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Good things come to …

Those who recognize the quality of Leather, not those who wait.

Join the quality inspection gang to shop for the most exclusive leather products.

Now, you may ask why you should learn this skill? You should master this skill because through this, you are signing up for value for money, feeling excited?

You might have got lucky a few times in getting premium quality shoes and boots. But the chances are that you might come across subpar leather accessories. Here's how you can assess the types of Leather.

Live on the edge

The first thing you should check out in a leather jacket is the edges. If they are blue, there's a clue. The manufacturer has probably taken a shortcut during the process, and that's bad news for you.

Why? Because your jacket will age faster. People around you wouldn't have to cut it into pieces to find this out. The blue edges will say it all.

Here is science. Each hide has a part called wet blue. If the tannery hasn't completely processed the hide, the blue part will continue to show. How embarrassing.

Trust your gut feeling

Falling in the trap? Buying cheap Leather long coat? Please stop and take a moment to inspect what the Leather feels like.

If it feels brittle or stiff, put it back. Simple. The last thing you want in your wardrobe is poorly processed Leather. When judging between the types of Leather, evaluating their feel helps.

There's, honestly, no rocket science to it. Caress the surface, and it will tell you its darkest secrets. A perfectly grained pattern is too good to be true. You can bet it was stamped to look that way.

Stitch things together

Bad stitching and cheap tailoring accessories are a big turn off. What good is a vintage jacket that doesn't look luxurious overall? All it takes is one affordable element to rob off the entire look.

If the stitching is not straight, the lining is coming off, and hardware looks bad, you can only imagine how bad the leather quality is. A product that was made using first quality leather wouldn't be embellished that way. Makes sense?

Hence, if a store can compromise the integrity of all other raw materials, be skeptical about its leather quality as well. Not all stores are Leather Skin Shop, after all.

The types of Leather you need to know

The two majorly used hides that people love and have the tendency to provide durable products are the cowhide, and the sheep hide. They may sound confusing but wait, below are some products that can help you decide. Some of the leather materials can easily be dyed in other colors like yellow or orange giving you an unique orange leather jacket.

The significant difference between the two hides is their grain and the flexibility they offer.

Have you ever been scammed when out to purchase Leather?

Before you start wallowing into the depths of misery on that purchase, let's cheer you up.

We all have been there.

We all have purchased fake Leather, failing to differentiate between genuine Leather.

So, allow us to tell you about the different types of Leather, so you know what you are getting into.

Let's dive and delve.

The Cowhide

Get this Jacket For Just $295

Do you know what top-grain and full-grain Leather is? These are the top-quality leather types, and you're about to pay bucks worth the quality. Go research.

Where will you find these? This top grain leather is in the topmost part of the cowhide after hair removal. Thus, they are either flawless or have minor flaws.

When you buy our red motorcycle padded genuine cow leather jacket for men, you'll be able to see the natural grainy look with minimal well-treated imperfections. How cool, no?

And what’s more?

The finesse and class that cowhide offers also makes it suitable for designing hats. They are tough and offer protection from winds and harsh weather conditions.

Get this Vintage Hat For Just $159 

Hats add a power factor to your outfit that up your fashion game, adding a subtle classiness. So if you are looking for one hat that fits all, the English vintage hat for men and women is one perfect choice. So what are you waiting for? Grab yours.

And what to look for in bags?

Get this Leather Briefcase For Just $169

Messenger bags and briefcase may sound handy, but at the same time, they add to your overall fashion quotient. They ensure a perfect next-door boy look, making people swoon over your classy innocence.

Adding a business briefcase to your attire in professional settings is sure rewarding; you can thanks us later when the next day, you see people following your example.

The fluffy sheep and its hide


Get this Jacket For Just $255

Have you ever heard about Suede? This is one kind of split leather. Let's put this in simpler words for you.

If you find yourself falling for an affordable alternative, watch out for Suedes. This is a type of Leather with a fluffier underside. It's widely used in many industries but certainly isn't up to the mark.

Shop our green sheepskin rib quilted genuine leather jacket for women. You'll witness anything but Suede. Mind you, and the softness will melt your heart.

The patterned cowhide


Get this Bag For Just $199

Satchels can be classy! There said it.

This beautifully crocodile patterned cowhide bag is a worthy purchase. With perfect space and zipper pockets to house all your needs, you can make a fashion statement and carry all your important documents in one go.

Check out our quintessential crocodile style genuine leather handbag for men to witness the most beautiful caramel hues. The soft brown colored Leather is what the traditionalists love. Brown is beautiful.

The Faux leather


Get this Jacket For Just $199

Curious to know about faux leather? Although not original leather, it can give you the look of real leather. It is an animal-friendly leather that you can get if you don't want to harm the cute little animals.

The faux leather helps add a luxurious touch to your wardrobe. This technique is used to make sure that the leather type feel is preserved and the vegans can enjoy wearing classy fashion without qualms.

Add this bold red snake pattern faux leather jacket to your cart.  An ideal choice for men and women both, the form fitting style is a must-have.

Final word

At leather skin shop, quality is guaranteed. We take care of the quality, but we want you to appreciate it too. Now, you know what to watch out before buying those aesthetically pleasing luxury boots.

For each hide type, you now know the secrets. Be it your hat or purse, don't settle for anything less than the best. If in doubt, avail our free money-back guarantee.

Browse through the types of Leather and their final products that we have in store for you. Premium quality is promised. Happy shopping!

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