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Are you a leather jacket fan? Did you know that leather jackets were originally created for pilots in the army back in the 1900’s? A trusted leather jacket was warm enough to provide them security without restricting their movement. Plus, it could easily withstand high altitudes and day to day wear and tear, which is why the leather jacket proceeded to become a game-changer in fashion.

Synonymous with its military background, the leather jacket became a symbol of youth and brotherhood. Today, a leather jacket is a wardrobe essential for any man. It is a fashion statement in itself and has become a cult classic. The best part about owning a leather jacket is that it is extremely versatile and this single piece of garment can help create so many bold and exciting looks.

Whether you are going for a simple jacket to keep you cozy in winters or a 70s punk look, a quality leather jacketis a perfect buy. However, it can be overwhelming to browse through the sheer amount of styles that a leather jacket comes in. But, take some time and effort and find one that suits your body structure and personality. Here is a list of some tips and tricks that will guide you in styling your leather jacket for all events:

The effortlessly stylish everyday look

everyday look

There is nothing sexier than a biker jacket thrown carelessly over a white t-shirt. Complete this look with black shades and day-old stubble. Mr. Alessandro Squarzi (picture shared above) is a fashion entrepreneur and Instagram icon who mesmerizes us with his sheer good looks and effortless style.
If you want to boast even half the masculinity and toughness exhibited by him, it’s time to invest in a biker jacket. Invest in brands such as Givenchy or Saint Laurent so that it can last you a lifetime. Look for details such as asymmetrical fastenings and a diagonal zip that was originally used by bikers so they could block out the wind.

 Buy vintage

    One of the biggest mistakes that men make when buying a leather jacket is to try and save money. Instead of choosing something made out of synthetic leather or even worse- cheap and shiny fabric, it is better to pay a visit to the vintage shops. The leather is expensive by its very nature, so if you can't afford something expensive at the moment, vintage is the way to go. You’ll be surprised to see the amount of good quality mens leather jackets gathering dust in second-hand stores.

    Sometimes the search for finding the leather jacket of your dreams is almost as much fun as wearing one! Keep your mind open and get ready to try quite a few until you find the perfect jacket. For tips on buying a vintage leather jacket read this article.

    Dress it up for a cocktail party

      Who said that a leather jacket can be worn casually? It may be a bit difficult to pull up the dressed-up leather jacket look, but it can surely be done. While wearing a leather jacket to a formal work-related event or a Hollywood cocktail party, stick to the rule ‘less is more.

      Simply swap your jeans for pleated formal trousers and boots for patent leather derbies. Replace your white or black t-shirt with a crisp white dress shirt and button up. For more inspiration see Dave Franco’s picture below:

      cocktail party

       Prep up a bomber jacket

        Even though the bomber jacket was initially made for pilots and cops, it is making a big fashion statement this season. Some men find it overwhelming to pull off this bold look, but it can be done. Take inspiration from Joel Kinnaman, as he looks uber stylish in his prepped up bomber leather jacket look:


        Kinnaman looked right off the ramp as he stepped in the city for the New York premiere of Suicide Squad. He sure made a leather jacket look as polished as a formal blazer. Instead of reaching out for a traditional blazer, he modernized his crisp look by adding a timely leather staple.

        Slay the American Jock look

          If you’re looking for a more athletic and younger look, then the varsity jacket should be a perfect choice. The iconic two-tone design of a varsity jacket often incorporates another material, such as cotton. The contrasting textures are a great way to add some spice to your look. Plus, it also looks sharper than a boring old hoodie. Here is some inspiration to keep your style looking impeccable, wearing a varsity jacket.

          Jock look


          Generally, varsity jackets are a bit baggy, so you’ll need to streamline your silhouette by wearing some slim jeans and a clean pair of trainers to rock the American Jock look.

          Experiment with color

            It may be safe to stick with the traditional black or brown leather jacket, but don't be afraid to explore with other masculine hues such as tan, grey or maroon. If you are a fan of brighter shades, then make sure you have the guts to carry it off with oomph. Take some inspiration from Tyler Durden in Fight Club, where he rocks a red leather jacket and looks extremely sexy while in one. The key is to find a jacket that fits well and has minimal details so that the color stands out.

            Below is a picture of Mr. Tommy Ton, who shows us how to rock the colored leather jacket look without losing sophistication.

            Experiment with color

            It's more than just the jacket

              Ok, so we have saved the most important style tip for the last. Even the best fitting and most gorgeous leather jacket can look undone if you wear it with a pair of ill-fitting jeans or the wrong shoes.

              The leather jacket is certainly the most important element of your whole outfit, but remember that every other piece should complement it rather than take away from it. Stay away from contrasting colors, plaid shirts or stonewashed jeans. Too much pattern or colors can steal away the attention from your leather jacket.

              For times when you are confused about your overall look, monochrome is your best option. Pair it with some slim jeans, a low-key white t-shirt, and some black leather boots- and you’ll be ready to steal the limelight!


              A well-fitting leather jacket is a must-have in any man’s wardrobe. Don't be hesitant to shell out some extra bucks to buy the perfect jacket, as it is a one-time investment. A leather jacket usually lasts a lifetime and should fit like a second skin. The minute you slip it on, you should feel a boost in confidence and style. Remember, you’re not spending the money on a leather jacket rather investing it on yourself.

              Do you have some other tips about how you can style a leather jacket to fit any event? Share your ideas with us in the comments below.


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