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The leather jacket is a timeless icon, often touted as a rebel's armor, and an instant cool-factor booster. But you need to learn how to dress in leather jacket outfits beyond the "biker chic" look to unlock its full potential. In this blog, we shed light on all the possible ways you can use your versatile classic black or colored leather jackets!

Leather jacket outfits range from casual, smart casual to dressy, sleek, and elegant looks. You can lift your entire outfit by just adding a smart leather jacket, as it has the potential to increase visual interest apart from being an extra layer. It is safe to say that you can use your women’s leather jacket in any weather and on any occasion.

Building an outfit depends on the color and style of your leather jacket. Jackets in neutral colors amp up exclusive outfits, while colored jackets can be the star piece to provide contrast in a simple outfit.

How to Style a Leather Jacket Outfit?

How to style a leather jacket? Women often ask this question. To answer this query, we have compiled the 10 most versatile and chic leather jacket outfits for women of all ages and sizes.

A leather jacket has so much to offer and there is something for everyone like a stylish plus size leather jacket for plus-size women or people who want an oversized leather jacket. There are edgy fringe leather jackets for women looking to experiment. Different shades of colors are also available for example navy blue, light blue, red, maroon, tobacco, brown, and tan leather jackets.  

Versatile and Chic Outfits to Wear with a Leather Jacket!

These top 10 leather jacket paired outfits will change your fashion game. 

How to Wear a Black Leather Jacket?

Let's take a look at how to style the most common outerwear: black leather jacket. 

Black Leather Jacket with White Tulle

Tired of the same boring leather outfits? Here is how you can make your casual outfits fun with our black jacket outfit ideas! 

Pair up your classic black leather jacket with a plain black tank top or T-shirt, and top this look off with a beautiful white mini tulle skirt. 

To make this rather usual outfit more interesting you can choose black suede ankle boots, black wool leggings, and a black beanie. For your purse, you can go with a small cross-body black bag. The overall variation of color of this outfit comes from the white tulle.

Bomber Jacket with Denim Overalls

A black bomber jacket gives you the versatile yet chic vibe you are looking for! 

It is one of our favorite casual women's leather jacket outfits. Mostly because of how comfortable it is but it looks equally trendy and street style. 

Pair your basic light blue faded denim overalls with a black leather bomber jacket and instead of wearing a full T-shirt or sweater inside; go with a white tee or a crop top. To finish off your look, choose low-top white sneakers. If you are going for the comfy yet chic style then you can accessorize with big black rounded glasses or sunglasses.

Black Fringe Leather Jacket with Casual Striped Dress

If you want to look dressier with your casual wardrobe, here is the perfect tip for you! 

Everyone has a striped casual shirt dress in their closet. Amp it up by pairing your fringe black leather jacket with it. To make the look classy, add a belt to your casual dress as well.

To keep the tone dressy, accessorize with a black suede tote bag and a black wool hat. Wearing a suede black pair of ankle boots will pull together your dressy chic look.

How to Wear a Biker Jacket?

Leather biker jacket is all the rage these days, this is how you can have fun with it. 

Leather Biker Jacket with Skater Dress

It’s hard to imagine but a moto jacket with a dress looks very cool! Skater dresses are underrated, they are quite versatile and you can either dress up or dress down with them.

To dress up a bit, you can wear your black biker leather jacket with a bright red skater dress or with a black dress. To style your edgy look and to make it classy you can either wear black suede ankle boots or if you don’t want to play safe, knee-length leather boots would look great with this outfit as well. 

With this elegant look, you should carry a small black clutch and accessorize minimally with rose gold earrings, a pendant, and a watch.

Leather Jacket with Velvet Skirt 

It is one of our safe but haute moto jacket outfit ideas! The styling and pieces of clothing used to build this outfit are simple but when put together it looks very high fashion. 

To style your moto jacket you should wear it with a burgundy velvet skater skirt. Opt for a jacket with a fur collar to add to the exclusive winter/fall style. Make it look trendier by wearing your coolest pair of sunglasses, knee-length boots, or high-heeled boots! To further accessorize you should choose hoop earrings or gold studs!

Biker Leather Jacket with Pencil Skirt 

It is another one of our amazing ideas for the perfect black moto jacket outfit. If you have a boss lady vibe then this fit is definitely for you! 

