by Jennifer Smith April 23, 2020 5 min read

Have a night out?

Looking for the perfect preppy yet effortless outfit?

Ahh! I see the slight frown,

We know how you wish you had a personal stylist like all those statement-making celebrities!


let us tell you a secret!

Not a stylist, but we do have some uber-chic, minimalistic yet elegant, stylish outfit ideas!

So let's take a sneak peek into how to dress like a celebrity with us!

Clinching the moment and making the right fashion statement!

How many of us feverishly soak in every celebrity look that we can remotely copy. Rehearsing every bit like some crazy teenager waiting from the prom!

Though there is nothing wrong with doing this, when the day comes, we are such a big bag of nerves that we tend to mess it up! (painful right!)

Time to take a sniff of the lavender oil (feeling like a celebrity already?! Are we?), and read on. This is probably one of the most straightforward guides that tell you,

 how to dress like a celebrity


 pull it off like a pro!

Classy on casuals!

Classy in Casual

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Pulling off casuals is no mean feat!

Hey, wait, we are not talking about your PJs here. Casuals can be super fun if you know how to make your mark with them.  Creating a winning look can be daunting, but here is how you can easily do a Jennifer Lawrence and be eyed as the next style icon!

All you need for this super cool, comfy look is:

  • A black leather handbag
  • A black leather biker Jacket
  • Gray tees
  • Blue jeans

To make your casuals look elegant, you need to add a touch of leather.  You can also alternate with this look if you have a date night out and are looking to keep things down a notch!

  • A short skirt dress
  • The black leather jacket
  • black leather handbag

With this, you will get a perfect Claire Danes look that has all the elements of freshness and fetching appeal!

Show it off with a Crossbody!

Buy this crossbody to add magic in your style

As Michael Kors put it:

" I have always thought of accessories as the exclamation point of a woman's outfit."

Accessories are what set us and the celebrities apart! (Not a joke at all)

It is something that we commoners fail to apprehend! Accessories done rightly can sky-rocket your look to a diva level. So if you are looking for tips on how to dress like a celebrity, learn to carry your accessories strategically! (sounds warlike? well, fashion is war!)

You can very quickly pull off a Brie Larson with your cross bodies. The look that you can carry with your crossbody is very versatile. We are sure that if you rummage through your closet, you will definitely be able to put it together. Here you go:

  • A simple tee
  • A long coat/ pullover (depending on the season)
  • Distress jeans
  • Long cowboy boots
  • A faux leather brown crossbody

This look is perfect for a night out with friends, a dinner or a movie. You can also wear a long off-shoulder dress with a crossbody. A minimalistic approach.

Weather it all with the leather

Order now before its too late

No matter how corny it may sound, leather has a class and finesse that makes it worthy of any celebrity exuding suave classiness.

We have the likes of George Clooney and Gerard Butler all sporting messenger bags on their day outs. Sometimes in casual and a few time informal settings.

So who are we to challenge it!

There is one classy fact, though; leather adds a vintage, homely touch.

The complete how to dress like a celebrity look with the leather:

Despite having a significant casual touch to the look, with your messenger bag, you always have the option to wear it with formals.

The Blair Waldorf Look

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Before you wander off into the hallways of Constance once again, let us reward you with the reboot of Gossip Girls!

That said,

Though the look you are seeking has more to do than just being the Queen Bee and ruling the Met steps, please know that you will be nailing it all with just a glance from others.

So here goes the look:

This is one perfect look for your dream date night or formal gatherings like dinners or balls. The enchanting power of blue and the dash of subtle spiciness with pink is sure to make you the talk of the town!

The gentleman crème de la crème

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Despite all our earnings for the bad boy look, we all know that, in reality, we all crave a super nice gentleman to settle down with. This is classic Nate Archibald! Class, poise, grace, and breeding all rolled into one.

So next time you are looking to impress and need to have that approval-worthy-kind of guy look, you need to try this.

You have the option to switch polo shirt for formal shirts or replace your formal pants with chinos, either way, rest assured that you are dressed to kill.

Rip the fashion scene like the Rippers!

Get it now in just $199

Well, who doesn’t love Uncle Jesse from the Full House!

The super-toned athletic body and an edge of the bad boy look made him drool-worthy.  Here is your chance to book the look. Black is one color that has all charm and charisma spellbindingly combined into one. It has a magical aura that exudes grace and classiness.

The look is not all that difficult. The best part, this look works for casual, formals, and informal and hence the trump look of all apparent fashion possibilities.

Here is how you can rock :

You have the liberty to swap the white button-down with hi-neck or simple jersey, all depending on the need of the hour. The pants can also be the normal jeans, or you can opt for black chinos depending on the event you are dressing up for.

So the call is yours!

Et Voila…….

Armed with some of the best looks of celebrities around town, you now have the choice to play the fashion scene like a pro!

 All hail the fashion world!

You can now emerge as the next runaway hit that would put the likes of Meryl Streep to consider you fashion cover-worthy!

Final Word

As Alexis from Schitt's Creek pointedly said:

"People aren't thinking about you, the way you are thinking about you!"

A bit of a cliché, but the truth nonetheless!

So we say to carry your outfit with grace, class, and elegance. No harm in peeking in at the latest airport looks or other fashion statements by celebrities, you have it in you to flaunt it all!

So gear up, and wear your best artillery confidence for your every day out, and you will rock it like fashionable hottie that you are!

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