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Renowned stylists and fashion buffs swear by the value of keeping a spectacular moto jacket in every man and woman's wardrobe. It is undoubtedly one of the most classic staples, with many people assuming it to be the definitive leather jacket. But anyone who is inexperienced with the fashion terms, names of wardrobe staples, and the wide range of styling options with them may want to learn about what a moto jacket is.

Believed as the ultimate outerwear of uber stylish men and women, moto jackets are incredibly versatile. Not to forget the comfort and insulation the right moto jacket gives the wearer.

This blog post lays out the moto jackets facts straight, starting from its history, types and the popular aesthetics of which motorcycle jacket is a part of. We will also suggest contemporary outfit ideas with motorcycle jackets for men and women to help you ace the leather moto jacket aesthetic.

Defining the Moto Jacket

Here you are wearing your plain white tee with jeans, thinking of ways to amp up the look and give it cool vibes. There couldn't be a better option than the edgy moto jacket to elevate the style of a basic outfit and make it instantly street appropriate.

The Moto jacket has several other names, such as motorcycle, biker, or racer jacket. Names of the different styles of this jacket also differ. For instance, the café racer is the simplest design iteration, while the Brando style or the double rider style is the elaborate one.

The moto jacket worn by motorcyclists is a part of protective gear along with a helmet, gloves, and other accessories. It is to keep them safe from abrasion and impact in case of an accident. Certainly, the moto jacket is not limited to this practicality, as its stylish design makes it an equally sought after fashion essential for off-bike life.

Leather and suede are the most appropriate materials to make motorcycle jackets. Waxed cotton, nylon, or Kevlar may also be used, but genuine leather moto jackets are the gold standard.


Moto jackets are mostly made with leather or suede, making them super comfortable, warm, and durable. Featuring a vertical or slant front zipped closure, the jacket has a round snap collar or a shirt collar with notch lapels held down with metal snaps. The jacket can have multiple zipped or flap pockets on the front and inner sides. The hidden inner pockets are a gem of a feature, giving you ample storage space. The jacket also has a belted waist, especially the Brando style jackets, making it aesthetically pleasing and protective.

The fit of the moto jacket is supposed to be snug to keep you warm and comfortable.

Fashion Moto Jacket vs Real Moto Jacket

Fundamentally, the basic design of moto jackets, whether fashionable ones or real armored ones, will make you feel comfortable and confident.

With features like asymmetric zippers, shirt collar, and metal snap remaining the same, fashion moto jackets are usually lightweight. They can be made with softer leathers, such as sheepskin, goat, or lambskin leather. On the other hand, real moto jackets need to be abrasion resistant and highly protective. Therefore, they are made with tough cowhide leather and have injury protecting CE armors. The armors are in the form of shock absorbing material padding, giving the jacket a bulky look. However, the latest technologies have now made it possible to give padded moto jackets a less bulky appearance.

From Origins to Contemporary Fashion: Journey of the Moto Jacket

When Marlon Brando’s 1953 biker gang flick, The Wild Onereleased, it featured him in an iconic leather jacket. This was certainly the foundation stone moment for the moto jacket, which soon became a highly demanded staple in the following years. This compelled Schott NYC, an apparel company, to create the Brando inspired Scott Perfecto and increase its production to fulfill the customers’ demands.

Moto jackets were soon considered a practical garment for bikers, providing them with the desired warmth and protection. It was still a men-only staple until Yves Saint Laurent in the 1960s took charge of introducing it in women’s wear. His runway collection had leather jackets for women, making it popular among fashionable women as well.

Moto Jacket Made Famous by the Pop Culture

While Brando gets the credit for making the jacket a huge trend, contemporary celebrities, too, are a major force to be reckoned with for the popularity of biker jackets. Stars like Dwayne Johnson (The Rock), Ryan Gosling, Daniel Craig, and Brad Pitt sport the moto jacket on and off the screen. Female celebrities, such as Jennifer Aniston, Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, and many others, rock the moto jackets with an unparalleled flair, inspiring fashion savvy women to do the same.