Everything about this outfit speaks elegance and class. Wear your best-fitted red pencil skirt with your shiny black leather biker jacket for women. Choose a plain black turtleneck for the inner to keep up the polished look. 

To further set the tone of elegance wear your favorite black heels. It is one of the biker jacket outfits for ladies that won’t go wrong. For accessories choose smaller and minimalistic options like plain gold or black studs, a classic watch and a pair of sunglasses if it's lunchtime.

How to Style a Colored Leather Jacket?

Leather jacket fashion is not limited to only black color; leather jacket outfits are versatile because there are other color options. In fact, a colored jacket can be an unexpected twist to a simple outfit.

Brown Bomber Leather Jacket with Floral Skirt

A brown leather jacket is perfect for stylish looks, be it casual or dressy. 

Wear your full floral skirt with a white dress shirt and top it off with a brown leather bomber jacket. Style this outfit with low-top white sneakers or white casual loafers. To make this look more vibrant, accessorize with solid funky studs and statement bracelets. Finish the look with a small brown or white cross-body bag. We want you to have fun while wearing this fit!

Tobacco Fringe Jacket with Cowboy Hat

Another one of our unique leather jacket ideas includes a tobacco fringe leather jacket. This fit is the most experimental and is great for your palate if you want a change. A tobacco fringe leather jacket is already something that not many people choose to wear.

However, trust the process and build your perfect fit by pairing your fringe jacket with a black lace top and black skinny or mom jeans. This will keep the tone of your outfit monotone yet experimental as we said. To spice up the accessory game, wearing a black cowboy or even a wool hat could be a stylish option! For shoes choose lace-up brown leather ankle boots.  

Navy or Light Blue Leather Jacket with Silver Pleated Skirt

If you are bored of your usual boring wardrobe, this moto jacket outfit is a cool breeze for you. Navy blue or light blue leather jackets are not usually worn. But for a fresh look, here is how to style it! 

Wear your midi pleated silver skirt with a grey crew neck sweater and pair it up with a light blue leather jacket. To make this outfit casual go with white sneakers. Keep things simple and accessorize with sunglasses and small earrings. This outfit is a testament to a fun addition to routine casual clothing.

Red Leather Coat with Skinny Jeans

This is the only long leather jacket outfit on the list but it is indeed the best and classic one. Not many people own a red leather long coat but if you are intrigued by leather trench coats, we encourage you to get it. This will increase the class of your wardrobe and you can make your usual boring outfits look cool in a minute. 

Start the styling by wearing a black turtleneck with leather skinny jeans or just plain black skinny jeans if you are not up for any experiments. Complete your look by wearing your statement red leather long jacket. It is a high fashion look so choose leather cut-out ankle boots in black color. To maintain the chic vibe wear your black sunglasses.


What should you wear with a women's leather jacket?

Women’s outfits with leather jackets are a vast topic that we have covered in the above blog. There are so many ways of styling a leather jacket, you can make it look elegant and dressy or go for a casual and comfy vibe.

Are leather jackets currently in style?

Leather jackets are a classic piece of clothing and they always remain in style. Today women are using different types of leather jackets like biker, bomber, coat, puffer, etc. in their outfits to make them look high fashion, chic, and trendy!

What can you wear with a leather jacket for a casual look?

You can easily make outfits with a casual leather jacket. All you have to do is pair it up with a casual shirt dress, or a pair of skinny jeans and tank top. Including sneakers also creates a sense of casual look in your overall dressier outfit. So if you are wearing a biker skirt or a dress with a leather jacket, wear sneakers to make it casual.

Is 50 years old too old to wear a women's leather jacket? 

Leather Skin Shop’s faux leather jacket outfits are not only for young ladies but also for mature women. A leather jacket never goes out of style and you can never be too old for it. You just have to choose the right clothing options. For example, style your leather jacket with a floral skirt and a dress shirt if you are 50 years or older.


The question is how to wear a leather jacket, women, luckily have versatile options. There are so many different varieties of styles and looks to choose from if you want to style your leather jacket. It is a classic piece that almost everyone owns, and if you are not wearing it, this is your sign to take it out of your closet and explore all the above amazing outfit ideas.

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