by Jennifer Smith April 14, 2020 5 min read

Just like another day you open your closet and muse,


blue, brown, red,

 green, purple, yellow,

and the list goes on.

But if you want to have a chance at making their heads turn, you really have to know the colors that men love on you!

Given the wide range of colors available, not every color has the same effect. So, when you really want to impress, remember to have each of the following in your wardrobe.

Believe it or not, these are men’s favorite color on a woman:

1. Nothing Beats Black

      It's almost impossible to talk about colors that men like on women and miss out on black. With so much that the color offers, it is practically impossible not to have black in your wardrobe.

      But when choosing black, you have to put in some extra effort with the design. That is why when it comes to black, you cannot just miss out on this jacket!

      Women Ebony Quilted Black Biker Leather Jacket

      Buy this black jacket for only $249.00

      This quilted black leather jacket is the perfect combination of all that is black and all that has been exquisitely designed. The quilted jacket features not just quilts, but also a beautiful collar and zippers that help you stand out. So, all the effort that you were supposed to put in with black comes embedded in this jacket.

      (p.s black is by default one of the men’s favorite color on a woman!)

      The jacket is made up of very breathable material and out of real leather. This allows for beautiful fitting and durability.

      The jacket works with most of what you wear, but if you really want to make some heads turn, this is how you pair it up:

      • Find your best dress and match it up with this jacket.
      • Make sure you match your heels to the jacket.
      • Find a pair of earrings that match your dress and put those shades on to complete the look.

      2. Radiate with Purple

        Another color that is always on men’s radar is the color purple.

        But wearing purple is rather tricky. You do not just go all-in with purple, and you add touches of it to your entire outfit.

        And when you are a woman, you have plenty of opportunities to add those touches. The best way to add a touch of color and make sure it’s noticeable is to have a handbag!

        This is why you need this beautiful handbag to add some purple to your life.

        Women Tote Messenger Faux-Leather Handbag With Golden Embellishments

        Get this beautiful purple handbag now

        The tote messenger bag is made out of high-quality synthetic leather. This means that the bag is not only durable but also adds that premium touch, which makes you noticeable. But it is not just that bag that adds flair to your outfit, but also the accompanying tassel.

        Here is how you stand out with this bag:

        • Add a vibrant formal shirt with some solid long skirts.
        • Wear your formal closed shoes and have your hair tied neatly.
        • Add a wristwatch and hang this bag on your forearm.

        3. Red Doesn’t Disappoint

            When it comes to the best colors you can wear as a lady, you know red is a classic. Be it bright red or dull, shiny, or rough, red never disappoints.

            To keep red on your radar, here is a leather jacket in red that has its own amazing pattern.

            Bold Red Snake Pattern Faux Leather Jacket

            Hurry up to buy this sexy leather jacket

            The leather jacket is made out of faux leather and has everything you can ask for. It has its beautiful texture, quilts on the shoulders, zippers on the sides and center, and belt on the hips. This jacket is a complete package.

            And in case you were wondering, the belts are added to guarantee great fitting. So, how do you wear it? Here is how:

            • You add a beautiful plain basic tee shirt.
            • Add black rugged, fitted jeans.
            • Let your hair down loose.
            • And put the jacket on with some matching shoes.

            4. Navy Blue For the Win

                No other color is as elegant and as beautiful as navy blue. No wonder it gets all the attention from men. But navy blue tends to sometimes become overwhelming and women avoid wearing it for that reason.

                With that said, we will help you find ways to add navy blue to your dress without it overpowering yourself.

                Women Shiny Glossy Faux-Leather Handbag With A Decorative Brass Buckle

                Add this elegant blue handbag into your cart

                You wear this beautiful bag to add navy blue to your outfit. This hobo bag is made out of premium synthetic leather, which gives it its premium look. The great design, shiny look, and brass handle all contribute to the unique design.

                Here is how you can wear this bag to make all the heads turn:

                • Get yourself a tremendous solid crew neck sweatshirt.
                • Add a pair of matching palazzo pants.
                • Wear heels with the outfit and some matching earrings.
                • Carry the bag to add that touch of color.

                5. As Precious as Emerald

                    When it comes to colors, emerald green is one of the most elegant ones out there amongst the men’s favorite color on a woman. Adding that color to a leather jacket gives it an extra push to make sure you get noticed.

                    This is why we bring you this fantastic Brando genuine leather jacket to help.

                    Elegant Green Brando Genuine Leather Jacket

                    Buy this emerald jacket to slay your outfit

                    The jacket is made out of 100% genuine leather that is dyed green for added flair. The jacket also has an asymmetric zipper, quilted shoulders, and waist belts. All these add up to give you a better fitting. Plus, the design of the Brando leather jacket is both modern and traditional.

                    This is how you pair it up:

                    • Find yourself white jeans.
                    • Match it up with your basic black shirts.
                    • Add the jacket and some great brown boots.

                    Final Word

                    With all the vibrant colors available in the women’s apparel and accessory market, it really is difficult to make up your mind on what really works for you. With all the products above, we know that you can up your style game and get noticed.

                    But just because we gave you these does not means you should stop experimenting. You can opt for orange leather jackets or something yellow as well. Try mixing all the products up there and create your own new designs. Believe us, your creativity will always give you that added edge and beauty and probably end up making every color classy and men’s favorite color on a woman.


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