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How sharply a man dresses becomes an indication of how elegant and assertive he is as a gentleman. For men, their dressing does not have to be elaborate or full of intricate details like women. However, it must contain bold and regal details to depict that class. Whether it is leather belts for men or a classy pair of shoes that match perfectly with the outfit, dressing up like a millionaire is all about feeling like you are worth a million bucks, no matter how much or how little you earn.

Looking like a millionaire is not about going out and spending thousands of bucks on an overly stylized wardrobe or on your grooming and pampering. It is about making an assertive statement with a minimal getup that says a lot about you.

Think of how the most prominent and powerful entrepreneurial men of the contemporary times maintain their appearance. People like Tim Cook, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, and even the musician cum entertainer John Legend, sport their unique look. It is classy, yet reflective of their personalities regarding their professional and personal lives.

Here, we provide some comprehensive tips for you to dress up like a millionaire:

  • Ensure the correct fitting of your clothes

It is best to factor in your body type, height, and weight when shopping for clothes or making changes to your closet. It is advisable to listen to the person who is in charge of altering clothes. Do not buy something that is very attractive and but not fitting well on you.

correct fitting

In the words of Coco Chanel, “Fashion passes; style remains.” Thus, if a particular trend does not fit well with your body type or makes you uncomfortable, it is best not to jump on the bandwagon.

According to a self-made millionaire, Fredrik Eklund, a person can buy an affordable suit and make it look pretty expensive. He says, “You can make a $400 suit like a $4,000 one with the expertise of the right tailor."

  • Do not use any clothes or accessories that have become shabby

Any bags, wallets, phone cases with scratches and dents or shirts that have gone shabby should be avoided. Shabby items fail to give you a polished and sharp outwards appearance. It is imperative that you must look immaculate whether you are dressing up or dressing down.

gone shabby

  • Be real and do not own fake leather goods. You cannot fake luxury and prestige.

If you are buying leather goods for yourself, do not opt for fake or rip-off products. Invest in good quality leather handbags, belts, or shoes for men. It is vital to prioritize quality over quantity and invest in few staple pieces to hone your look.

leather handbags


Keep it as simple and as real as possible. If you buy counterfeits or copied products, it clearly becomes distinguishable, and you cannot fool anyone.

  • Casual, everyday look is not synonymous with making no effort at all

There is a technique of dressing down and staying casual, which does not translate into a messy, unkempt, hobo look. Mark Zuckerberg is famous for his hoodies. His company Facebook is also renowned for encouraging a casual dressing format among their employees, yet they still strive to look smart and well-put together.

Casual everyday look

  • Invest wisely in classic, statement pieces such as a leather jacket, a polo shirt, a watch and the right pair of shades

Your accessories do not need to overlap each other. For example, if you are sporting a smartwatch, you do not need to wear cufflinks. No need to overspend on expensive brands. You can find the right pair of jeans at a departmental store as well. Overspending zealously on clothes is never a good idea.

expensive brands

Another way to invest cautiously is by applying the one-third rule. According to this rule, you buy one-third of the clothes you that you usually buy but spend three times as much on each item. This means that instead of buying three pairs of pants, you will buy one formal one which you will wear everywhere.

  • Do not be flashy with your accessories

The more affluent a man is, the less flashy a watch he carries. Watches with a leather strap are classier and less glitzy than the traditional silver or gold chain strap watches. In case of any bags or laptop cases or wallets you carry, it is again essential to ensure that they are sleek and minimalistic.

Watches with a leather stra

Sporting big logos and brand names on the front of T-shirts or any of your accessories is another no-go zone.

According to Forbes India, many men do not pay attention at all to the sort of belt they are wearing. The belt is one accessory that can make or break your entire outfit. A few tips to keep handy are that if a belt matches your accessories such as wallet and shoes, it looks flattering. It is best to choose neutral, muted tones. Most importantly, do not opt for big buckled belts and buy belts with simple buckles.

  • Wear your accessories depending on time and occasion

Sporting rainbow-colored socks in a business meeting are also not recommended. It is okay to make a few unique or unusual dressing decisions however you don’t want to come out looking as too quirky or too pretentious a guy amongst the circle of professional people that you know.

Shoes and shirt

Similarly, wearing shades in the evening or always wearing a Bluetooth device in your ear is not recommended.

  • Vintage or sentimental pieces

In case your father or grandfather passes you down his old watch or leather case, you should own that piece of hand-me-down with a subtle hint of pride and wear it. Old and original leather accessories make for fabulous accessories.

sentimental pieces

The last piece of advice is to take care of your appearance and health equally. No matter how sharply dressed you are, if you don’t look after yourself and are always over-worked or drowsy, or overweight, it is bound to reflect on your overall image and personality. Put yourself and your health before your work. Whatever you decide to wear, own it and wear it with confidence and self-assurance.


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This is a wonderful piece of dressing advice. Thank you for this free fashion tips. It helps .

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