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The color red has long been the flagbearer for intense emotions, such as love, passion, and power. Wearing red makes a man look incredibly attractive. However, merging red with staples in other colors is a tricky style move, which can easily go wrong and turn out to be clashing instead of eye catching. Taking the middle ground from the monotone all-black looks and daring color combinations that can be a faux pas, one combination that you can be sure of is red and black. Whether it is a classic red and black leather jacket, or a distinctive red and black tuxedo, there are so many ways to nail the combo.

Pairing the vibrant red with the neutral black results in a dashing look. When done right, you can impress anyone with this look instantly. In this article, you can get abundant inspiration to create awe-inspiring red and black outfits for guys.

Red and Black Outfits for Guys: Conveying a Significant Style

Both black and red are undoubtedly exquisite, raising worries about whether combining them would result in an exaggerated look. But once you create an outfit with clothing essentials in these colors, you will see how fabulous it looks. For instance, wearing a red leather jacket over your black t-shirt and jeans is one of the easiest ways to look dapper. A red clothing item gives a zest to your black staples, and both hues go well together. Pulling off the red and black outfit for men is not challenging at all. Read on to learn about what black and red clothes you can go for and how to wear this combo with confidence. 

What Black and Red Clothing Essentials Should Men Own?

With the right pieces, you can unleash your creativity to build an admirable red and black outfit. Many of the clothing essentials that we are suggesting might already be a part of your wardrobe. Even if you don’t have them all, you can consider giving your wardrobe a brand new red and black edit, making the combination a part of your personal style.


Anyone who looks at you even for a moment notices your jacket, so it is a good idea to start planning your outfit with your outerwear. A striking red leather jacket is a statement piece that you can style in various ways to create red leather jacket outfits for men. Another leatherwear piece can be a red and black varsity jacket, giving you a range of styling options.

Apart from these, keep a comfortable black denim jacket and a red and black flannel jacket for voguish fall looks. For the winter style, grab a black wool coat and a red puffer jacket.


There are so many types of t-shirts and collared shirts that you can buy in black, red, or a combination of both. Flannels top them all, making it to every man's wardrobe. A plain black V-neck or round collar shirt is also a must have. You can also go for a red t-shirt, a red polo, and full sleeved raglan shirt in a combination of black with red. If your style is quirky, do keep a Cuban collared shirt in a red and white floral print for those cool summer outfits. You can pair it with black jeans or denim shorts. 

Jeans and Chinos

While you might already have black jeans in a straight fit, slim fit, and distressed styles of jeans, we highly suggest deviating a bit from classics and experiment with red or burgundy chinos and jeans. You can simply wear them over black t-shirts and layer them with black blazers and jackets for a unique look. Do invest in a pair of black and red plaid pants also, as they will go nicely with black casual button downs.


A black turtleneck is a men's wardrobe mainstay, making an excellent foundation piece over red and black ensembles. You can go for a comfy red hoodie, black and red patterned sweaters, or a red cable knit sweater.


For an outfit to slide into the category of put together looks, keep a black, a red, and a red and black plaid blazer in your wardrobe.

Black Footwear and Accessories

To round off your black and red outfits, you can keep a pair of black combat boots and burgundy loafers (if you have casual red or black staples with you). Apart from black boots in a few other styles, such as Chelsea and Chukkas, you can also wear black leather sneakers.

Season Based Red and Black Outfits for Guys

Whether it's the scorching summer heat or the brisk fall wind, a red and black outfit for guys is all you need to slay any sort of occasion. Here are a few season based outfit suggestions to get your style needs sorted all year round.

Red and Black Outfits for Men in Spring

  • A cool and casual street style ensemble for spring can be created with an oversized red and black flannel shirt. Don it over a white graphic t-shirt and washed, ripped black jeans. A snapback hat and black converse sneakers will finish off this look.
  • Wear a bright red and black flannel and tuck it inside black tailored chinos for a neat look. Layer the outfit with a black leather motorcycle jacket to beat the mildly cold spring weather. You can accessorize this outfit in dandy style with black double monk shoes and a hat.

Black and Red Outfits for Guys in Summer

  • Summer is the time to layer down and look cool in the basics. To nail the red and black look in summer, there can be nothing better than a plain red t-shirt and black jeans. Stay cool and relaxed with white slip on sneakers and wayfarer shades with this look.
  • You can also go for lightweight chino shorts in black and a red and white Cuban collar shirt for a voguish summer look. Leather sandals and a hat will accompany this outfit perfectly.

