by Jennifer Smith May 14, 2020 5 min read

Imagine you left home wearing a causal pink shirt with a bomber jacket.

On the way to a friend’s meet up, you get a text.

You have an urgent client meeting and lunch with wife’s parents.

You check your back seat, and there is a subtle yellow coat and navy blue shirt.


There is no going back to the closet…

How would you handle your look on such days with limited options in hand?

Worry no more!!!

Days, where you are needed just about everywhere, can come in one’s life without any notice. And, usually, at such times, you have limited options.

To handle such situations like a pro, we are here with an ultimate men’s clothing color matching guide.

No matter how limited your options are, you can always handle the classic, stud, or cute look anytime, anywhere.

Handling the color palette like a Pro:

In the present world, we have moved from the uniform phase, where men could wear a few particular shades of colors. Men have welcomed multiple colors and shades to their wardrobes.

Therefore, to endorse this change, this guide will focus on unusual colors for your usual outfits.

So, get ready to welcome colors and new shades in your wardrobe and life.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to alter your complete wardrobe!

This guide will help you utilize all the clothes you have in the wardrobe already in a unique way. Adding a few colors would be enough to help you mix and match clothing combination for perfect outlookwherever you go.

The Color Wheel dilemma:

Honestly, I find the whole color wheel concept absurd!

It is incredibly confusing, complicated, and if aptly put useless when trying to figure out how to mix your colors in an outfit. In real life, you will never find the fashion expert using it for reference in any matter.

One may suspect that using the color wheel while trying to mix and match colors is some old wives' tale style writer regurgitate. Probably, because they had no idea how to teach it or do it.

Therefore, do whatever you feel right and comfortable with. The following are few such examples you can take help from.

Begin with a flat base:

We know you love it when you are the only one shining (hehe!). You can go with a flat base to bring out that pop and spark effect in your outfit. Be it your jacket or shoes, it totally depends on what you want to make your outfit's focus. You can start with the following colors as bases:

  • Black
  • Navy
  • Grey
  • Brown
  • Olive

These colors will complement any color jacket or shoes and bring out the spark you wanted.

Dashing Red Biker Leather Jacket

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Get an awesome look with:

  • Red leather jacket
  • Plain white tee
  • Black jeans

 Therefore, remember to go with any neutral, flat base whenever you wish to stand out.

Pick a color you are feeling at the moment:

There are times when you are in the mood of a certain color and want to feel it. At times like these, don’t compromise and just go with it, you can adjust the intensity afterward. It is simple. If you pick a brighter color, then add in the lighter version from the exact same hue or vise versa.

Adding the colors of the same family can reduce the contrast, all the while adding the multiple-toned look. This will bring out a totally unique flavor.

Without actually looking like a rainbow collided you, you would feel sophisticated and bold.

Men Blue Double Monk Suede Leather Shoes

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For example,

Beat Monday blues with a blue outfit.

  • A classic blue check long sleeves shirt
  • Camel-colored chino
  • Blue monks

Wouldn't it be just perfect, right?

Add in the silver watch to complement the silver buckle on the shoe and finalize your Monday outfit.

Complementary Colors:

In our men’s clothing color matching guide, matching and mixing colors is all about which color compliments each other like a match made in heaven. Let's see how many heaven-made matches you can find in your closet.

Once you are comfortable with going with what you feel, you can get more advanced at mixing and matching complimentary colors like a pro.  

Yikes Sorry! (We are bringing in the color wheel here, but this definitely is needed at this point!).

Don’t worry, we know it’s a history, and we hate it. However, its complementary color concept can be used if you adjust it as per your taste.

As you know, complementary colors include:

  • Red and Green,
  • Blue and Orange,
  • Yellow and Purple.

Now, you don’t have to follow the stated combinations as some king’s order. You can adjust shades are per your liking or contrast with using one darker shade and one lighter shade.

NWT Stylish Sea Green Men Stylish Synthetic Leather Jacket

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As an example, you can pair

  • Charismatic leather sea-green jacket
  • Plain tee
  • Jeans
  • Bold red boots

The bold red boots will add the spark to your calm-seaish look.

One Outstanding color in the outfit is enough!

Have a killer sport coat, bomber jacket, classic tailored boots, or burgundy chino, which you cherish like your child.

Usually, there is always a bold piece in our wardrobe, which is too precious to wear and too precious to left alone. (yeah! we know the dilemma!)

Understand that it is too precious to be left there (buckle up!).

And, don’t worry that it won't be appreciated or given the limelight it deserves. It surely will, if you mix and match your remaining outfit accordingly.

Bring out all the neutrals for the base and choose the one which compliments your precious child the most. Mix it with other lighter shades to complete the outfit.

Men Brown White Two Tone Oxford Brogue Wingtip Genuine Leather Shoes

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 The perfect look:

  • Crimson long coat
  • Cream long-sleeves shirt
  • Dark denim
  • Two-Tone Oxford Borgue Wingtip shoes

For that extra look, you can always try draping your emerald green scarf on the font trench coat!

 The possibilities are always unlimited. You only have to be bold enough to reach and execute them.

These Two-Tone Oxford Borgue Wingtip shoes surely deserve attention. You can also try pairing these with all white, font, or black outfit to get the attention this deserves.

Roam in a classic style with the Loafers

Mens Black Slip On Loafer Leather Shoes

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These loafers are a must in your wardrobe! Period.

They speak casual and formal language. Hence the monochrome tone and resilient style make it the perfect choice. Here are some looks from the pages of men's clothing color matching guide!


  • A simple dark-colored Polo shirt
  • Jeans
  • Black loafers


  • Dinner jacket
  • Any light formal colored shirt
  • formal pant
  • black loafers


A perfect look for your date night, business dinner, or a casual friends hangout, Loafers can do it all!

Right Accessories can Change the Whole Game:

Detailing is the quality of a pro.

Belts, Shoes, Bags, Watches, Socks, or any other accessory you wish can provide you with the perfect detail to your outfit.

Make sure to add at least one accessory in your outfit for finalizing a perfect mix and match the outlook.

Final Word:

Make your impression of how you wish to, not how it's written in books.

Check your wardrobe thoroughly and organize it based on the colors to help you mix and match easily.

Breakthrough with your own style and leave a long-lasting impression. Emerge as a fashion guru and change your outlook with this ultimate men’s clothing color matching guide!


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