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No matter whether you are a petite lady who always wears XS, or a big and tall man, liking something while shopping for clothes and not finding it in your size is a frustration all of us can relate to. Limited sizing options have always been a shortcoming of the fashion industry. When people can't find clothes that fit well or flatter their body type, it can be incredibly discouraging, hindering body positivity. 

Thankfully, this reality is now being challenged by a powerful movement: size inclusivity. The concept of inclusive sizing is meant to embrace bodies of all shapes and sizes, ensuring everyone has styling opportunities that flatter their unique appearance. The notion of an ideal figure, unrealistic beauty standards, or outdated concepts like glorifying size zero are now being shattered, embracing the beauty of diversity. 

In Summary:

  • Size inclusivity ensures all body shapes have access to stylish options.
  • All-inclusive sizing has its share of challenges, but it boosts consumer confidence and plays a huge role in the growth of the fashion industry.
  • The future of fashion lies in continued innovation and support for size inclusivity.

Fashion for All Body Shapes: What is Size Inclusivity?

When we talk about size inclusivity or all-inclusive clothing, it doesn’t just imply a wide range of sizes. What does body inclusive mean goes beyond sizing. It’s about creating garments designed to flatter all body types too, whether someone is tall, short, skinny, pear-shaped, or apple-shaped. This means that brands diversify not just their sizes, but styles too so that everyone can feel good about themselves with the right fit.

Size inclusivity involves using diverse fits, considering different proportions, and employing fabrics that drape beautifully on all figures.

It is also quite important to distinguish size inclusivity from vanity sizing, where clothing brands simply adjust the label size without altering the actual garment measurements. True size inclusivity ensures a comfortable and flattering fit for everyone.

The Importance Of Size Inclusivity In The Fashion Industry

We can see brands offering a wider range of sizes now, which signals that the fashion industry is incorporating size inclusivity. However, the process of embracing fashion for all bodies feels slow. Plus size sections have limited styles and unflattering pieces, feeling less like size inclusive clothing and more like it was given a mere afterthought 

When it comes to the runway, we do see diverse body types, but the plus size models chosen for the ramp still fit a conventional model prototype. The actual body positivity will only be achieved when women actually see someone like them featured on the runway, in advertisements, and product images.

Even body positive marketing campaigns, sometimes feel performative, without a true commitment to size inclusive clothing across the brand’s entire range. 

Where the Industry Falls Short:

  • Brands still offering limited size ranges (S, M, L), excluding a huge number of potential customers
  • Straight sizes are simply scaled up to make unflattering plus sized pieces
  • Different brands offer inconsistent sizing, and even across same brand, sizes can be wildly inconsistent, making online shopping a gamble and in-store experiences frustrating
  • Even when brands offer a wider range of sizes, those sizes often sell out quickly and aren't consistently restocked.

How to Embrace Size Inclusivity

Keeping the performative gestures aside, brands should embrace size-inclusive clothing as a core value. Inclusive sizing should be reflected in design, manufacturing, and marketing. All leather jacket collections from Leather Skin Shop, including the women’s leather jackets collection, are a true embodiment of inclusivity, where women with any body shape and size can find something great for themselves.

Brands must also develop size-specific patterns and silhouettes that flatter different body types and ensure consistent restocking of all sizes. Another area of improvement is the implementation of a universal sizing system to ensure consistency across brands and eliminate the sizing guessing game for ethical fashion.

Lastly, models of all shapes and sizes should be a part of marketing campaigns to reflect the true diversity of the customer base of a size inclusive brand that wants fashion for all bodies.

Benefits of Body Positivity and Size Inclusivity

There are many benefits of size inclusivity:

1. Consumer confidence and self-esteem: Being able to find stylish clothing in your size that actually looks good on you is a confidence booster, fostering body positivity. You no longer hate those “bulges” but embrace the “curves,” and feel like a million bucks as the right piece of clothing accentuates them. Size inclusivity empowers individuals to embrace their bodies and express themselves through fashion without limitations.  

2. Representation and diversity in fashion: The definition of beauty has been narrow for too long, with fashion magazines and runways playing a huge role in imprinting a singular ideal of the perfect figure into our collective consciousness. Size inclusivity pushes back against this exclusion, ensuring that people of all sizes see themselves reflected in the fashion world. Men and women of all shapes and sizes can feel a sense of belonging, inspiring them to embrace themselves. 

3. The overall growth of the fashion industry: Size inclusivity in fashion is helping brands redefine their existence by catering to the actual “masses.” So many people who previously thought they didn’t deserve fashion can now buy the clothing that they want in extended sizing. This results in increased sales, and ultimately a more sustainable business model for the industry.

Understanding Inclusive Sizing Charts

The concept of size inclusive charts holds much significance. These charts extend beyond the conventional S, M, and L sizes, and also use detailed measurement ranges for each size to help people choose the perfect fit for themselves. 

Leather Skin Shop’s size chart is an example of how a size inclusive chart should look like. Going beyond the numbers on a label, the chart ensures proper size grading across the entire range and shows size range in inches as well as centimeters. Size inclusive charts also help anyone who wants to opt for a made-to-measure or custom-made garment, such as a custom leather jacket. With the help of these ranges, one can assess their sample size, meticulously adjust patterns and cuts to accommodate different proportions, flatter their unique physique, and get a comfortable fit.  

Challenges of Size Inclusivity

Like every movement, size inclusion too has its challenges. While true inclusivity helps the apparel industry get a desirable ROI, additional investment is required initially for the design and development of extended sizes in a size inclusive line. Focusing on the solution, brands can leverage technology like 3D body scanning to streamline the sizing process and ensure accurate fit across all sizes and different body shapes. Collaboration with diverse fit models during the design phase is also important. 

Limited knowledge of styling is also a hindrance. For instance, a woman with a slim physique and short height who knows little about petite fashion will struggle to find the right clothing essentials and accessories for herself. When people have no idea how to build flattering outfits with size inclusive clothing, the desired boost in confidence is hard to achieve. Guides like how to style a plus size leather jacket are immensely helpful to learn flattering ways to wear these clothing pieces. 

However, the challenges are definitely outweighed by the positive impact of size inclusivity on consumers, mainstream fashion, and society as a whole.

The Future of All-Inclusive Fashion

Observing the upward trend of brands adopting inclusive sizing and its benefits for the brands as well as the people, we can see a promising future for size-inclusivity. Consumer demand for all inclusive clothing is at an all time high, and people are no longer settling for limited options. The growing demand for extended sizing ranges pushes brands to cater to a wide range of body types. 

We can expect exciting possibilities with innovations in size inclusivity. Size inclusive brands will use AI powered body scanning or even smart fabrics that adapt to your body for easy size adjustments. Above all, we can expect a significant change in mindsets, normalizing plus size representation and diversity in fashion.

Summing Up Size-Inclusive Fashion

Thanks to size inclusivity, we can witness body positivity in individuals, who are now able to express themselves through clothing that celebrates their unique body and style. It is a revolution that has taken the fashion industry by storm, and surely for the better. Everyone has access to clothing that makes them feel confident and attractive. 

To support size inclusivity, we should look for brands like Leather Skin Shop who are committed to offering a wide range of sizes and styles, fostering body positivity. Whether you want a plus size leather jacket or a cropped jacket for your petite frame, you will find multiple size inclusive options to choose from. Regardless of your shape and size, you should celebrate your unique beauty through fashion.

Lastly, talk to your friends and family about size inclusivity, encouraging them to support fashion brands that embrace diversity and acknowledge body positivity. Together, we can certainly redefine what it means to be fashionable.

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