by Jennifer Smith December 18, 2019 6 min read

Jingle Bells Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way;

It’s that time of the year again when layering is all the sway

Layering is an art, a little creativity and leather jackets can amp up the formals for you!

The winds of winter can have you snuggle up, but with the tips and tricks that you will find here for layering are sure to be a gold mine.

This winters, cheer up with joy with the right fashion advice!

Layering with leather Jacket- a science or an art?

If there was one piece of clothing that could singlehandedly lift your entire look, it is the leather jacket.

Underestimating the power of the leather jacket is a major sin when it comes to the fashion world.   

Little you are aware, leather jackets rock the casual looks and enchantingly elate the formals.

Here is a list of possibilities that can help you be the uncrowned royalty of the formal fashions.

For Women

Women can be picky when it comes to fashion. However, strong and candid, they may be in making decisions in the corporate world, fashion world decisions can be baffling!

Below is some leather jacket overdress ideas that you can add to your closet and rock the formals in the classiest way.

  •  Brand it like a fashionista with Brando jacket

Women Sky Blue Brando Belted Leather Jacket With Shoulder Epaulettes

    Buy Now - $199.00

    And the heart likes to sing

    “Fall season, don’t go anywhere,

    You gotta see my Brando’s game, too hard to bear.”

    Without giving a second thought, we can say that Brando's jacket is possibly one of the most phenomenal leather jackets that ladies can have.

    The short length and belts at the waist help you accentuate that smart waist (wink wink.) The jacket comes with an asymmetrical zipper and epaulets on the shoulder, giving it just the right feel.

    Below are some ways you can pair up the Brando jacket, and create the effortlessly prim outfits:

    • A collared blouse paired up with the formal checkered pants and high heels will look classy, add the Brando jacket, and look sharp.
    • A striped dress shirt with a mid-length skirt will give you the right "official" feel. A Brando jacket will add the spark and spunk, making you look Haute.
    • Brando jackets paired with leather pants, and tank tops can be chosen for the perfect semi-formal look.
    • A black Brando jacket with your formal dress will look charming and, at the same time, along with the dress code like a pro.

    So, ladies and gentlemen, hold on tight, for today is when we teach you the art of layering and overdress shirts.

    • Velvety classy with Fringed Suede Jacket

    Women Brown Fringes Decorative Beads Suede Leather Jacket

    Buy Now - $199.00

    Many will classify this jacket as over-ambitious, but in reality, it can be the real game-changer. You can find many people sporting mainstream jackets, but you can be a fetcher with this suede jacket!

    Here are some ways you can wear the jacket to be the fashioning expert:

    • Full sleeves solid colored hi-neck, with formal pants, look traditional classy but add this fringed Suede jacket to the mix, and you have zesty classiness galore!
    • Pairing the Suede jacket with collared shirts will also set you apart. Wrap the whole look with high heeled long boots, and you all set to turn awestruck eyes.
    • These fringed jackets work with skirts too well.
    • Mid-length skirts, with a blouse, jerseys, or formal shirts, will all look great. Long boots with stockings will add the right feel.
    • Feel like a royal with Handmade Diamond quilted real leather jacket

    Women Black Handmade Diamond Quilted Real Leather Jacket

    How exquisite your wardrobe can feel when it is blessed with such a gem of a piece!

    This handmade diamond-quilted real leather jacket is a must-have. Despite being pricey, this jacket will never classify as the "regret-purchase," this is our promise!

    So, here is how you can pair it up:

    For starters, let us say this out loud! This jacket is the work of wonders and goes with everything. Every other outfit in your wardrobe might be vying to be paired up with this jacket. (We are serious! *eye roll*)

    • You have chosen a silky floaty dress for the perfect formal evening. Since the weather is sure to make you jittery, you don’t need to feel lost about layering. The quilted jacket is all you need.
    • A simple blouse, slim fit formal pants, and your beloved scarping. A sure-shot formula for one of the smartest outfits.
    • Works with your skirts. So you don’t need to wait for any more to find the right match. This is probably a classy leather jacket overdress that you can opt for.

