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Men of all shapes and sizes have been wearing leather since centuries. Leather jackets are that outerwear you cannot expect to go out of fashion anytime soon. Owing to their extreme versatility, durability, comfort, elegance, and timelessness, leather jackets continue to rein over the fashion world

While black leather jackets are worn most commonly by men, brown leather jackets have their own uniqueness. Brown, being a very adaptable color goes with many other shades and can create many stylish men’s outfits.

Which is why styling a brown leather jacket is a question all fashion freaks have thought of once in a while. And, this is exactly the question we’ll be answering in this blog, so let’s dig in!

History of Brown Leather Jackets

The famous brown leather jacket came into origin back early in the 1900s. It was the time of World War I when German fighter pilots wanted something warm and durable to protect themselves from harsh weather.

Leather outerwear in brown were essentially made of cow or horse hide, which is why they were extremely weather-resistant and sturdy. Since that time, you could see almost every man on the street wearing a brown jacket.

Different Types of Brown Leather Jackets

Now that we have talked about the history of brown jackets, let’s discuss the different types of brown jacket within fashion trends we can choose from: 

Leather Bomber Jacket

Leather jacket in a brown color, the famous military wear garment, went through a stylistic modification during the 1950’s World War II. Here’s how the contemporary bomber leather jacket came into existence.

A bomber jacket is different because it’s a loose-fit outerwear with a tapered waist. It features a front middle zipper, ribbed cuffs, collars, and hem, and utilizes different fabrics such as polyester, nylon, or nappa leather as lining.

Flight Jacket

Flight jackets were another major modification made to the classic bomber-style leather jacket. They were mainly worn by pilots during flights in the US Army during 1917.

A simple design of flight jacket comprises a large collar lapel (could be made of fur), a shiny front zipper, insulated lining, and a straight fit style that balances your entire body shape.

Leather Biker Jacket

As the name suggests, biker jackets are mostly styled by bikers. However, its unique personal style made it quickly prevalent among every man, be it for casual or smart casual wear.

This super cool jacket features a rather short length with a straight cut, large lapels, accentuated slanted zipper, shiny buttons and buckles, and various pockets and snaps.

Leather Racer Jacket

A leather racer jacket is somewhat like a biker jacket; however, it features a mandarin collar and a straight zipper.

It offers extra trendiness with a European touch and comparatively less adornments.

Leather Motorcycle Jacket

A leather motorcycle jacket is yet another modern version of biker jacket, the only difference is that it is solely meant to protect the torsos of riders.

They are made of tougher material, extra lining and insulation, and higher quality of adornments. So, if you need a jacket specifically to make sure your bike rides are safe, opt for a motorcycle jacket.

Hooded Leather Jacket

Jackets with a hood is a new IN! While the jacket is purely made of leather, the hood is made of cotton and blended material. So, with this jacket, you get the best of both worlds.

Leather Blazer

For men who wish to create a perfect sculpted look, a leather blazer is just for them!

They feature 2 pockets, different cuts, 3-4 buttons, and various embellishments for a perfect polish look.

Leather Coat

Leather coat is a contemporary style for a leather jacket that offers a 2 in 1 look for both a jacket and a coat.

Perfect to pair with most outfits, you can wear your leather coat anytime and anywhere you step out.

Outfit Ideas with a Brown Leather Jacket

Now let’s find out what to wear with a brown jacket and how to create some of the chic men's outfits.

The Classic Outfit

The easiest answer to how to style a brown leather jacket is simply wearing it over a standard white or black neck t-shirt (whatever color you choose is up to you).

Pair this duo up with blue or black jeans and white sneakers, and you are great to go for a casual aesthetic attire!

For a Street-y Vibe

Particularly for guys who like street-like outfits and want to keep it casual, choose a hooded leather jacket.

Wear this zipped up over a pair of joggers or black jeans that match the color of the hood! This outfit also looks best with high-top platform sneakers.

Business Casual Attire

For a top-notch business casual outfit, take out your leather blazer and pair it up with a crisp white shirt and pleated chinos.

Make sure to wear dark brown oxford for a flawless business vibe!

