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Summers are great. After the dark, gloomy, and chilly days of winter, the spring and summer time gets the blood pumping. Warm breezes and the bright sun shining in all its golden glory; there is nothing like the summer season. With the changing seasons accompanies a change in wardrobe. Depending on the weather around you, you must dress accordingly.

For the summer season, the idea of dressing up seems great, but the reality is a little more daunting than this. When you think of summer, you immediately visualize yourself in sundress or bikini next to a beach sipping mimosas. While this may not be 100% accurate, there is no harm dwelling in the fantasy. On those hot days when nothing seems to work out for you, the only solution is a quick fix outfit with a trendy hat that you can pull up in a matter of minutes.

Following is a comprehensive list of easy to throw on fashionable summer outfits that will take minutes to put together and make you feel comfortable.

Dress Shirt, Skirt, and a pair of Boots

This is one of those classic out-of-the-door ensembles that never fails to impress. A clean and crisp dress shirt looks dapper when paired with anything. However, for the summertime and that perfect feminine and flirty yet professional look, pair your dress shirt with a skirt. It is versatile, wearable, chic, and frankly perfect for a variety of settings.

You can wear this combination to work, to a formal gathering or perhaps at a casual meeting with friends and family. Compliment the look with a pair of chic and sexy ankle boots, and you are ready to take on the world. Ankle boots look particularly good with this combination as they merge well with just about any length of the skirt. Also, they give the outfit that signature touch that we all love so much.

Flared Palazzo Pants and a Tee

T-shirts are a staple item that we wear in every season. Especially versatile during the summertime, t-shirts are comfortable, airy, and chic. We normally tend to pair our tees with something basic like shorts or jeans. But, to make the most of the versatility of a tee is to pair it with palazzo pants, i.e., wide-legged trouser pants. These pants usually come in a high-waist cut that gives the illusion of longer legs and a more toned overall silhouette. They are sublimely sophisticated and effortlessly chic and are perfect for an array of social settings.

Palazzo pants are a better option as compared to regular pants because they are breezier in comparison, so they help you stay cool. Curate your look by throwing on your favorite pair of wide-legged trousers and match them with your favorite tee. Tuck in the t-shirt for a more polished and clean outlook. Complete the look with some heels or pumps and a sexy leather tote messenger bag for the ultimate classy look.

Cotton pants

For the summertime, opt for breathable fabrics that are light and breezy. An excellent choice for summers is linen or cotton pants. You can choose to have a plain aesthetic. Or go for something that is a little more fun and experimental such as printed, bright and vibrant colors. Pair your pants with anything from a t-shirt to a dress shirt or a tank top; there is an infinite array of options to choose from. Complete the look with strappy sandals, heels, or mules and a classic handbag or backpack.

Dress and Sneakers

Summer is all about dresses after all. Opt for something flirty, colorful and floral to vibe with the theme of the season. Dresses come in a range of lengths; you have short ones, mid-length ones, and long maxi ones.

You can pair up your dress with a trusty pair of sneakers, regardless of its length. Sneakers are super comfy, effortless, and cute. They are versatile, chic, and practical. So, what are you waiting for? Invest in a pair and you can couple them with literally every other item in your wardrobe.

Summer Jackets

The whole point of summer is that you get to put off your jacket. But there are cases where you need to do the contrary. Not only will lightweight jackets pull your look together, but the coziness and comfort that is attached to them is a bonus. Moreover, the ease of having an extra layer once the temperature drops at night make them a good option.

We know you want to look cool on hot summer nights. Stylish summer leather jackets can give you a remarkable appearance. Their delicate fashionable touch is amazing. The jackets at leather skin shop are manufactured keeping in mind your comfort and style. So grab your summer leather jacket now!


Jumpsuits are a universal symbol of high fashion. There is something so incredibly chic and feminine about jumpsuits that we cannot help but drool over them. They create a beautiful silhouette that flaunts your body like no other. Jumpsuits are probably the only items of clothing that look good on all body shapes and sizes without fail.

For the summers, a jumpsuit is a perfect pick for the date out with your friends. Perhaps the best part about a jumpsuit is that it never needs anything else to go with it to complete the look. Just throw on a pair of mule sandals, heels or pumps, and your favorite leather cross-body tote bag, and you are ready to take on the world.

Shorts, Skirts, and Crop Tops

For the hot summers, shorts are your best friend. They are simple, easy, versatile, and refreshing. Also, they can be paired with just about any kind of top and look good. For the summer season, you can wear all the crop tops and shorts that you want to. Pick out fun colors that vibe with the excitement of the summer season. Just throw on a pair of sneakers or ankle boots to complete the look. If you are not feeling like wearing shorts, pair your crop top with your favorite skirt for a relaxed and chill look.

Summer dressing should be easy and uncomplicated. Keep it comfortable, breezy and simple. Learn to curate your custom summer wardrobe that is trendy and stylish. Acquire the art of balancing the two and watch yourself become the diva of fashion and elegance.

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