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by Jennifer Smith September 23, 2020 6 min read

As you take a light stroll at night, cool drizzling hitting your face,

You think of the upcoming events:

Trick or treat, buying candies for kids, and then oh, by the time you’re done with Halloween and crazy costume parties,

It’s going to be time for Thanksgiving and that turkey feast!

And then, it’s like your mind flashes a light bulb, and you realize that it means winter is fast approaching too!

You know what that means? Shopping time, yay; and no, it’s not just for Christmas presents. You need some warm clothes to get you all snug and cozy.

You know what the main item in your shopping list must be: a stylish leather jacket for winter season.

Leather for the chilly weather

Okay, before we head further into the session, let’s make one thing clear:

Winter closet does not mean you compromise your inner fashion geeks, alright? Feel all covered up yet still outshine others with your sexy appeal, that’s the main aim of our winter shopping guide.

So, beauties and striking men,

Let us hop on to a vital journey and offer you essential tips on slaying your closet this winter! We have made this guide to help you find the right leather jacket for you. If you, however, do not find the one that fits you well in this guide, then feel free to get your custom leather jacket by LSS today.

1. Blacks and Furs are forever classics

Men Black Genuine Leather Jacket With White Fur Collar

Get this Jacket For Just $249

Black is the best a man can ever get. There is just something oh-so-unique and fancy about black; an exceptional exquisite taste. Black in men fashion is no less than that expensive wine, which bursts your flavour buds and takes you to cloud nine.

Now, imagine a black leather jacket with a furred collar. Sounds enticing, right? This is where we introduce the Black Genuine Leather Jacket with White Fur Collar.

 As the blackness notches up your charms, the fur shall help offer protection to your body from chilly air. Simple and elegant stitching, high-quality buttons- oh and not to forget the belted collar;

The jacket is the perfect jackpot you can get your hands on.

Want some ensemble recommendations to help you look like a model? Here you go:

  • White Henley
  • Black jeans
  • Black Genuine Leather Jacket with White Fur Collar
  • Black Lace-up suede and Genuine Leather Boots
  • Black natural leather shoulder bag with a belt buckle flap closure design

Leave lasting impressions as you put on this iconic masterpiece, and thank us later.

2. Classic Brown never disappoints

Flamboyant Clay Leather Jacket With Mandarin Collar

Get this Jacket For Just $199

Browns are vintages. Furthermore, this seemingly old-fashioned and dreary colour is a magnificent shade that looks even more drool-worthy in winters.

Rock some stunning brown this winter. How? Easy: by adorning the Flamboyant Clay Leather Jacket with Mandarin Collar.

Everything about the jacket is a complete hit. That unique leather-y scent that makes you feel at home, that shiny material that gives off luxurious and deluxe vibes,

Be it the fine designing, those quilted sleeves, and shoulders that make you look like the next Tony Mahfud. There are a thousand and one reasons why your winter wardrobe needs this jacket right away.

Looking for ways to slay this ideal leather jacket for winter season? Ask, and we shall offer:

  • White t-shirt
  • Ice blue denim jeans
  • Flamboyant Clay Leather Jacket with Mandarin Collar
  • Brown Jodhpurs
  • Brown Cow leather Crossbody

Make a statement and make people wish they looked half as put together as you.

3. Blue it up to Style it up

NWT Stylish Blue Men Synthetic Leather Jacket

Get this Jacket For Just $125

Winters are boring? NO!

In fact, winters are anything but boring. From the tinkling of laughter as children squeal, building snowmen,

To the hustle and bustle as people plan for Christmas and New Years Eve,

Winter is the season that is the epitome of exuberance and brightness.

Hence, why should your winter dressing be anything but bright and jolly?

Make space in your wardrobe for this Stylish Blue Men Synthetic Leather Jacket and wow your audience.

Made from excellent material, this jacket is sure to keep you super comfy during the cool season. Plus, the symbol of trendy and chic, the jacket works no matter what kind of occasion you plan on slaying!

Shine with a vibrance with the elegant designing and those fancy zippers on the front. Even the collar is stitched to keep your neck away from the biting cold.

