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If you want to jazz up your closet without spending a lot, here is the best hack for you! Buy a terrific brown leather jacket. It is versatile, chic, and stylish, and getting one from Leather Skin Shop’s collection gives you the best value against your money. Styling a fashionable brown leather jacket is a breeze, and we will share several voguish ideas for you to nail the perfect look. 

In this article, you will learn: 

  • How versatile and stylish brown leather apparel can be. 
  • 10 amazing and unique brown leather jacket outfits for women’s casual and festive wear.  
  • How to make use of the items from your closet to get a stunning new look.

Brown Leather Jacket - Chic And Fabulous!

The black jackets might be the most popular, but a brown leather jacket gives you a captivating look and accentuates your day-to-day outfits. When you feel your clothes are getting repetitive, you can amp up your wardrobe by adding a fashionable brown leather jacket. 

The best thing is that you can wear a brown leather jacket for a classic look, or use it to turn a simple outfit into a rock star look!

Apart from a black jacket, most women like to have a brown jacket in their closet, so calling it a classic staple won’t be wrong.

Different Shades of Brown Leather Jackets

Brown leather jackets come in multiple shades, ranging from dark to light. While buying a brown leather jacket from Leather Skin Shop, you have various options. For date night outfits you have the pretty light brown leather jacket. For a casual look, you can go for a chocolate brown color. And for a rustic appeal, choose a dark brown leather jacket. 

Take a good look at your closet, assess your current clothing options and their style, and then choose the perfect brown shade to buy. Other than having different shades, a brown leather jacket has a variety of designs. This means you can have fun experimenting with your fits, fashion possibilities are endless!

You can get the best brown leather jackets at Leather Skin Shop, a brand that excels in men’s and women’s custom jackets

Fashionable Brown Leather Jacket Outfit Ideas for You!

Confused about styling the iconic piece, aka the brown leather jacket the right way? We have some amazing outfit ideas for you that you can wear every day. Clothing pieces in these ensembles are so common, that there is a high chance you may already have them in your wardrobe.

Let’s take a deeper look and find out what to wear with a brown leather jacket for females. 

Comfy Layering with Brown Leather Jacket 

Here is a great outfit suggestion for a cold winter day. All you have to do is layer up and get comfortable. 

Wear a warm grey or black turtleneck, top it off with a fitted brown leather jacket, and drape a long grey coat over it. For the bottom go with black skinny jeans. As your upper half is layered, a slim bottom will give a clean look to your fit. Accessorize it with black ankle boots. 

Pleated Skirt with Brown Leather Jacket

This is the ultimate fun look for the weekends or daytime dates. If you want to be a little fancy then go with our favorite light brown leather jacket outfit idea. 

Wear a black pleated skirt and pair it up with a white shirt, or a black and white striped shirt and layer a light brown leather jacket on it. Choose a cute handbag and go minimal on the jewelry.

You can wear classic black boots with this look, but to elevate the fashion quotient, swap them with white-heeled combat boots. The chunky heels will add height to your outfit and help tie the whole look together.  

Knotted Blouse with Brown Leather Jacket

If you are into easy fashion, we have a great idea for a brown jacket outfit for women that you can put together quickly! Select a white knotted blouse, wear flared blue jeans with it, and layer it up with an oversized light brown leather jacket. You can also go for skinny blue jeans and wear knee-high boots with it to bring forward a chic style.

This light brown jacket outfit looks cool with minimal effort and you can wear it anywhere. If you want a casual outfit then go for sneakers as the footwear. For a dressier look, go with pointed brown heels. Small gold earrings or studs with a dainty gold necklace would go great with this attire. 

Shorts And Leather Brown Jacket 

This stunning outfit idea is simple yet unique and gives street-style vibes. 

A great way to wear leather on leather is to pair stylish leather shorts with a matching jacket. Wear your brown leather shorts with a white button-down shirt. Pair it up with an oversized light or dark brown leather jacket to match the color of your shorts. Make sure that your shirt is neatly tucked in. For shoes, you can wear white sneakers. 