Red and Black Outfits for Men in Fall

  • The intensity of the red and black hues goes well with the fall season palette. Team up a cable knit black sweater with red trousers for an appealing look that is easy to put together. A red beanie and black leather shoes round off this cozy fall look with perfection.
  • Amp up the layering game with an exquisite red leather jacket with a hood. Wear it over a solid black t-shirt and joggers, and seal the sporty style look with red and white sneakers.
  • Try using the red and black fusion in a cardigan outfit to beat the fall weather in style. Wear a classic red and white cardigan with black jeans using a blue denim shirt as the base of the outfit. Complete the ensemble with blue denim shoes and a sports style watch.

Black and Red Outfits for Guys in Winter

  • There couldn't be an easier way to infuse style and comfort in an outfit than pairing a red fleece hooded jacket with a black winter coat. The choice of bottom to wear with this outfit can be black corduroy chinos or sweatpants. Wrap a grey scarf around your neck and a red beanie to bring up the warmth.
  • Red and black layering for winter can be done this way to give you a smart, dashing appearance. Wear a black polo shirt under a red sweater, and wear the combo with black cargo jeans. On top of it, wear a black bomber jacket to look stylishly ready instantly. Black leather sneakers will be the appropriate choice to complete the look.

Aesthetic Red and Black Outfits for Men

If you have a penchant for a certain aesthetic, you can unleash your outfit creation abilities to curate red and black ensembles. The combo lends itself to a number of styles, fashion subcultures, and aesthetics, such as grunge, rock, and hipster style. Here are some outfit inspirations that you can try.

Hipster Style Outfit

Mainstream fashion rebels having an affinity for the hipster style can opt for red and black outfits for men without any second guessing. Hipster style is all about bold colors and quirky looks. You can build a hipster inspired look with distressed black jeans in a skinny fit and a black tee. Layer the outfit with a red leather vest to add the characteristic hipster vibes. Black laced up leather boots, and a voguish pair of shades will complete the look.

Athleisure Outfit

Make use of your black and red hoodies, jeans, sweatpants, zipped and hooded outerwear, and sports jerseys to build athleisure inspired looks in red and black. For instance, you can team up a vibrant red lycra activewear shirt with black skinny jeans or joggers for a cool, sporty look. Wear athletic sneakers in black, and a red baseball cap to round off the look.

Grunge Outfit

Who can forget to mention the Grunge aesthetic when discussing red and black outfits for guys? Grunge fashion is largely based on outfits in these two colors, using retro style flannels, ripped jeans, black leather jackets, and combat boots.

Create a classic grunge inspired look with a black t-shirt and ripped jeans. Layer the outfit with a red and black unbuttoned flannel, and wear black combat boots to finish off the look.

Preppy Style Outfit

One of the most sought after styles for a neat and classic look these days is the preppy style. The dress code is all about quality and functional clothing. You can wear black tailored chinos with a white collared shirt, and a red tartan plaid sweater for a neatly layered look. You can wear black double monk strap shoes with this outfit.

Dressy Outfit

Nail the formal look by incorporating red in your outfit. Ditch the all black suit for a red and black ensemble. Try wearing a red velvet blazer over a white dress shirt and black pants to add a zesty touch to the monotone look. Black oxford shoes are the ideal footwear for this outfit.

Street Casual

Street style outfits can be subtle or quirky, depending on your personal style and occasion. You can stay relaxed with a laid back look of a bright red hoodie and black straight fit jeans. Opt for stylish black and white sneakers to complete this outfit.


What does a red leather jacket mean?

A red leather jacket is one of the most fashionable staples you can own. It gives off a confident, bold look that you can use to portray an unmatched style. The red leather jacket also exudes qualities such as love, power, and passion.

What color goes well with the red jacket?

A red jacket is a versatile staple that goes well with all neutral colors, particularly black. You can buy a nice looking red and black leather jacket for men and pair it with t-shirts, jeans, joggers, or khakis for a charismatic look.

Summing Up Red and Black Outfits for Men

Don't be intimidated to try the red and black combination outfits for men. When done right, the fusion of both colors can result in various trendy outfits that will elevate your style quotient and give you a charming look.

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