How to master your ensemble with this beautiful piece of art? We shall guide you:

  • Black t-shirt
  • Dark washed jeans
  • Stylish Blue Men Synthetic Leather Jacket
  • Blue Chelsea Suede Leather Boots with Brown Outsole
  • Black sunglasses

4. Midnight full of stars

Leather Skin Women Black Genuine Leather Jacket With Gold Stars

Get this Jacket For Just $299

For all our gorgeous women who love being the talk of the night, we have just the early Christmas present for you:

Black Genuine Leather Jacket with Golden Stars.

Twinkle brighter than anything and anyone else. Adorn this pretty jacket, and be sure to make people swoon. Trust us; you shall feel like Tinker Bell- an ethereal and enchanting lady who gets to flaunt her boldness.

Now be sure to ace the winter fashion. Be it a casual ladies night out or a wild party night, look like the ultimate alluring.

From the velvety material that feels heavenly to touch, to the detailed designing- the gold sequins certainly seal the deal no matter what. Those buckles on the waist and the buttoned collar are simply the ripest cherries on top!

Look like the epitome of chic, glamorous, and flashy with this piece of art. How? We’ll tell you:

  • Golden Blouse
  • Black Skinny Jeans
  • Black Genuine Leather Jacket with Gold Stars
  • Black Diamond quilted faux-leather messenger handbag
  • Golden strappy high heels

Just a bit of a suggestion:

For jewelry, go for the minimalistic approach. Some big golden hoops and maybe a golden wristwatch are more than enough for you to be the lady of the event. 

5. Long coats that make you feel close to nature

Leather Skin Women Green With Black Sleeves Genuine Leather Coat

Get this Jacket For Just $249

Winter sunrises as you walk through the forest, feel the leaves wet from dew offer an exceptional experience. Greens and winters go hand in hand- like two peas in a pod.

Wear the Green with Black Sleeves Genuine Leather Coat and feel the goodness of nature and beauty.

Look every bit of a modish royalty- one who knows how to dress to nines and impress the audience in a heartbeat.

Call it a hunch, but we do feel like this jacket is your dream leather jacket for winter season.

From relaxed to semi-formal gatherings, this jacket shall have you look like a total stunner.

The length is ideal for when you’re out, and the breeze is harsh and crisp, the looks are so sophisticated that they shall up your style scale in a moment,

The pockets in the front are also perfect to put your hands and other essentials like cash and mobile in. 

Added perk:

The buckled-waist is sure to accentuate your body and make heads turn!

We shall tell you how you can enjoy this and more:

  • Black wrap-dress
  • Green with black sleeves Genuine Leather Coat
  • Black faux-leather Tote sling satchel handbag
  • Black knee-length Leather Boots


For accessories, some delicate charm bracelets and a dainty necklace are perfect. If you wish to add more, then put on some rings and a pair of elegant studs. Let your natural attraction be enough to lure your crowd towards you.

Have fun fighting off admirers!

6. Of Pinks and Divas

Leather Skin Women Pink Brando Genuine Leather Jacket

Get this Jacket For Just $199

Our pretty queens, prepare yourself to leave the crowd stunned and breathless with your majestic charms.

Adorn the Pink Brando Genuine Leather Jacket and scale up your fashion meter in a blink of an eye.

This jacket is, hands down, the most optimal clothing to buy this coming winter.

From the soft tone of pink to the slight shine on the leather; even the design of this jacket is a massive hit. The asymmetric zippers and those side pockets boost the overall looks of the jacket.

Pair it up with just the right amount of accessories, and you are the woman every lady shall envy- and every man would love having in their arms!

How to ace up your ensemble with this jacket? Here’s how:

  • White frilly blouse
  • White skinny jeans
  • Pink Brando Genuine Leather Jacket
  • High-quality Synthetic faux-leather tote bag bucket with golden metallic lock system

As for the jewelry, flaunt your daintiest accessories- delicate rings, charm bracelets, some cute studs, and an elegant necklace. Oh, love. Slay it all up!


Phew, it’s the end, you guys. Did you like our short session? We know we adored it- having a chance to be your fashion guru? Who are we to reject such a splendid opportunity?!

We narrowed down our gigantic list to offer you the options for the best leather jacket for winter season for you. We did our part, and now it’s your time.

Select the one that you think goes with the kind of personas you wish to flaunt this winter.

Have the crowd go gaga over you. You know you’ve got all that it will take to have people drooling after your dressing. Happy leather jacket shopping!

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