Different Styles of Motorcycle Jacket

As if the popularity and features weren’t enough to make us swoon over the moto jacket, it gave us so many different styles to choose from. At Leather Skin Shop, you can get many types of men’s and women’s motorcycle jackets. Each one is splendid, versatile, and one of a kind to bring out your personal style.

Below are some of the most trending moto jacket styles to go for.

Café Racer Jacket

For those with a penchant for a minimalist style, the café racer jacket, with its simple design and fewer features, works the best. Café racer jackets have a round, buckled or shirt collar with a no-fuss vertical front zipper. Due to their basic appearance, café racer jackets are immensely versatile. Men can wear these on many types of jeans, cargo pants, and chinos, while women can wear them with a variety of tops, jeans, skirts, and dresses.

Double Rider Jacket

The double rider jacket, also known as the Brando style jacket, or the motorcycle jacket, is the ultimate style statement with its edgy features. It has got an asymmetrical zipper, a wide notch collar, and multiple vertical, horizontal, or slant zipped pockets. The sleeves also feature zippers for a well fitted appearance. The Brando style leather moto jacket with protective armors (made of plastic or energy absorbing foam) on the shoulders, back, and elbows keep the bikers safe from injury.

Cropped Moto Jacket

Moto jackets with shorter lengths are immensely popular these days in women's fashion. They offer a great layering opportunity with a chic look and go well with a lot of staples, including jackets, tunics, and skirt outfits. As it comes in at the waist, cropped jackets are the best at flattering your figure.

Oversized Moto Jacket

Go a size or two up for your moto jacket to hop on the bandwagon of the "oversized-everything" trend. However, you need to pick a jacket that would give you a unique flair rather than enshrouding you and your style. 

Shearling Moto Jacket

These are a must have for winter. Shearling moto jackets, with their insulating lining and unbeatable style, give an opulent look, proving that your sartorial sense is not to be underestimated.

Hooded Moto Jacket

With a hood attached, moto jackets are even more practical. They give an additional quality of keeping your neck and head warm and protected. You can either go for a motorcycle jacket with a leather hood or a fabric hood according to your need.

Biker Vest

Apart from the full sleeved moto jackets, you can consider adding a stylish motorcycle vest to your wardrobe. Biker vests are an incredibly stylish layering option, giving you the benefit of showing off your inner shirt. Men can wear biker vests over hoodies, sweaters, full sleeves t-shirts, and flannels. On the other hand, women can style it with puffed sleeved tops, hooded fleece jackets, and dresses.

Apart from all these styles and fits, you can get your moto jacket in spectacular colors to boost your style. Brown and black leather jackets are, although the most versatile, colors such as red, white, blue, grey, and others give you a striking look, making heads turn wherever you go. If you like the design of a jacket in a certain color but want to get it another shade, you can consider going for a custom leather jacket.

Picking the Perfect Moto Jacket

Biker or moto jackets may be ruling the fashion clan, but the real catch is to pick the right one for yourself. There are many different styles and fits of motorcycle jackets, and not every one of them is for you. Each person has a specific body type and personal style. The conditions and occasions where you will wear the jacket also differ.

This is why getting a custom biker jacket works for your benefit. Everything from the material, lining, color, design and details will be according to your choice. Plus, the jacket will be made right according to your measurements, which means it will look perfect on you.

You can choose the right type of leather according to your needs, such as cowhide for a tough and durable jacket or lambskin or goat skin for a soft, flexible jacket. You can also choose the lining material for the weather and the location where you will wear it.

You can pick a color of the moto jacket that will go with most of the staples in your current wardrobe or a shade that brings out the best side of your personality. In the end, you can go with a jacket with your desired details, such as embroidery or studs.

It is highly recommended to go for the right size of your moto jacket. It should be snug but not too tight. Nor should it hang below your shoulders, giving a shabby appearance.