Super Minimalist

For all laidback men who love to rock a minimalistic yet edgy look, a classic mandarin-collared leather jacket is the best bet!

Wear it unzipped over a ribbed sweater and navy or white jeans. Complete this modern look with an ankle-length, sturdy pair of leather black boots.

Something Vintage

A distressed leather coat with its tie-up buckle offers the chicest 90s look a guy can attain.

Wear this archaic outerwear over a black turtleneck and straight fit khakis. Derby shoes are a great idea, particularly when we are talking about vintage attire.  

Contemporary Style

You have two options of brown leather jackets to try this look: bomber jackets and biker jackets!

Both of these types of jackets should be paired up with dark-colored flannel shirts (possibly red and black) tucked in nicely inside ripped blue jeans with rolled up hem.

Choose either lace-up canvas shoes, loafers, or boots with this contemporary leather jacket outfit.

What Color of Pants Can You Wear?

Brown is a diverse color, which is why brown jackets with a multitude of pants. You can wear it with denim black, blue, and even grey jeans.

Same goes for cotton pants and chinos; a brown leather jacket pairs perfectly for smart casual attires with brown, green (olive), pleated navy-blue, and white pants.

What Color of Shoes and Boots Can You Wear?

Brown leather jacket not just goes with black and brown leather and suede shoes (be it boots, loafers, Derby’s, Oxfords, etc.), but it looks equally stylish with white, grey, and navy-blue lace-up shoes (like trendy sneakers and trainers).

How to Style a Shirt with a Brown Leather Jacket?

Apart from usual soft tees and turtleneck sweaters, a brown leather jacket also matches naturally with dress shirts in lighter tones, flannels in dark colors, and even Henley’s of neutral shades.

How to Style Denim with a Brown Leather Jacket?

Denim and leather always go hand and hand! A brown leather jacket not just suits blue, gray, and black jeans, but you can effortlessly wear your denim shorts with this stylish piece of outerwear to create an edgy look.

Which Colors Compliment Brown?

From light brown, nude, tan, earthy tones like rust, orange, yellow, sepia, mustard, red, olive, and cream color, the color brown also complements correspondingly with standard colors like black, white, gray, green, maroon, and different shades of blue.


Are Brown Leather Jackets Currently In Style?

YES, brown jackets made with leather are timeless and are not expected to go out of style anytime around!

Which Colors Look Best With a Brown Leather Jacket?

From cooler tones like earthy colors to neutral and darker tones like black, white, and green, every color looks great with a brown leather jacket.

What Color of Pants To Wear With a Brown Leather Jacket?

You can wear your brown jacket with black, blue, and gray jeans, besides wearing it with brown, green (olive), and navy-blue pleated cotton pants.

Can You Wear a Shirt With a Brown Leather Jacket?

Why not? A brown leather jacket also matches naturally with dress shirts (specially a white shirt) and even casual shirts like flannels.

Do Black Shoes Look Good With a Brown Leather Jacket?

Wear black shoes, especially leather boots and sneakers, that pair more than perfectly with a brown leather jacket.

Can a 40+ and 50+ Man Wear a Brown Leather Jacket?

Without a doubt! A man of every age, shape, and size can get dressed in a brown leather jacket without any worry.

How to Wear Black and Brown Pants with a Brown Leather Jacket?

Wear black pants (denim jeans) with your brown leather jacket if you are making a casual or smart casual outfit. On the contrary, wear brown cotton pants if business casual and formal attire is your requirement at the moment.

Which Shoes Complement a Brown Jacket?

Boots, loafers, Derby’s, Oxfords, high-top sneakers, trainers, and canvas shoes, almost every shoe compliments a brown leather jacket oh-so well!

Final Words

This blog was an all-inclusive guide about styling different variations of a brown jacket made with leather in the most voguish ways possible. One can make many combinations of clothes with this key staple, besides styling it with several stylish accessories.

No wonder a brown leather jacket quickly started gaining popularity side by side with its black jacket counterpart. It provided a youthful feel to any outfit, making you look dapper in no time!

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