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When it comes to fashion and luxury inspiration, we always look up to celebrities. For instance, how can one forget the ever-popular leather jacket worn by Marlon Brando in The Wild One or the one that Jimmy Stewart ported in the Night Passage? They were the first ones to introduce sleek jackets where you could spot such graceful celebrities in leather.

Leather jackets have always been a luxurious fashion essential. Not only do they look incredibly stylish, but they are also a very functional piece in your fall/winter wardrobe. And arguably one of the most expensive clothing pieces as well!


Real leather is expensive due to the whole tanning process that begins from finding the right animal skin and turning it into good quality wearable leather. The transformation can take up to several days. Also, premium quality leather jackets are handcrafted, which justifies the cost. 

Top luxury brands go a step further by customizing these jackets and making statement pieces with embellishments and unique designs. This may be one reason why celebrities opt for them to stand out among the crowd and create a unique style statement.

Everyone knows that celebrities from television, film, fashion, and even sports make an insane amount of money. Hence, they are capable of affording high-end clothing essentials and also pull them off elegantly.

We often spot Hollywood celebrities in leather jackets that are very costly, and this is why we decided to round up 6 of them who own the most highly-priced ones.

Marc Jacobs’ Saint Laurent Jacket

Who can portray luxury fashion better than an award-winning designer himself? The name "Marc Jacobs" is alien to none who knows a bit about fashion. Not only is he an ace fashion designer, but a style icon as well. He never fails to make an impressive style statement with his clothes.

Marc owns a stunning Saint Laurent Black Embellished bomber jacket worth a whopping $24900. The jacket has a stand-up collar, ribbed cuffs and hem, and zipped pockets. It is beautifully adorned by sequined embroidery and multicolor design.

The brand Saint Laurent is known for its iconic clothing, and many celebrities besides Marc opt for its exclusive essentials and accessories to make a classic style statement.

marc Jacob dines

Justin Theroux’s Mastermind Japan Biker Jacket

The handsome actor Justin Theroux ticks all the boxes of being an uber-stylish heartthrob. Whether he is stepping out casually or attending an award night, his style is always up to the mark. Justin is especially lauded for his street smart looks.

The Wanderlust star’s wardrobe consists of several high-end staples from expensive brands. Among those is a $12000 Biker leather jacket from Mastermind Japan. The brand is known for the most expensive leather jackets, but the classy designs are worth the cost.

The jacket features a front zip, two horizontal zips on either side, and a pair of epaulets on the shoulders for a virile look. Justin has been frequently spotted sporting the biker jacket, which gels well with his no-nonsense style. He makes sure to pair it differently every time to offer a visual interest to the onlookers.  Versatility justifies the hefty price tag, though, doesn't it?

Justin Theroux

Dakota Johnson’s Custom Gucci Studded Black Leather Jacket

The 50 shades of Grey’s girl is a Gucci loyalist for sure! Most of the time, Dakota Johnson chooses outerwear, boots, and accessories from the brand, but it was her custom Gucci studded jacket that got her showered with compliments the most.

The studded black leather jacket is customized with a splash of red and floral embroidery for Dakota, helping her nail the fun plus romantic look that she is known for. As Gucci is classified as one of the most expensive jacket brands, the price of Dakota’s custom jacket inches close to $12000.

Dakota once paired her statement jacket with black jeans and low heeled boots. She also wore a Gucci belt to build the outfit exquisitely.

Dakota Johnson

Kim Kardashian West’s Enfants Riches Déprimés Studded Biker Jacket

How can the absolute style inspiration Kim Kardashian stay behind when it comes to owning the most expensive jackets?

She makes her mark in leather wear with the Enfants Riches Déprimés Studded Biker Jacket. The jacket costs around  $11000, and Kim got a serious amount of attention from the Paparazzi for wearing it. Undoubtedly, she rocked the calfskin jacket quite splendidly.

This particular jacket has numerous metal studs of different shapes and sizes all over the design. But when you are Kim Kardashian, nothing seems like a bit too much, right? It's only her who can pull such extravagant pieces off with unmatched flair. In the image below, she was papped wearing the jacket with a white blouse and biker shorts.

Kim Kardashian

Lewis Hamilton's Balmain Embroidered Leather Jacket

The well known British Formula One racing driver owns the exclusive Balmain embroidered leather jacket that costs around $7000.

Balmain is a Renowned French fashion house whose collection includes luxuriant clothing essentials, including high-end leather jackets. Balmain's exclusive designs that portray luxury and style make it the most preferred brand for celebrity jackets.

This particular one worn by Lewis Hamilton has an asymmetric front zipper, two zipped pockets, and heavy embroidery on the one side of the front and left sleeve. The driving champion portrayed his signature aesthetic by pairing his pricey jacket with ripped jeans.

Lewis Hamilton

Drake’s Vegan Leather Prada Dada Jacket

World favorite rapper Drake is no less than a sensation when it comes to rocking incredibly expensive clothing. Drake carries every statement piece so well that it seems like it was made just for him. His large frame, fit physique, and sharp facial features make him look like a star even when he doesn't put much effort into styling.

Among many of his super expensive clothing pieces is a dark brown Prada leather jacket that he bought for around $4000. Prada is quite reputable for its leather goods, and the Italian luxury fashion brand has designed several celebrity leather jackets. They create pieces that translate their ideology of infusing traditional style with modern influence.


Final Word

While most Hollywood celebrities are spotted wearing a stylish leather jacket, it is not always easy to find out how expensive they are. There may be others that are a lot more expensive than the ones mentioned above. 

These were mentioned to give you an idea about how much a person can spend on a single clothing piece. But don't worry if your finance doesn't allow it. You can still get a good quality at reasonable rates from reliable platforms.


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