by Jennifer Smith April 28, 2020 5 min read

A deep abyss with pitch-black darkness……

You reach out a hand, and all that you can grab is nothingness…

You desperately try to grasp, but there is nothing but failure!

Oh no no,

Don’t peek through your eyes, and it’s not a horror film!

We were talking about your closet! (hehe!)

When you have a party to attend, and you start sifting through your closet for something to wear, the feeling of an impossible mission is undeniable.

What we have here for you is something really unique and sensational, MINIMALIST WARDROBE!

So hop on the ride to minimalism and shed those extra articles from your closet without a second thought!

The Minimalist Bandwagon

Minimalism is always about cutting down the clutter!

Hey, why the long face?

Don’t worry, and we will not let your fashion sense take a hike while you toy with the idea of getting rid of all extras!

Here is how you can adopt the minimalist lifestyle and still be the talk of the town with your enthralling fashion sense.

1. Be ritzy fresh in a Black Brando!

NWT Black Brando Women Ladies Trendy Premium Genuine Pure Real Leather Jacket

 Buy this Brando for just $199

Brandos are versatile!

They have an awesome power to complement everything that you wear.

SO, if you have a black Brando jacket in your wardrobe, you can relax and gloat about the time you made the decision to purchase one.  Here are a number of ways you can wear your jacket and look uber cool!

Look 1: The Effortless Lady

  • A halter strap knee-length dress in any color with high heels will be your perfect run-way worthy dress. Brando jacket on top would give it the confident feeling that you deserve.

Look 2: Rocking the casuals

  • A simple cotton dress with scoop, square, or Sabrina necklines and sneakers. Add the oomph to comfort with the Brando Jacket.
  • Brando Jacket in winters is a Godsend. You can wear it with a hi-neck, simple tee or blouse. This look can work with pants, jeans, and skirts.

2. Do the Bora Bora with Fedora!

Black Vintage Style Leather Hat English Men's And Women's Jazz Ska

Get this Hat now for $139

Caps and Hats are an essential part of your look,

if and only if,

You want to be the fashionista even in the simplest, dressed state.

But seriously, hats take up like gazillions of cubic centimeters of space. Every slight space in a closet is desperately needed. So, you can save that all up by merely purchasing a Fedora.

Fedora’s motto is “one-hat for all”! Here are some elegantly effortless looks that you can try with your Fedora!

  • A simple dress coupled with high or ankle-length boots.
  • Blouse with skirts and a Fedora.
  • Long haul coat, with simple jeans and tee.
  • Coat, with formal shirt and pants.

3. Trot about in the chic Tote

Women Formal Faux-Leather Tote Cross-Body Bag With A Premium Design

Hurry now to buy this bag

Handbags are a must whenever you step out!

But having a handbag for the maximum number of outfits is next to impossible. And trust me, they take up a lot of space in the closet. So instead of buying extra closet space with organizers, why not get rid of the extra clutter?

We suggest that you should be going for the black leather Hobo Tote bag. This works best with your formals and informal. Here are some outfits that you can flaunt with the tote:

  • A formal suit works perfectly with this bag.
  • A casual evening out with you simple tee and jeans? Just grab this tote, and you are good to go.
  • A semi-formal blouse and skirt with high ankle boots will be perfect for your date night. Add a dash of classiness with this perfect Tote.

With this tote, you can enjoy the urbane carrying space without committing any fashion faux-pas.


4. Look Dapper like Harrison Ford with Oxford!

Men Brown Formal Genuine Handmade Leather Shoes With Laces

Slay your outfit with these shoes 

Men are as crazy about shoes as any lady might be!

So, first of all, we need to set that straight.

Here is one perfect insight for you. Oxfords are the king of shoes. You can literally pair them with just about anything. They just add the right magic adjusting the fashion-meter to perfection! Always!

Here is when and how you can wear your oxfords:

  • Stepping out casually? Just pull up these oxfords, and since it's casual, there is no need for the socks. A perfect combo of suavity and laid back.
  • A formal meeting? The suit you have decided is making it difficult for you to decide the right shoes? Well, you have these tan Oxford. The dark and light shades make them just the right choice as they complement well.


5. Be stylishly brief with this Briefcase

Rush now to buy this stylish briefcase for $169.99

Men’s bags can be tricky!

But how about one bag that serves the purpose of carrying essentials and as well as keeps your fashionable looks in check?

This leather briefcase is just the right thing. It is spacious enough to even carry your single day outfit. So if you have a weekend stop to make for your office work or even recreational purpose. You need this!

  • It can be carried with formal attire.
  • Complements the casuals in Dan Humphery style.
  • Perfect as a weekend bag.

Spacious with multi pockets allow you to carry all your essentials. Separate pockets help you organize well and enjoy the perfect tension-free outing.

6. Be the dude bomb with this Bomber Jacket

NWT Stylish Skin Brown Men Style Genuine Leather Jacket With Front Zippers


Bombers remind of Nate Archibald! *swoons*

If you want, you can blindly wear just about anything with this Holy Grail of the fashion world. The tan gives it a hint of classiness, and it needs to be a part of your wardrobe. This is how you can easily pair it up with your outfit and quickly get rid of the few extras that you have lying around.

  • A simple plain tee, with any colored jeans and this beauty, slung over the shoulder. *a sight to behold*.
  • A formal pant and shirt can have just the right dash of fetching charm with the jacket worn with open zipper.

What we suggest is that you should grab this bomber jacket as the all-season jacket and see how versatile it actually can be!

Be the boss of Minimalism

With the tricks we shared to assure that you are never wrong fashionably even when practicing minimalism, it is enough to help you rock it right!

Make just the right investments with this article as the key part of your minimalist wardrobe and let your closet space breathe freely.

And, who might know you can even discover a door to Narnia!

Ah, we know,

It sounds too far fetched,

But wasn’t the motivation good enough?!

But the extra space and de-cluttered closet will help you make quicker decisions when stepping out. You will no longer need hours in front of your closet, musing as to what you should be wearing!

Final Word

Ahh! Finally, as you get the perfect closet, and you bid bye to some of the unwanted clothing articles, we would like to congratulate you!

The extra space and the influx of positive energy have its perks. You can enjoy the better vibes and much freer mind as you know you can grab just about anything and match it up to be Diva or Dude that you are!

A minimalist wardrobe is just not a practice but a state of mind all together where there is no clutter and only gleeful cheeriness!

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