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If, as a plus size woman, you are feeling tired of using the same ways to put together leather jacket outfits, let's bust that fashion frustration! Whether you want a look that is effortlessly chic or want to portray your personal style, we've got you covered with plus-size leather jacket looks that slay. Get ready to unleash your inner fashionista with our ensemble ideas and turn heads every time you step out the door.

Plus Size Leather Jacket for All!

Plus-size women have always found it hard to get equal closet options as petite or skinny people. However, a leather jacket is a wardrobe staple for people of any body shape and size. Having the perfect fit of a plus-size leather jacket will enhance your overall outfit and give you the cool look you are going for.  

Different Styles of Plus-Size Leather Jackets

Plus-size leather jackets can be very versatile, and you can pair them up with many different outfits and looks. There are so many different styles of plus-size leather jackets to choose from. Some will bring out the best look just with a graphic tee and skirts, while others will look amazing when layered over smart casual outfits.

Leather Skin Shop has an awesome range of leather jackets for plus size women, with the same options for plus sizes as they have for other customers. So get the best one for your body type. 

Plus-size Motorcycle Leather Jacket

Styling Plus-size Motorcycle Leather Jacket

Motorcycle leather jackets are always in style and can make you look amazing. They have an appealing silhouette that hugs your body very nicely and the slant zipper enhances the curvy look. It gives an edgy and cool look to your entire outfit! There are so many different colors available on Leather Skin Shop, like pink, blue, and green. 

Plus-size Quilted Leather Jacket 

Quilted leather jackets give a luxe look, perfect if you want to dress up a little. You can incorporate the quilted leather jacket into a casual wear look to make the outfit stand out.  

Plus-size Faux Leather Jacket 

A faux leather jacket is an affordable alternative to a real leather jacket. You can wear faux leather jackets just like you wear your usual leather jacket. The quality of faux leather at Leather Skin Shop is unmatchable, and the variety is amazing too.

Plus-size Leather Blazer

For business casual attires, plus-size leather blazers can be your partner! You can style it in so many different ways to get that boss lady edgy look. It is best worn in black color as black is an elegant color. It is a great option when you want to layer up for winter.

Plus-size Bomber Leather Jacket

Plus-size leather bomber jackets are the coolest! 

The silhouette of a bomber jacket is already a little baggy which makes your outfit very trendy. Bomber jackets go well with almost anything but they are best styled in street style. You can create multiple unique looks with just one leather bomber jacket in plus size. 

Plus Size Cropped Leather Jacket 

Cropped leather jackets are really good to accentuate your waist and make it look slimmer. If you want to look different then incorporating a cropped leather jacket to your plus size wardrobe is the way to go!

How to Wear a Plus-size Leather Jacket?

It's not very difficult to style a leather jacket in plus size to bring out your personal style. If you are confused about how to wear a plus-size leather jacket, then we have all the answers you are looking for.

Plus Size Leather Jacket Collection

Choose the Right Fit!

Plus-size leather jackets can easily be misjudged in terms of size. They are supposed to be plus-size but you should make sure that you opt for the best fit that hugs your beautiful curves perfectly. 

At Leather Skin Shop you can get a women’s custom leather jacket, and adjust size as per your requirement. 

Get the Length Right

When you are looking for a leather jacket, you can get one that is above your waist or one that ends at your waist. However, if you are buying a plus-size leather jacket, then keep in mind that they should be slightly longer. It should partially cover your bottom. This silhouette works well for many outfits. 

Don’t Go Over Your Size

It is a common practice that plus-size women often buy a size that is bigger than theirs. It is not ideal and would make your outfit look a lot more casual and not quite right. A baggy style doesn’t give you a composed look and is not neat to style. 

Other tips for choosing plus size jackets are to go for interesting details to create an eye-pleasing style, such as a hood, embroidery, fur lining, or studs, and go for darker hues.

Styling Options for Plus-size Leather Jacket

Owning classy leather jackets for plus size helps you create many new looks and outfits in your closet. We highly recommend going for women’s custom jackets to execute your true style. Here are some of the options you should try on!

Black Leather Jacket with Turtleneck

When choosing how to wear a black leather jacket in plus-size, here is the perfect way. 

A cute turtleneck underneath your black jacket is the right way of layering. It gives a very neat and put-together look to your outfit. Layer a light color with dark jeans and a black leather jacket. Choose a light tone of white, cream, or light brown for the turtleneck.

You can pair this outfit with your leather ankle boots or if you want a more casual look, then you can also choose white platform sneakers. 

Animal Patterned Dresses with Leather Jacket

A leather jacket is a statement, and we encourage you to embrace the diva inside. To create an alluring black outfit, you can pair your black plus-size biker leather jacket with an animal-printed black and white a-line dress. You can also pair your biker jacket with an a-line bold printed skirt and a crop top. This style is very chic and bold!

Pair up your black ankle boots or your favorite heels with this look. 

Long Blazer Style Leather Jacket 

For plus-size women, this is one of the best styles of leather jackets. Long blazer jackets can be worn on business casual attires but they also look quite edgy with casual attires like a fitted crop top and laid-back faded jeans.

For footwear, you can choose sneakers and to complete the look you can also wear a P cap. 

Sheer Top with Leather Jacket 

A sheer top should be a go to look for plus size women. A printed sheer top over a tube top hugs all your curves and sits very well with your look. Now layer your sheer top with a classic black quilted biker leather jacket.

It enhances your style and makes you look amazing! This cute outfit can be worn over baggy leather pants and for footwear, you can go with ankle boots. 

Burgundy Colored Puff Sleeve Jacket 

You can also play with the color of your plus size jacket. There are so many colors but with this look a classy and trendy burgundy leather jacket is the way to go. 

Most plus size women would hesitate to wear a puff sleeves jacket, but you should definitely try it out. It enhances your body structure and gives very powerful vibes. 

You can pair this jacket with a black bodycon dress or a black skater skirt with a black top if you want that monochromatic look. 


What is the best style of leather jacket for a plus-size person?

The best type of leather jacket for plus-size people is the one that fits them perfectly and is not too loose nor too small. If we have to pick the two best ones for the plus size people, then they have to be a motorcycle leather jacket and a blazer style leather jacket. 

How can one avoid a super boxy look when wearing a plus-size leather jacket?

It may be a problem while wearing plus-size leather jackets, but you can eliminate the chances by layering properly. You should go for an A-line dress or a crop top if you want to avoid the boxy fit. The key is to wear a structured or fitted top with your plus-size jacket to make your silhouette look better. 

How can a plus-size leather blazer be styled?

You can style leather blazers with your business casual outfits, and you can also make them look cool with your casual fits. To finish the look, you should choose classic faded jeans and sneakers. 

How can you style a plus-size leather jacket if you are over 50 years old?

A plus-size leather jacket is for women of every age. If over 50, you can try pairing your biker leather jacket with a micro floral print skirt and a white dress shirt tucked in. You can play with colors while choosing a leather jacket, and instead of wearing a black one, you should go for a brown leather jacket. 

What fitting is the best for a leather jacket? (Regular, tight, or loose?)

The right fit is the most critical part of finding a plus-size leather jacket. Ideally, you should go for women’s custom jackets from Leather Skin Shop to get the perfect size.

Make sure that it is not too loose and not too tight, either. Some tight looks go well for plus-size outfits, but for versatility, you should choose a regular fit. No matter what, make sure that you don’t go for a baggy look.

Are plus-size leather jackets in style?

Plus-size leather jackets are one of the classics that always remain in style. If you still haven't got your women’s leather jacket then you should invest in one right away.

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