Popular Aesthetics Using the Moto Jacket

There are many subcultures and aesthetics that include the biker jacket as the main staple. One of the most trending aesthetics for 2022 is the motocross fashion, or the biker core aesthetic, which includes elements such as moto jackets, leather boots, gloves, and helmets in the outfits. Apart from that, the biker jacket is a must in rock and roll fashion subculture, as well as the grunge and punk style. Many contemporary celebrities redefine the punk fashion scene with their studded biker jacket outfits.

Other immensely popular social media aesthetics, including the biker jacket looks in unique ways are the e-girl, e-boy, and baddie aesthetics.

How to Style a Moto Jacket

From cool biker looks to voguish streetwear outfits, men and women can don the moto jacket in different ways. The general rule of thumb for styling a moto jacket is that you need to create an outfit keeping the jacket length in mind. It is not a long jacket, so make sure your tuck your t-shirt in the jeans to avoid it hanging out at the back. Also, the moto jackets are strictly casual. Although some gentlemen carry it immaculately with their smart casual attire, keeping it for your casual streetwear outfits is better.

Moto Jacket Outfits For Men:

  • Create a day-to-day casual look with khakis and a biker jacket. Use a black full sleeved t-shirt as the foundation piece, and team it up with straight fit khaki pants and a steel grey biker jacket. Complete the look with white slip on sneakers.
  • For a cool look, stick to a monochrome outfit. Wear a black turtleneck, and slim fit ripped jeans in the same color. Layer it with a hooded black biker jacket, and wear your black Chelseas to round off the dapper look.
  • Want to stay relaxed yet dandified? A combo of black chinos, white cotton button down, and a beige moto jacket can never go wrong. The footwear choice for this outfit is beige leather loafers or your white sneakers.
  • Nail the flannel and jeans outfit by throwing a brown cafe racer jacket over it. Opt for a red plaid shirt and steel blue straight leg jeans. The look will end on a classic yet stylish note with a pair of brown brogue shoes.

Moto Jacket Outfits for Women:

  • Just a plain black tunic and fitted ankle pants in black can turn into an awe-inspiring look with a burgundy cropped moto jacket. Style your hair in beachy waves and wear burgundy pumps to complete the chic look.
  • Don a black and white floral print midi dress and elevate its style quotient with a white leather biker jacket. This look is the girl-next-door turned edgy, even more so if you round it off with black pointed toe heels.
  • Wear a grey sweater dress, a black biker jacket, and black suede ankle boots to nail the fall look with a fabulous style.
  • For summer, wear a white tank top over denim shorts and use a lightweight, brown moto jacket to layer this chic outfit. Complete the look with off white wedge heeled sandals and a brown shoulder bag.


How Should a Leather Moto Jacket Fit?

The leather motorcycle jacket gets stretched over time, so it’s better to go for a snug-fitting jacket with just enough room to allow layering midweight staples, such as a fleece hoodie. Ideally, the jacket should comfortably fit around the armpits.

Are Moto Jackets in Fashion for 2022?

Moto jackets are a timeless staple, and they have never really gone obsolete. However, the styling of the moto jacket has immensely evolved. What was once considered a jacket for motorcyclists is now a wardrobe mainstay for trendy street style looks.

Are Moto Jackets Supposed to be Short?

Moto jackets shouldn’t go down your belt. Unless you are going for an oversized version, anything longer will hinder your comfort on long bike rides.

How to Style a Women’s Biker Jacket?

A classic way to don your leather biker jacket with style is to wear it over a red V-neck t-shirt and black slim fit jeans. Black ankle boots will add to the spectacular look.

How to Style a Men’s Biker Jacket?

To nail the street worthy look, men can wear a black biker jacket over a white round neck t-shirt, and light blue ripped jeans. Complete the outfit with black and white converse shoes.

Wrapping Up

You don't need to be a part of a biker gang nor a bike racing fanatic to sport a moto jacket. It is a timeless staple that is worth adding to your wardrobe. Not only does a genuine moto jacket last a long time, but it will also give you incredible styling opportunities and a splendid look each time. Make sure the jacket is right for you by reading the above-mentioned tips, and style it in multiple ways.

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