by Jennifer Smith July 18, 2018 4 min read

War bears no fruit except for your wardrobe. Most of what you adorn on a daily basis started out with a life-fighting battle. The trusted chinos, white tees, bomber jackets – all of these pieces have their roots in military uniform rather than the designer’s mood boards. Over the years, they have crept their way into civilian wardrobes.

For 2018, it is the field jacket that’s fronting the fashion ranks. Cut in a slight box, lightweight, and a resolutely masculine fit; it has a lean, mean, style enhancing touch to it.

This is probably why high-end designers from Brunello Cucinelli to Craig Green co-opted it in 2016 to make it that year’s must-own garment.

The field (military) jacket first emerged in 1938 in the form of an olive drab colored cotton shirt. While you will still find faithful reproductions, they tend to come off as ‘too casual’ to look contemporary.

Instead, it is the current trend’s four pocket, water repellent field jacket that should be topping your list – whether it is an authentic funnel-neck style or something that gives a more safari look.

Here’s what you should look for

According to Oscar Pinto-Hervia, founder of, and Chief Buyer at, luxury Manchester-based store Hervia you shouldn’t scrimp on a coat or jacket.

“These are investment pieces – if they are poor quality, they won’t stand the test of time. Plus, if they start to look shabby, this will have a negative impact on your entire outfit,” she adds.

Military leather jackets are great in case you want to bring a grungy effect to your everyday look. Just as essential is not being stingy, and steering clear of costume designs. The final nod to the military should be strong but not fierce – you don’t want to look like you’re on day leave from the barracks.

For a quick taste of versatility, mentioned ahead are seven celeb-military fashion styles that you can adopt for regular wear.

  • Ashley Tisdale

    olive green cargo jacket

    Ashley Tisdale is well known for her trendy fashion sense. Recently, she was photographed sporting a mid-thigh-length olive green cargo jacket with metallic and beautifully embroidered sleeves.

    You can copy her look by accessorizing the military jacket and combining it with a grey top, black or white distressed denim jeans, oversized forest green toque, and studded moto boots.

    • Beyoncé

      leather jacket

      Beyoncé’s current style is for those who are still not prepped to leave summer behind. The ‘single lady’ queen was spotted wearing a black leather jacket over a Moschino t-shirt, and short faded denim shorts.

      By pairing the look with laced-up gladiator sandals – which accentuated her toned legs – Beyoncé chose to sport a pair of studded black sunglasses to complete her tough girl look.

      For a more ‘simmered’ look, you can go for a plain printed tee, military jacket paired with inexpensive yet high quality heeled boots.

      • Hayden Panettiere

      black leather jacket

      Hayden Panettiere aims to give her fans the perfect mix of cute and sexy in her everyday look. Recently, she pressed on a bold, feminine style with a pale pink collared shirt and a dark green mini skirt; maintaining a tinge of sweetness with the side-braid updo and nude Louboutins.

      The military leather jacket only added to the boldness – a look perfect for young women who want to retain femininity while adding a little edge to their regular wear.

      • Karlie Kloss

      leather jacket

      Military leather jackets look amazing with turtlenecks – whether it’s a top, sweater or even a dress.

      Karlie Kloss, for example, looks effortlessly chic in her leather jacket and black turtleneck sweater that she paired with straight light blue jeans.

      Mere mortals like us can’t look as trendy as Kloss, but we can pull off a ‘military’ look to some extent. Tone-down the look with a plain back, round-neck t-shirt and faded-blue boyfriend jeans and voila!

      • Jennifer Love Hewitt

      black leather jacket

      Jennifer Love Hewitt just upped your casual mall date with friends by adoring a trendy look with her military style leather jacket over a pair of flared blue jeans and a red plaid scarf looped around the neck.

      You can style your accessories in a way that suits you. A pair of black boots, big sunglasses, and a cute cross-body bag will complete the everyday style while keeping the vibe tremendously fashionable.

      • Mary-Kate Olsen

      original leather jacket

      For those of us who grew up reading about and watching the Olsen twins, we know the sisters nail the fashion game.

      Their outfits are perfect whenever and wherever they are. So it shouldn’t come as a shock that they can rock a military leather outfit equally well.

      Mary-Kate Olsen is sporting a fur-collared leather jacket over a simple pair of black jeans, heeled pumps and sunglasses. It is the easiest outfit you can wear, and almost anyone can pull off the look.

      • Meri from Meri Wild

      leather jacket


      All in all

      Many celebrities are rocking a military leather jacket with many different outfits. You can find so much inspiration out there for your daily outfits. But it’s always best to go with what suits you and what you’re comfortable in.

      The military leather jacket is a classic, timeless piece that looks great in every season. And with so many new trends coming up this season like cropped jackets, pastel pullovers, and fur-lined coats, you have no reason to become a fashion Grinch.

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