    Jacket options for Men

    If women are picky, men are no less. After all, who can comprise when the style is in the talks?

    Talk about the art of layering; we are here at your rescue. Follow our advice and make your layering game stronger than ever!

    • Fashionably genius with this genuine leather jacket

    Men Off-White Cream Blue Red Stripes Motorcycle Genuine Leather Jacket

    Buy Now - $199.99

    Who can forget “The Byrds?”

    Still, the nostalgia gets real when we listen to “Gunga Din.”

    Have breakfast with me mamma
    I hope they'll let us in
    Got a leather jacket on
    I know that it's a sin

    As the lyrics suggest, wearing a leather jacket is a sin – Well, why it wouldn’t be? After all, the eyes of the crowd follow you when you walk on the street!

    Whether you are heading to a soiree or it’s a casual hang out with friends, you can never go wrong with this motorcycle jacket.

    The cream colors and red and blue stripes add an oomphy suaveness that cannot be denied or ignored. This jacket though a simple looking one sets the wearer a class apart.

    The neatness on the hems and the YYK zippers add the effortlessly magnetic aura, and you sure can be the crowned the king of town!

    Pairing tips for the Striped genuine leather jacket:

    • Formals are all about dress shirts. You need not worry; dress shirts with formal pants and Oxford shoes are a sign you are already dressed to kill. But add up the striped jacket, and the spellbinding effect has crossed the highest degrees.
    • Hi-neck, with regular jeans and Jodhpurs, are classy. Coupling the dress up with a striped jacket will surely be the perfect combination.
    • An ordinary tee, with formal pants and loafers combined with the creamy genuine leather jacket, is another stylish option you have when you want to wear this jacket.
    • Black-hooded vest- tasteful and refined

    Men Distressed Maroon Red Vintage Genuine Leather Jacket With Front Zipper Closure

    Buy Now- $199.00

    People generally worry that a vest will not go with formals. But being a tad bit creative with your clothes can help you try a new combination. The black vest has a quilted lining that helps keep you warm.

    So here are some ways where you can put the hooded vest to the best of use:

    • You can wear a round neck sweater shirt with your pants. Put on the hooded vest and wear it with Jodhpurs or ankle boots to add the glitz.
    • Wearing it atop a formal shirt and then going on with a front zipped jacket is also a great idea!
    • Going Vintage is Never a Bad Idea

    Men Distressed Maroon Red Vintage Genuine Leather Jacket With Front Zipper Closure

    Buy Now - $199.99

    If there is one major takeaway you should take from this guide, it is that a great vintage leather jacket has very, very few substitutes. So, we wouldn’t have done this guide a justice if we had not brought in a look with the vintage leather jacket.

    • Take out your finest white formal shirt and your best chinos, because this look requires nothing but your absolute best. Keep the overall colors of your outfit light but match your belt to the jacket. Going along the same line, match your shoes with your jackets.
    • The preferred shoes to wear here are either your kiltie loafers or your derby formals. To complete the look, add a plain slim tie for your preferences and pin it down with your tie pin. Your look is complete.
    • If you want to take it up a notch, you can add a great solid sweater to complement your jacket. But you must keep in mind that the sweater is just not a baggy one and fits snuggly over your body while letting the jacket do its thing.

    Keep Experimenting

    But really, the essence of getting your leather jacket layering informal outfits right is all about experimenting. Keep trying new jackets over your more formal and semi-casual looks to find the very best of your leather layering.

    While men may find some trouble getting their layers right, it seems women always seem to get their leather jacket over dress layering right. Maybe it's just that women are the true fashion divas.

    But what it takes to rock a leather layer over your formal clothes is your confidence. And in true essence, wearing leather jackets is all about the courage to rock that looks and be yourself no matter what. So, we leave you with this guide, hoping you will make good use of it.

    Happy Layering!

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