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The internet is crowded with tons of online shops. Some of these turn out to be trolls and others happen to be treasure chests of good things. The former e-stores have their eyes set on your money and harbor all but one intention – that of stealing your bucks. The latter, however, are geared to facilitate you with high-quality products that satisfy your internal shopaholic. E-commerce sales in the US were marked at approximately $353.7 billion in 2017. This number is estimated to reach $485.3 billion by 2021. Also, 79% of the consumers in the country shop online. However, it's challenging to separate the chaff from the grain when it comes to selecting earnest e-stores and shopping online vintage leather jackets.

Here is a look at some good online stores where you can get stylish vintage leather jackets:

1.Vestiaire Collection

This store exhibits a variety of vintage leather jackets that you can choose from. The broad assortment boasts different color-toned leather jackets, printed ones as well as chic designs.

There is a collection of brands that this store allows you to choose from including jackets from brands such as Chanel, YSL, and Prada to name a few.

Vestiaire Collection also branches to provide you with bags, accessories, shoes, jewelry, and more. There’s a corner dedicated to kids too so while you’re shopping for yourself, you can pick something for little ones in your family as well.

2.The Leather Skin Shop

You can also get snazzy vintage jackets at the Leather Skin Shop. We are committed to pairing the highest quality leather with authentic designs so that you have the most jaw-dropping pieces in your collection.

We specialize in all things leather. Besides a vintage jacket, you can pick from the vast selection of leather-made handbags, biker jackets, leather shoes, hats, boots, wallets, and more. Briefly, you can get chic leather designs with vintage roots from our e-store. What’s more is that we guarantee quality so that you don’t end up wasting money on a product that glitters but isn’t gold.


3.The Leather Makers

The Leather Makers e-store is dedicated to providing supreme quality leather jackets and coats. It flaunts a wide variety of vintage leather jackets for both men as well as women. Women can also pick a studded leather jacket and men can get distressed leather jackets in addition to the vintage jackets. So, you can spice up your wardrobe with excellent quality and variety of leather jackets from this store.

A cherry on top is that The Leather Makers take custom orders. This translates into a leather jacket of your dreams that hasn’t landed in the stores yet. You can design a vintage leather jacket including your preferred style and your favorite color with the help of the manufacturer. The store will take the details of your ideal choice, and custom design your clothing item with genuine leather.

4.Soul Revolver

This store designs apparel in England and crafts them in Italy so that you get a touch of two country designs in one. Soul Revolver has been delivering premium quality vintage leather jackets since 2005 with the central ingredient being Italian Nappa leather. The company promises to provide an ideal leather thickness of 0.7 mm. This means that the jacket would not be too thick or too thin.

The designs are truly inspired by vintage styles including those worn on screen. The styling of their clothing items is slim fit so that you look smart. Furthermore, the predominant colors available include red, antique brown, and black that border close to elegance.

5.Wilsons Leather

You can also pick a vintage leather jacket from Wilson’s Leather. The company was previously called by the name of Berman Brothers Fur, Wool and Hide. There is a myriad of leather jacket designs to choose from including zipped, studded, belted and fur-lined designs.

There are multiple color options offered too. These range between the conventional black leather to soft pink hues. Therefore, you can get vintage leather jackets that showcase superb quality, diversity of designs, and a medley of colors.

6.Schott NYC

This is another place where you can get a leather jacket online. It offers a line-up of leather jackets in sober colors. On top of that, the products exhibit high quality, and a classic success story backs the company.

Other than leather jackets, this store boasts a wide selection of items. These include leather belts, wallets, hats, and boots to name a few. Moreover, you can also pick other items that are made from a different material such as cotton, nylon or wool. All products from the store are made in the USA.

stylish leather jackets of All Saints Retail

7.All Saints Retail

Another store that offers stylish leather jackets is All Saints Retail. The brand offers variety, chic designs, and affordable prices. Over and above that, you get good quality of fabric material with each item that you select.

There is also a noble mission that All Saints Retail back by putting its support behind Not For Sale. The brand has made a commitment of ten years to Not For Sale to curtail human trafficking.


Yoox is another excellent stop for more vintage leather online shopping. There are various designs and styles to pick from. The e-store collaborates with numerous internationally known artists to bring forth en vogue apparels for both men and women. It also provides kidswear.

Yoox is an omnium gathering of fashionable items including leather goods, shirts, skirts, watches, sunglasses, swimwear, belts, tops, and a lot more. So, you can pick whatever you want alongside shopping for your vintage leather jacket.

Wrap up thoughts

There is no denying that vintage leather jackets look classic as ever. They ante up your style game by several notches. You can also set a style statement that arrests attention and gathers wows. Moreover, you can easily get your jacket from the comfort of your home by shopping for them online.

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