by Jennifer Smith May 05, 2020 6 min read

New-season means new clothes?

Sure it does!

But wait.

You definitely need the right palette before you go on the shopping spree. Don't you?


Someone's got their glasses on, notebook open, pen hovering, ready to take notes, eh?

Let's learn more about what are summer colors that you can adorn and flaunt this year!

Your Guide101 to everything chic and hot

Be the epitome of cool and trendy as you slay summer colors and make statements.

Woo, the crowd with your dashing and gorgeous features, regal charisma, and top-notch outfits.

It’s time you buckle up and set out on the journey of making some changes to your wardrobe.

A little shopping spree here and a little creative reuse of existing apparels there. And you’ve got yourself a runway-worthy ensemble with an unmatched elegance with a double entree of 100% snugness.

Add a tablespoon of hotness to your typical pink!

Sugar, spice, and everything nice.

This is what happens when you own a hot pink quilted leather jacket.

Hot pink is, honestly, an all-rounder color that looks gorgeous no matter what season or time of the year.

*Insert an intense chef’s kiss* (Yes, that kinda quality)

Make space for some hot pink in your wardrobes, ladies, and see fantastic things happen.

Become your own Blair Waldorf as you set out to search for your Chuck Bass!

Women Pink Softshell Quilted Jacket With Black Lining

A color highly attractive to the eye and comfort that breaks all fashion-meters, the jacket is a whole deal maker!

The padding and velvety material make it ideal for every season-from hot blazing sunny days to cool crisp winter nights.

Though the jacket is stitched with simplicity, it offers abundant finesse.

Plus point:

It’s perfect for any and every casual and semi-formal gathering. Now enjoy your parties and casual brunches with friends without worrying about what to wear!

Steal hearts and thank us later!  

Here’s how you can rock this super cool jacket like a Queen flooding with a classy punk:

  • White frilly Blouse
  • Black Ripped Skinny Jeans
  • Pink Quilted Jacket
  • Classy Black Ankle Boots
  • Black Formal Tote Cross Body

Broody Blues Make Your Day. (The irony isn’t lost to us either!)

Dark classic blue with a peculiar sparkling shine is like having (and enjoying whole-heartedly) the forbidden fruit.

As desirable as the last slice of pizza,

Or the cookie that your parents wouldn’t let you have at night, yet you still ate in the middle of the night.

That’s how charming and sought-after classic blue is during summers.

So the next time your mind goes,

“What are summer colors with appealing level out-of-the-mind extraordinary?”

Dark blue is definitely to be high on your list of correct answers!

So we present you an article of incredible clothing that looks ravishing in dark blue:

Blue Biker Leather Jackets!

Leather Skin Women Blue Brando Genuine Leather Jacket

Hurry now to buy this jacket

A shiny texture to make heads turn and offer an unparalleled grandeur; this biker jacket is your ‘IT’ item this summer!

The zips and buckles give the jacket a sophisticated rebellious touch that is sure to leave you breathless.

And oh God, the figure-hugging belts on the lower waist?

They’ll clinch at your waist, flaunting your beautiful curves and make the crowd go completely gaga over your fashion taste!

To complete this ethereal look, you need:

  • Plain white casual t-shirt
  • Denim skinny jeans
  • Matte Black Ballet Heels
  • Blue Biker Leather Jacket
  • Black Studded Cross Body Sling-bag

Hold and behold, for nothing truly beats the royalty of White!


Need we say more about white? It’s like white in itself is a statement;

A statement of luxury, poise, and a source of eternal, stylish bliss.

A color that brings soothing calmness to your eyes and fills your heart with lightness while making you look drop-dead-dazzling.

Men, consider us your true friends when we suggest that you stock up on whites ASAP!

Wear white and stride away, looking all masculine and burly.

Channel your inner Sean O’Pry and let the world see the hunky and handsome person you are!

Show them strong muscles and highlight your wide shoulders by wearing some pristine white bomber jackets!

The belted waist will exaggerate your toned stomach and have others drooling after you! Be the talk of the town and make the crowd go ballistic over your suave personality.

Leather Skin Men White Brando Biker Motorcycle Genuine Leather Jacket

Rush to our store to buy this

The key to this lavish dream is in your hands now. Better take action now!

