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Oversized leather jackets elevate your style by giving you a voguish look and optimal comfort. The jacket trending hugely is no surprise, given how there has been a sharp incline in the oversized garment fashion in the last few years.

The baggy jacket is not just fashionable but also quite functional and versatile. Explore multitudes of designs from casual to high fashion with oversized leather jackets that ace celebrities like Hailey Bieber have also embraced. 

In this article, you will learn:

  • Oversized leather jackets are trendy and versatile. 
  • Oversized jacket outfits for specific situations like parties and casual outings. 
  • Leather Skin Shop is your go-to place to get stylish oversized leather jackets. 

Let’s move on to check out different styling ideas for oversized leather jacket outfits! 

Unique Ways of Styling Your Oversized Leather Jackets!

The oversized jacket comes in many different styles, sizes, and color options, which makes it one of the most versatile leather jackets. Due to the rising popularity of oversized clothes, we encourage you to invest in one of these. 

The voguish oversized jacket gives a new life to your day-to-day looks and can be worn with many of your wardrobe staples, such as graphic tees, slim-fit jeans, mini skirts, shorts, and sweaters. Here are 10 fabulous ways of styling your leather jacket outfits as suggested by the fashion pros!

Short White Dress And Boots!

A short white dress is a must-have for the fashion conscious divas. Style your dress with a cool-looking oversized leather bomber jacket preferably in black color. The white dress will make you stand out of the crowd as many people prefer black over white. But there is a reason why it is on top of our unique outfits list. 

Try this look with black combat boots and a small leather handbag. 

Slip Dress with Oversized Leather Jacket!

The alluring slip dresses are underrated and we can’t emphasize enough on their functionality. Choose a sophisticated black satin slip and pair it up with an oversized black women’s custom leather jacket. It gives you an edgy look and makes you look extremely fashionable. 

This is one of the most outstanding dress-up ideas that you can use if you are going clubbing with friends. If you want to make it a little dressy then go for pointed black or red heels. Finish off your look with a sleek black handbag. 

Oversized Fur Leather Jacket with jeans

For all the women who have an affinity for high fashion, this is the best outfit for you! With a white jersey and black or blue jeans, pair your luxurious oversized fur leather jacket. This gorgeous outfit will make you look smart and trendy. 

Pair it up with ankle boots for a fashion forward look. You can also pair it with sneakers but it would take away the luxe appeal of the outfit.

Vintage Style Oversized Leather Jacket Outfit

Vintage fashion is again trending and you should be a part of the crowd. Wear a short-body checked a-line dress with a vintage black oversized women’s leather jacket. This vintage-inspired outfit is chic yet gives you a soft feminine vibe. 

You can increase the aesthetic of this fit by wearing knee-length boots or ankle boots. For accessories keep it minimal with a dainty white necklace. 

Knitwear And Oversized Leather Jacket 

Knitwear goes very well with an oversized leather jacket. They are both warm and perfect if you want to stay in style for the cold season. 

Wear a white knitted turtleneck with black high-waisted trousers and pair it up with an oversized black leather jacket. This comfortable outfit can be put together quickly and is the best for the times you are running late. Wear ankle boots with this look to keep it classy!

Hooded Layering with Oversized Leather Jacket

This is the best fit if you are looking for something cozy yet trendy to wear. It is comfortable and in fashion these days. All you have to do is know how to layer it up perfectly. 

You start by wearing a white top with a black hoodie and blue denim jeans then drape an oversized leather moto jacket over it. It is a great way of incorporating chic style into your daily clothes. For footwear wear choose sneakers and keep it casual and relaxed. You can wear a black crossbody bag to complete the look!

Ribbed Dress and Leggings With Leather Jacket

If you want a cute look, then this is the perfect fit for you! This adorable outfit has a charming appeal that makes you look stunning with very less effort. 

To attain this easy style, choose a high-neck ribbed black midi dress and pair it up with sheer leggings. Top it off with a white oversized leather bomber jacket and white combat boots or platform sneakers. Keep your jewelry minimal by adding statement golden studs. 

Wrap Skirts And Oversized Leather Jackets

Here is another fun oversized fit for your day out! Wrap skirts are not much appreciated and used but they are very versatile. You can use it in multiple ways and one of them includes pairing it up with an oversized leather jacket. 

Wear your favorite wrap skirt with a sleeveless printed top or a graphic tee. Pair this look with an oversized leather biker jacket in the color of your choice. Carry a small handbag as an accessory and wear biker boots with this look. 

Leather Pants and Oversized Leather Jacket

Here is your chance to slay in the ultimate street-style fashion! Leather pants are something that you must try. Wear a pair of black leather pants or trousers and pair it up with a cute tie and dye crop top. Layer up this fit with an oversized leather jacket and for the footwear go for ankle boots or knee-length boots.  

Tulle Skirt And Oversized Leather Jacket  

Tulle skirts are great at adding drama to your regular fits. They create an exaggerated effect and make your look so much fun. 

We encourage you to try this look in a monochrome style. Either go for all black, all brown, or all white. Preferably, wear a plain black tee with a black tulle skirt, black knee-length boots, and a black oversized leather jacket.

If you want to add color to your fit, carry a different colored bag. In this case, go for a white bag. And if you don’t feel like carrying a bag then slip into white knee-length boots. 

Buy Custom Oversized Leather Jackets at Leather Skin Shop!

Leather Skin Shop has an awe-worthy collection of fashionable oversized leather jackets in different colors and styles. Each of our jackets is made of top quality material, including real leather and faux leather.

Not only do you get a great variety of ready to wear jackets, you can also order women’s custom jackets. You can choose the style, material, color, design, and details of your jacket, and get it made in a perfect size.


Is it normal to wear an oversized leather jacket?

Yes, it is completely normal. As young adults take fashion inspiration from celebs, we must know that oversized leather jackets are trending and getting popular these days. You can rock the look by putting together any of our suggested outfits.

How can you wear a leather jacket that's too big?

The key to styling a big leather jacket is to handle the proportions well. You can do that by wearing fitted clothes underneath like skinny jeans, belts to cinch the waist, and adding heels to increase height. 

What can women wear with an oversized leather jacket?

Clothing options are endless, you can wear almost anything with an oversized leather jacket but we suggest ribbed dresses, skinny jeans, leather pants, wrap skirts, etc. 

How can you style an oversized leather jacket?

There are multiple ways of styling an oversized leather jacket and you can wear it for any occasion. You can try casual chic outfits or even high-fashion ensembles with an oversized leather jacket.

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