a yellow leather jacket. Don't forget, the highlight of the outfit will remain the jacket on the top so work your way through the summer dress accordingly.

Don't worry about the length. The shorter, the sexier!

7.Knee-length shorts

To create a stylishly layered and unique outfit, pair your white or black blouse and a yellow leather jacket with knee-length shorts and sneakers to complete the look.


Honestly, you can't really categorize this look in casual or formal. It falls somewhere in between and can appear really cool and classy with the right accessories and shoes. Grab a black leather tote bag for added style!

8.The cropped-top

This one's an exciting way to pull off a yellow leather jacket by pairing it up with a plain black cropped top and plaid-fit chinos. The look is both low-key sexy and serious. Avoid matching the chinos with your top and pick a slightly different shade to bring more personality to your outfit.

plain black cropped top

Checkered grey pants will give out a very relaxed yet cool look. Let black loafers be the pinch of salt for this recipe!

Final word: leather is forever!

We believe a leather jacket is a staple in every girls' wardrobe, even the new Duchess of Sussex - Meghan Markle - couldn't keep her hands off it. However, styling it right can be quite challenging, especially if it is in any other color except black.

It's surprising how most people only know about black and brown leather jackets. This stylish garment is available in a variety of different colors and designs and can be worn in so many amazing ways. It's the versatility of the clothing piece that makes it such a desirable addition to any wardrobe.

So even if you have a few leather jackets, a yellow one is a must-have. Try out these interesting looks mentioned above and experience the versatility yourself!

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