by Jennifer Smith December 11, 2020 5 min read

Christmas lights and freezing nights.

The holiday glow and blinding snow.

Better stay indoors and light up the fire.

But when you go out, do it in style!

Aah, the winters!

Winters are indeed one of the most magical times of the year and need to be enjoyed the way it deserves. Having your winter fashion on point with the perfect layering is the key to enjoying this crisp weather while staying chic.

Leather jackets have been the go-to winter apparel for many years now, but layering leather jackets over dress shirts or cocktail attire and other formals can be quite tricky. However, by following our tips here, you will be able to master the art of layering while looking stylish and staying warm simultaneously.

Layering Leather Jackets Over Formals

Leather jackets have been the ultimate winter clothing for a long time now. It not only makes your formal wear chicer and more elegant; a leather jacket also makes your casual attire more stunning.

Following are some ways you can wear a leather jacket over dress shirts and other formals to elevate your entire look.

For Men

Most men who like to remain in style love leather jackets. It is one effortless way of making you look fashionable while being comfortable and warm when the temperature drops.

Rocking a leather jacket in winters with formal shirts is an art, and we are here to give a few ideas to make your layering game far more creative and trendier.

·         Maroon and Quilted – Vintage yet Trendy

mens maroon jacket

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It cannot get more cooler than this. This leather jacket will bring your otherwise simple formal attire to a whole new level. With the vintage outlook, rib quilted detailing, and a warm layer of insulation, this Men’s red maroon rib quilted down jacket is the definitive cold weather outer layer essential. The best thing about this maroon color jacket is that it goes astoundingly well with all colors and styles of formal inner layers.

Here are a few Pairing Tips:

  • Layer it with a crisp light-colored dress shirt with formal pants and oxford shoes for your official meetings or a day in the office.
  • Don’t feel like dressing up for the office? Layer this jacket with an ordinary black tee, and you are good to go.

·        Buttons and Blacks – Comfortable yet Formal

mens black jacket

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This button-down blazer-style leather jacket is perfect to be layered with formals. When worn over formal attires, it will enhance your style and formal ensemble by bringing it to a whole other level. If you wish to have a sophisticated leather jacket, this is the one for you! It delivers every quality of a leather jacket, plus takes it a step further by adding a smart coat style.

Here are a few Pairing Tips:

  • Thanks to the shirt collar, you can pair it up with a formal turtleneck and a stylish pair of jeans along with a pair of loafers.
  • This button-down jacket can be worn as a blazer with dress pants, a shirt, and a tie.

·        Exclusively Stylish Cedar Leather Jacket

mens cedar leather jacket

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If you love to bring style and chic to otherwise formal attire, then this stunning cedar brown jacket with a shirt collar is the one for you! The simple and sleek design with a polished and clean outlook goes equally well with formals and casuals. Plus, the classic collar style gives it an effortlessly charming vibe.

Here are a few pairing tips:

  • Wear it over any regular V-neck sweater with a pair of formal khakis, jeans, or pants, and you are all set for a formal winter day.
  • Layering this leather jacket over a dress shirt and formal pants look super trendy.

For Women

Behold, ladies! If you can’t decide as to how you can carry off leather jackets with comfort and style, then this is for you! We bring you the best leather jacket over dress ideas to help you rock the winter look effortlessly and in style. 

·        Blue and Unique

dark blue womens leather jacket

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Want to be unique and different from the crowd? Then this is the perfect jacket for you! We have all seen and often worn collared leather jackets, but have you ever thought about going collarless? This stunning blue collarless leather jacket captures the true charm of feminine jackets and will give your outfit a rich and fresher look.

Here are a few styling tips:

  • Layer it over a pastel-colored crew-neck sweater and a stylish pair of jeans
  • Feeling cold in your party dress? Slide over this jacket and look stylish and feel comfortable.

·         Burgundy with Gray Hood

womens red leather jacket

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This fashionable leather jacket has to be one of the most extraordinary and stunning jackets that women can have this season. Make an unforgettable impression with this dual-tone leather jacket. The rich burgundy shade leather jacket with a gray hood will make you look royal and elegant with a magnetic aura. The buckles on the sleeves, back, and front will give you the perfect fit when worn over your inner layers. Plus, the hood can be detached!

Here are a few styling tips:

  • Pull this collarless leather jacket over a collared blouse with a skirt or pants, and you are good to go!
  • This jacket looks perfect over a pair of leather pants and tank tops for a semi-formal ensemble.

·         Corporate and Comfortable – Navy Blue Leather Blazer

womens navy blue leather blazer

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This leather jacket offers the perfect balance of professionalism, style, and comfort. This navy-blue leather blazer goes perfectly with all your official shirts and dresses. The rounded front hemline with double welt side pockets and the blazer-style button at the waist will make you look like a corporate queen. You can button up the blazer for a sexier and more charismatic look.

Here are a few styling tips:

  • Wear it over a white hi-neck and a pair of black pants for your official meetings and presentations
  • Layer it over a simple blouse and skirt for a regular office day.

·         The Trendy yet Classy white quilted Leather Jacket

womens white quilted leather jacket

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This quilted leather jacket over dress and shirts will make you the boss of winter fashion! The perfect fitting and stylish exterior will accentuate that smart waist. Plus, the quilted pattern will enhance your personality even more, giving you an utterly alluring persona and make the deals happen.

Here are a few styling tips:

  • Wearing this jacket over a floaty dress will only enhance your dress and make you the center of your formal evening.
  • It Goes perfectly with skirts and blouses
  • Pair it with a sweater or tee and be a true fashionista this winter.

Final Word

Winter fashion is all about the correct layering and accessorizing. Wearing leather jackets over dress shirts and other formal dresses can trouble men and women equally. We hope that these layering ideas will help you ace your formal winter look this season. Nonetheless, fashion is all about experimenting and trying out new things. So, keep exploring to find what works best for you!



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