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Leather jackets, mainly blue leather jackets women, are a class apart and give you an aura of timeless grace. Are you among those who only possess one leather jacket in the traditional black color that’s only worn on the odd occasion? We are here to tell you that leather jackets are all the rage these days and if you haven’t invested in a blue one already, now is the time to pay serious attention to this!

Not sure what color, style, and type you should opt for? What’s in or out of the leather jacket domain? We have all the details to make sure that you are perfectly updated on current fashion trends. Here are top women’s picks for blue leather jackets!

The matrix style…but in blue

Men in Blue are more in fashion these days. Therefore you need to check this out! Search for leather jackets in blue that are like long coats. They will be handier during the colder seasons, but the elegance they exude cannot be rivaled by any other style. They go perfectly with skirts, dresses, suits as well as simple jeans and tees.

Opt for a cerulean blue, particularly if you have blue or green colored eyes as this jacket will make your eyes shine brighter. One more thing we would suggest with this kind of jacket is a slick back hair look along with a fancy clutch. This would automatically convert your entire look from merely cool to glamorous! High boots, heeled or otherwise are the ones to make this look even more Matrix and Men in Black-like. So try to see how it suits your personality.

Printed leather jackets

printed leather jacket

Get this look from: Quilted Genuine Leather Jacket


Printed clothing is all the rage these days. From shoes to handbags, clothes to scarves and even bandanas, you will find that everyone is after printed accessories. Same is the case with printed leather toppers. They not only look incredibly chic, but they also keep the inner girl in you alive, even if you are in your 50’s, reminding you that age is a mere number.

You can wear printed blue leather jackets for women with tees, during the daytime as well as the night and they will look fantastic. Pair them with a plain tee or silk blouses, printed clutches, and strappy heels. Add a charm bracelet or pendant to your look, and you will notice how everyone around you will want to follow your fashion sense!

Cropped affair


The reason why many people don’t like leather jackets is that they are a tad too long. Not any more people! You can opt for a cropped version that can be worn with anything you have on for the day. Get a blue leather outfit that is studded with multiple diamantes and contains a few zips to give it a more chic appeal.

Quite a few fashion icons like Bella Hadid have been seen supporting cropped top leather jackets, and you too can come up with your own style with this kind of jacket. You can pair this look with a handbag that has chains. This will help you achieve a biker, informal sort of appeal, and make you an eye candy for everyone who sees you!

Blue leather puffer jacket

Slightly puffed up, a blue leather puffer jacket is going to look extraordinary. You can wear it over all types of clothes - lose, fitted or tight! The best part is that it can be worn throughout the year as the material isn’t very warm. It goes particularly well with white high-neck shirts and corduroy pants in blue. You can wear sneakers or heels, and they will both bring out your eccentric style.

Regarding which handbag you should go for, we suggest that you pick a large one. A purse that is too small will disappear and will not be visible against the puffiness of blue leather jackets for women. So hang one of those summer giant bags that are available in bright colors. If you feel that too many colors are clashing against one another, you can always pick a knitted bag in muted tones.  

Celebrity support is there to egg you on!

You may not believe it, but celebrities like singer Adam Lambert are seen even during the summer season donning stunning blue leather jackets! The cobalt color alone is one that got him noticed on the streets! Featuring multiple zips in silver and a few buttons here and there, this jacket can be worn by women as well as men, hence why it is such a beauty.

We suggest that just like Lambert you top up the look with wide framed blue sunglasses, some leather boots, and dark blue jeans. A satchel is the only thing needed to complete this stylish outfit. You will be eyed with envy by friends and nemeses alike!

Leather jacket dress!


Get this jacket here: Sky Blue Leather Jacket

Up for an entire dress made out of leather? This is exactly what Katy Perry was seen in just a while back! The vivid blue made her blond hair pop out even more. The turtleneck leather dress looked beautiful and individualistic all in one, and if you think you can flaunt it, then we suggest that you give it a try too.

She paired it with a small white clutch and high heeled white shoes, making the entire ensemble glow even more. You can also add some jewelry along with big glasses to call attention to yourself.

At Leather Skin shop, we have a massive collection of blue leather jackets for women that you can select from. The good news is that you can harmonize with our representatives to see what suggestions they have according to your taste and styling sense. Just make sure you are the one who gives them the ideas and they give results. We are pretty sure our collection is going to steal your heart. So don’t wait for the winter to begin and find the perfect leather jacket for yourself today!

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