by Jennifer Smith April 01, 2018 4 min read

The more clothes and fashion pieces we own, the more confusing it is for us ladies. That mundane feeling of “I have nothing to wear” every morning makes you jittery and worried. How many of us wake up every morning to find ourselves buried in piles of clothes, trying to failingly mix and match and end up wearing the same combo that we wore almost three days ago. From ankle length cigarette pants to perfectly tailored skirts, power shoes, and a vintage leather tote bag, there are some of the absolute go-to work attire essentials that every woman must own.  

Stylish women often own fewer wardrobe essentials but have the knack of buying quality items for higher rotation. You should know what shapes, cuts and styles work for you and you must be heartless when it comes to that bi-annual wardrobe clean out.

So for all those ladies who think dressing up for work every morning is a hassle, here is a list of some of the chic work attire looks you must try and never look dull again!

The Business Casual

Trying to differentiate between business casual in today’s work arena is difficult for women as it is all about how you present and carry yourself at the end of the day. The easiest way is to find a balance between casual wear and business professional.

Business Casual

You don’t always have to wear suits, but a strapless sundress is a big NO! Some of the must-haves for women business casual include white shirts, black trousers, black cardigans, navy heels, black flats, tan pants, a large tote, polka dot top, and burgundy/ dark blouses.

Sweaters, in winter

Sweaters, in winters, can always be worn in various ways; it can be worn over a blouse or as a top with pants, skirts or even dresses. A smart fit is essential so it should not be too baggy or bulky. The sweater can have buttons or a draped front collar. A basic cardigan is a staple for work attire. Skinny belts can be used to add more definition to your waistline.

Heeled sandals can be worn to finish a look. These can include heels around 3 inches or maybe lower and/or wedges. Blingy dressier sandals with embellishments should always be avoided.

Glam it Up!

Never be afraid to experiment with glamorous looks! All those super smart, sexy ladies who run the show at work spend hours at the office and the rest of the evening and late meetings and dinner cocktails.

Office Wear

Pair a set of bright lips, with expensive high heels, pencil skirts, silk blouses, chunky statement neckpieces, branded watches and clutches to flaunt a glamorous work attire and stay fabulous all day long.

The Classic Office Look

The most common and easier ways of nailing an office look are to own a skirt. Whether you wear it with a sharp blouse or a plain top, a flattering skirt will always amp up your work wardrobe. Even if you’re repeating a work attire, always mix and match smartly.

nailing an office look

Always flaunt a statement piece such as a perfectly tailored signature black pencil skirt, with a leather tote bag, a simple jewelry piece, and a smart silver watch. A white button down shirt, tucked in, is always a good idea. However, you must find one with minor detailing and contrast piping to avoid looking too mundane.

The Carelessly Chic Work Attire

If you want to flaunt an effortlessly elegant office look without investing too much time and money, play with fitted and slouchy shapes to go for a more feminine cut. Owning a pair of ankle length cigarette pants is always a smart move. They are super versatile, go with most of the body types and are flatteringly chic.

Carelessly Chic Work Attire

Solid colors like beiges and blacks are a good idea! Pair this with button down chiffon top, a structured leather bag that is big enough even to hold your laptop and black heels for a more put together feel.

Add a Little Edge to Your Boring Work Wardrobe

For those who do not have a stringent corporate dress code at work, you can always experiment with edgy looks and get away with it. You can pair long/ short leather boots with dark denim jeans, plain colored T-shirts, a chic black blazer and dark lips.

Work Wardrobe

Always wear stylish earpieces that don’t look fussy or overdone to add a little flair to the look. Remember, the trick is always to mix and match statement pieces with simple pieces for great work outfits.

The “Feminine” Office Look

For casual yet feminine office attire, add a few chiffon flowy dresses to your wardrobe. Wear them with tiny jewelry pieces, a trendy jacket, and high heels to complete the look.

It’s all about the hem when it comes to looking feminine yet classy at work. Knee length or over the knee dresses are preferable for this look. Buy them in any color or print, envelope at the waist and wear smart blazers over them. Sky high heels or ballet flats look super trendy and elevate the look. Don’t forget to carry a saddle bag to complete the outfit.

The “Feminine” Office Look

The Sophisticated Office Wear

Don't think twice about experimenting and having fun with clothes. Fashion and style are all about enjoying so always sport a classic statement piece as skirts, long trousers or ankle length pants and keep adding items to brighten it up. Do this according to your personality and job type.

Never be afraid to suit up. You can always wear a two-piece suit for those sophisticated office meetings. A camel colored crisp blazer can pull any outfit together. Men inspired looks is also a classic, go-to work attire idea. Wear a chic tie with that button down shirt and black pants, and mix it up with heels and a tote bag. Luxe sweaters with pencil skirts, leather bags, denim and even a denim skirt can do the trick and work wonders because it’s all about knowing how to style them and have with them.

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