by Jennifer Smith April 09, 2020 5 min read

Come summer; you know you’re going to need fashion to work for you!

When the sun shines bright and promises to ruin everything, you need accessories that withstand everything.

But more than that, you need accessories that give you an extra flair.

And if you’re a true fashionista or a heartthrob stud looking to stand out, you need the accessories for it. Accessories that grant you the versatility and withstand the test of time!

So, we bring you the very best in accessories to carry yourself like an icon when the sun gets going.

1.  Leathers into Denim

Since 1873, the world has had one piece of clothing to fight against being termed “shabbily dressed.” The one-piece of clothing that has changed the world of fashion for good: denim.

Over time, this denim has evolved. From the bell-bottom jeans of the 1960s and 1970s to or the Fresh Prince rocking his loose denim jeans in the 90s, we still love our denim like never before.

But over the last couple of years, we have seen pieces of denim evolve from bottoms to tops.

Denim jackets and denim shirts have taken over like never before. But if we were to be a little naïve and predict the trend of the future, we would say leather and denim are not going to stay different.

Given the versatility of leather, here comes a classic look in premium leather.

Women Sky Blue Brando Belted Leather Jacket With Shoulder Epaulettes

 Get this beautiful leather jacket now!

A beautiful blue leather jacket that gives off the vibes of your denim jackets. And if there is one thing we know about denim, it is that it works in every weather.

So does this jacket!

Be it summer or be it winters, wear this all-season jacket to stand out.

To style this jacket here is what you can do:

  • Wear it over your white dress shirt and pair it with your formal palazzo pants.
  • Match it with your formal flats.
  • Pick up your bag, tie your hair in a bun, and walk out to get to your office.

2.  You Are a Star

How could it be that we talk about summer 2020 fashion trends and miss out on handbags?

So, staying true to our customs of adding style to all women’s lives, we bring you a tote bag that inspires. Made from faux leather and designed for the sophisticated yet funky lot, this bag is a must-have.

Elegant yet funky, this bag has it all for every social gathering…

Be it a presentation or a party with all your college buddies; you need this beautiful bag to add funk to your fashion.

Women Faux-Leather Tote Messenger Bag With Rising Star Decorative Designing

Get this funky bag before its too late

And you know what else you need this bag for? To be the star that you are:

  • Find your favorite bright shirt
  • Match it up with your white denim
  • Find your favorite black heels
  • Add your bag on your arm, and that is all you need to rock with this bag.

3.  Olive Brando

You thought leather jackets were only for winters?

We are here to tell you otherwise. We are here to show you otherwise!

Women Olive Green Brando Detachable Hooded Hood Genuine Leather Jacket

Buy this Brando Jacket to slay in summer

As a part of our beautiful summer 2020 fashion trends, we introduce a leather jacket for all seasons!

This olive Brando genuine leather jacket is for every woman that loves winter fashion and wishes it was here all year round. We have made your wishes come true.

With plenty of zippers as a fashion statement and fitting that you love, we give you a jacket made to inspire. So, be it summer or winter, day or night, the party of the meeting, rock it all with this jacket.

Here is how you can mix and match it to stand out:

  • find yourself a great v-neck basic that works with everything.
  • Match it up with your skinny shredded jeans.
  • Add a badass necklace and some earrings.
  • Let that hair loose and put on the jacket.

4.  Bit by Bit

If there is one thing we know about fashion, it is that men need it as much as women do. The only difference is that they won’t even realize it themselves.

So, the responsibility of keeping men fashionable too lies on the shoulders of their beloved females. So, if you have been on the lookout for the perfect gift for your man, here it is!

Mens Black Bit Loafers Shoes With Gold Metal Decoration
Rush now to buy these loafers

The new trend in men’s fashion is all about loafers. Be it formals or casuals, and these shoes work with literally anything.

That is why we bring you the best bit loafers, as versatile as ever.

With just a little bit of metal decoration on top, here is how these can be paired up for a casual evening:

  • Find your chinos, the ones you like best.
  • Match it up with a black polo ironed crisp.
  • Add a wristwatch and wear these loafers.

5.  Jackets and summers

Just like women, or perhaps even more so, men miss their winter wardrobe more than anything.

Mens Black Leather Jacket


Add this summer jacket to your closet

But just like we have something to solve women’s problems in our summer 2020 fashion trends, we have just the thing for men too!

We give men the option to adorn their beloved quilted leather jackets now even in summers!

Made from perforated 100% cow leather and Airtex lining, this jacket is both breathable and trendy. So, get ready to wear that leather look even in Summers!

And you know the best part? The jacket works just as good with shorts as it does with Chinos. So, whether you want to go to a bonfire or to visit a friend, this is the jacket for you. Here is how you wear it:

  • Mix it up with a great polo white in color.
  • Add formal shorts with belts and everything.
  • Tuck in your polo and wear your jacket!

6.  Hats Up

When it comes to trends that are gone but never out of date, hats are one. Be it your cowboy look or a typical day out at the beach; your hat is always going to have your back (pronounced: head).

Classic Midnight Leather Braided Cowboy Hat
Buy this cowboy hat now

While all that may be true, here is what we recommend wearing your hat with:

  • A straight-fit, blue jeans with boots just like in the movies.
  • A plaid shirt tucked out.
  • A metal watch and perhaps a leather jacket.

Final Word

Do you know what never goes out of fashion? Being fashionable.

So, when this summer arrives, be ready with all these accessories to bring out your best game. Be it office, friends, or parties, and we have you covered for every single occasion.

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