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The holidays are the most wonderful time of the year. However, one not-so-wonderful aspect of the holidays is shopping for gifts. Frantic, cluttered and often beleaguered by tight timelines; Christmas shopping is not for the weak of heart.

Buying gifts is not an easy task. In this somewhat mindboggling endeavor, you have to consider every possible aspect such as price range, quality, usability, and whether the person you are giving it to would like it or not. Not to forget, you have to make sure it is also thoughtful. It is perhaps the trickiest to shop for someone who has an eye for fashion; that is the real challenge.

If you are unsure about what to get for this holiday season that is both affordable and fashionable, look no further because we have devised the ultimate Christmas shopping guide for you to help you stay chic and perfect the art of gifting.

Leather Jacket

You can never go wrong with a leather jacket; it is as simple as that. Leather jackets are a timeless style statement because of their rogue vibe, effortless style, and overall chic persona. There is nothing more versatile than a good leather jacket because it can be worn over anything. Try it over a dress, a pair of jeans and a tee, or shorts; leather jackets are the most instant upgrade you can give to your outfit. For the Christmas season, if you wish to give a loved one a stylish gift that is not heavy on the pocket and is guaranteed to last them a reasonably long period, get them a leather jacket. Trust us; they will be eternally grateful to you.

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Leather Boots

Everyone needs a good pair of leather boots. Perfect for both formal as well as casual settings, leather boots make excellent gifts. Versatile, chic and always on trend, leather boots come in an extensive array of designs, colors, and styles which makes it all the more fun to pick and choose favorites. For a safe bet, a classic black leather oxford boot always comes into good use. If you are willing to experiment, try suede and leather boots, chukkas, or brogues; whatever fits your fancy.


Messenger Bag

Messenger bags are special and frankly, so much better than regular bags. They are compact, sleek, and elegant and come with a long strap which makes it perfect for them to be worn as a cross-body bag. They are incredibly useful capacity wise as they can accommodate all your essentials including books, a laptop, a tablet, etc. Go hands-free and flaunt your chic messenger bag wherever you go. A messenger bag is not just as an investment; it is an investment.




Everyone needs a wallet. Shopping for men can be tricky because there are very limited options to choose from. If you want to play it safe, close your eyes and get your loved one a nice wallet. Leather wallets are very durable and extremely functional. For a unique additional feature, you can even get the wallet personalized by getting the recipient's name embossed on it. We can guarantee that they will love it.


Oversized Sweater

Would it even be called the holiday season if there weren't sweaters involved? Christmas sweaters are fun, but for a Christmas gift, it is wise to opt for something chic and versatile. Oversized sweaters are a winter staple because they are just so cozy! The epitome of casual comfort, there is nothing quite comparable to sitting by the fire in an oversized sweater, a snuggly pair of socks, a cup of cocoa and a good book. Sweaters are versatile, warm and durable. Try your luck with neutral tones or something pastel. Wear them over skinny jeans, a dress, overalls or anything in between; it will look good regardless.


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Nobody likes cold fingers, so a pair of gloves in the holiday season is never a bad idea. This time, however, you can switch things up. Instead of regular woolen gloves, get your loved ones something more lux and special like cashmere or leather gloves. A sophisticated and incredibly handy (pun intended) gift, leather and cashmere gloves make sure to keep your fingers warm while also making sure you look like a fashion guru.


Strap Watch

Watches are an essential accessory for everyone. What gives a strap watch the edge over a bracelet watch is its versatility. A robust and straightforward look, a leather strap watch makes for an excellent present. Worn with both casual and formal outfits, strap watches are the best route to go because you can guarantee that they will come in good use. The watch dial is also where you can get creative. Depending on the recipient’s likes and color preferences, you can make your final pick.

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Cashmere Scarf

We all have woolen scarves, but very few amongst us own cashmere scarves. Lux, regal, deliciously soft, and utterly irresistible, cashmere scarves are the best wintertime accessory that can be worn over any outfit to complete the look. Wear them with your coat, a sweater, over a dress, or with a plain pair of jeans and a tee, a cashmere scarf is a symbol of class and sophistication. Make your loved one feel like royalty this holiday season.



An arduous task, to say the least, Christmas shopping should be ticked off your to-do list as early as possible. It honestly is never too early to start shopping for gifts because of multiple reasons. Firstly, by shopping early, you will be avoiding the extra stress of buying something for the sake of buying something and not actually getting your loved one a meaningful Christmas present.

Secondly, shopping early will allow you to really ponder over what to buy instead of grabbing the first thing that meets the eye. A thoughtful gift is what truly makes a world of a difference. Finally, shopping early will help you save some extra cash because as days go by and the demand increases, prices on products are likely to skyrocket; so why not save some money while you are at it? Start your rounds early and avoid the extra stress. Christmas should be about family, friends, love, and celebration; enjoy it for what it is.

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