Knitwear with Brown Leather Jacket

Knitwears go very well with leather jackets and give you an old-school vibe. Find a beautiful white knitted sweater and pair it up with an A-line midi skirt in any color you want, preferably pastel green. Wear a dark brown leather bomber jacket. 

The dark hue of your leather jacket will complement well with the pastel color of your skirt. To make your outfit chic, slip into your cowboy boots! This is hands down one of the best dark brown leather jacket outfits for women.

Black Outfit And A Long Leather Jacket 

This is an amazing outfit for a night out if the dress code is cocktail attire. Dress up in a black silk shirt with wide-legged black pants. Layer it up by draping a long brown leather coat on it and round off the look with black t-strap heels, or black ankle boots. 

As it is a dressy attire, make sure to accessorize a bit. Black and gold make an appealing contrast, so wear statement gold earrings with a long gold chain necklace.

It is a low-effort yet very sleek and stylish brown coat outfit. A brown leather jacket with a black outfit looks incredibly classy. 

Go All Brown!

If you're feeling a bit adventurous then go brown on brown. In this chic look, you need bootleg brown leather pants with a tube top of a similar brown shade. You can also wear any top that is the same shade as the pants. If your top and pants are light brown then pair it up with a dark brown leather jacket. 

This dark brown over light brown contrast is unique and modern. If you have a hat in a similar light brown shade, wear it! For footwear, you should go for off-white mules or ankle boots. 

Animal Print And Motorcycle Jacket 

A woman’s closet is incomplete without an animal-printed dress. Animal prints including leopard, cheetah, snake, or crocodile prints are trendy these days due to their standout look. Make sure your dress is not body-fitted but a little flowy for this look. Wearing a structured brown leather jacket makes this outfit complete.

Our suggestion is to wear a light brown leopard print midi dress with a chocolate brown leather jacket. A pair of black platform-heeled shoes would look fantastic with it. For a handbag, go with a crossbody leather bag, and also wear minimal jewelry. 

Classic Outfits with Leather Jacket

Leather jackets are classic, and brown ones can be a perfect finishing piece to classic casual outfits. Almost every woman has these elements in their closet, such as a plain black t-shirt or a white t-shirt, plain black jeans, and ripped denim jeans.

Unleash your imagination, build contrasts, and make different fashionable looks with your brown jacket. Even though it seems simple, it is one of the most trendy attires on the list. Its simplicity makes it appealing and effortlessly stunning. 

You can choose to pair black jeans with a black shirt or even a black silk blouse. For a laid-back look, you should go with a white tee and ripped jeans. Wear an oversized brown leather jacket to finish this trendy attire.

White chunky sneakers are a perfect fit for this look. Black sneakers, ankle boots, and brown shades accessorize these classic fits perfectly.

Cropped Brown Leather Jacket 

Cropped brown leather jackets are a statement piece and you can style these chic women’s leather jackets with many different outfits. They look amazing with a flowy dress but you can also wear a cropped jacket with a tucked-in top and an A-line skirt with a side slit.

Cropped jackets trim your waist and hug your curves wonderfully. A variety of options are available for you if you decide to get one for yourself.

Buy Custom Leather Jackets from Leather Skin Shop

Leather Skin Shop offers an extensive range of leather jackets with customizable options. This allows you to select your preferred style and receive a jacket tailored to your size. The quality is exceptional, ensuring a top-notch product. Invest in your women’s custom leather jackets today!


What colors go with a brown leather jacket?

A brown leather jacket is highly versatile, so any color of clothing and accessories would go with it. However, we can suggest some classic colors like black, white, cream, and light brown. You can also wear pastel shades with a brown leather jacket. 

What to wear with a women's brown leather jacket?

You can wear multiple different outfits that range from casual to semi-formal. You can wear it with a flowy dress, an A-line skirt, denim jeans, or a crop top. You can also explore our brown leather jacket men’s outfit ideas. 

Are brown leather jackets in style?

Brown leather jackets are so on-trend these days. Women, especially, seem to enjoy the vast options they can choose from when it comes to buying brown leather jackets. You have many different styles and colors to explore through. 

What color of jeans goes with a brown leather jacket?

Blue and black denim jeans will go with the brown leather jacket. You can also pair it up with light brown, white and cream-colored pants.

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