For this David Beckham level of dapper look, plan your ideal outfit:

  • Casual white v-neck
  • Dark Blue Denim
  • White Biker Leather Jacket
  • Black Chelsea Boots
  • Black Leather Business Briefcase

A petition for Dark Green to be your epic Summer 2k20’s Bae!!!

Dark green is an ultimate and fulfilling color- almost a separate emotion honestly, that can’t be fully explained.

Dark green is what we say, crème de la crème. Makes you bloom into a solid 100, this color is a must wear during summers.

It makes your doe eyes pop up, hair shinier, and skin flusher. (In other words: a perfect package for women!)

Dark green can offer you an unlimited range of personas.

From charming innocence with a subtle posh maturity to a punkish rebellion with a side of overflowing grace.

Not wearing dark green is nothing short of a crime, ladies!

Shop till you drop and make sure to buy some crazy trendy dark green cross bodies. They complete your look like a cherry on top of the cake.

Women Messenger Crossbody Tassel String Faux-Leather Bag With Bucket Design

Buy this dark green bag from our store

These bags are what you can say- the Bonnie to your ensemble’s Clyde, or the Juliet to your outfit’s Romeo.

Yes, this is how vital the crossbody is!


You’re slaying your new dark green leather jacket with that extra smoky eye makeup and messy curls but still wondering there’s still something missing.


This “something” goes by the name of a dark green leather bucket bag that you must have in your wardrobe right away.

Want some quick suggestions to rock this bucket crossbody? Here you go:

  • White crop top
  • Black ripped skinny jeans
  • Green Cross Body Leather Bucket Bag
  • Black Lace-up Hiker Boots
  • Dark Green Leather Jacket

Navy blue is your gateway to perfection.

All shades of Blue are the most sensational, regardless of the weather, occasion, or month. And that’s on period.

Navy blue, though, is sort of a guilty pleasure. The rich, soft, and majestic color never fails to bring immense class to your ensemble.

Now, before you start going on and on about dark colors not suitable for summers, hear us out.

You do know that your footwear is a reflection of your personality, right?

What better way to make statements and be viewed as an iconic and charismatic handsome guy than through footwear?

Clever, no? (We think so too!)

Men Navy Blue Double Monk Suede Leather Shoes

Buy these monk shoes before its too late

Add some of this velvety navy blue in your outfit-of-the-day in the form of some next-level Navy Blue Double Monk Leather Shoes!

Here’s your graceful look:

  • Casual blue button-down
  • Light blue denim
  • A casual blazer
  • Navy blue double monks
  • Black Long Leather Wallet and Card Holder

Black is hands down, the best a man can get.

Black, without a doubt, is an all-timer. Parade around the town and make long-lasting impressions just by carrying anything black.

We assure you, the color possesses some crazy charms that make next level miracles happen!

Boost your distinct and unique persona by giving black a permanent spot in your closet. 

Sure, you may think,

“Um, but hello? How can I possibly think of going all-black in summers?! It sounds like a nightmare!!”

We assure you, gentlemen. We want nothing but for you to dress like a model while feeling all comfy and snug.

This takes us to your next thought process,

“Then how to pray to tell, can I wear black during mid-July and impress the crowd left and right. I do all this and still not sweat like an angry bull?!”

Well, here goes, it’s not just about how you dress, it’s about your overall fit- the way you look from top to toe.

And this also includes your accessories and your footwear.

Men Black Natural Leather Shoulder Bag With A Belt Buckle Flap Closure Design

Get this black shoulder bag

Adorning a chic black leather shoulder bag that’s oozing some major sensational vibes is one way to make heads turn.

A bit of humble advice, if you will,

You could be dressed to the nines, all tip-top, and luxurious outfits. But if you ain’t feelin’ your vibes, you ain’t doin’ it right!

And what completes your vibes? Some stylish and snazzy accessories to complete your look.

What you need for the snazzy and bad-boy look to enhance all them masculine and charming vibes are:

  • Casual Beanie
  • Plain white Button-down
  • Dark wash Denim
  • Black Leather Shoulder Bag
  • Black Monk Leather Boots

Final Word

Bask in the summer sunsets, live your life partying the nights away and be the limelight of the locality!

Follow our tips to know what are summer colors that will have you turn into an even more attractive and top-notch fashionista! Don’t only stick to the colors mentioned above, try opting for an orange leather jacket for a change.

We have full faith that you will carry these hacks with confidence and rock them moves like the legend you are!

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