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Braving the harsh cold can be challenging if you feel that Denim doesn’t suffice to go for a leather jacket and beat those chilly nights. Our brief guide will help you get your hands on the right fit.

Believe it or not, when it comes to winter wear, leather jackets are the real OG.  But rocking this incredible outerwear requires guidance because, honestly, without this jacket buying guide, you will be not only doing injustice to yourself but also your wardrobe.

The Perfect Size Matters

You would never want to wear a leather jacket that is an ill fit or buy a style that does not suit your wardrobe. Therefore, an essential part of this jacket buying guide is to guide you about the perfect measurements for the chicest leather outerwear of the season.

So, here are some fitting rules to look out for when you try on a jacket:

  • The Shoulder:Always check that the leather seam of the jacket lines up as closely as possible. If the seam falls, not only the sleeve length but also the fit of the jacket will be affected.
  • The Sleeves: The fitting of the sleeve is super important when buying a leather jacket. It should be tight enough not to look over-sized, but also loose enough to not restrict your movements. The sleeve length should end at your wrists.
  • The Armholes: The general rule for armholes is that the higher they are placed, the better the fitting. This is the most apparent check for a jacket that is a perfect fit.
  • The Length:Although the length of leather jackets tends to vary with the design, the general rule is to have your jacket cover just the waistband.

What to Look Out For?

But there is plenty that will set your premium jacket apart from any other leather jacket. Here are some essential checks to look out for when buying your leather jacket. Here are some tips:

  • The Feel:You know how the leather seems to come alive when you wear it? That does not always happen. It will only occur when the jacket is made of premium leather and not corrected leather. Over time, this corrected leather will begin to crack, rendering your jacket unwearable.
  • The Stitch:The stitching on the leather jacket that you buy will say a lot about the quality of your leather jacket. For a leather jacket to look swell, you need the stitching not to be too much, but add that punch to your designs. The recommended thread must be heavy duty to complement the look of leather.
  • The Zipper:Although most people tend to ignore the quality of the zipper, it is a huge proponent in making your jacket worth it. The functional zippers will slide easily and withstand jerks and pulls.
  • The Lining:Depending on what sort of jackets you want, the sleeve and body lining will have a considerable say in the feel of the jacket. Cheap linings tend to rip and tear easily without offering a great feel.

Must-have designs that are irresistible

What good would a jacket buying guide be, if it could not suggest some of the must-have designs?

Since you have already embarked on the journey to lose yourself in the luster and sheen of these beauties, you should get familiar with some of the classics.

Biker Jackets:

Doesn’t it remind you of “Jesse and the Rippers?”

You must be feeling nostalgic right now. The time passes by, but fashion makes a comeback!

Attitude, funkiness, style – This jacket has it all. Imagine hopping on the Harley, wearing your biker jacket. Oh, sounds so dreamy!

Talk about functionality: Contrary to what most people might believe, the biker jackets are made to protect you in case of a bike accident.

They are made of durable, heavy-duty leather. Since this jacket offers you a chic combo of durability and style, it’s a go-to design for celebrities.

Summer Leather Jacket

Buy Now - $199.00


With great fitting and complementing it with similar clothing, the biker jacket offers you the perfect iconic look you dream of.

Highlighted Features:

  • Created with leather of the highest quality
  • YKK zippers.
  • Fitting to complement your body type.
  • Airtex lining.

Field Jacket

Simple Black Leather Field Jacket

Buy Now - $199.00

Artisanal finish + high performance - what else can you ask for other than this promising combo?

Call it a timeless style! Field jackets are most commonly associated with military menswear and are one of the most casual and rough jackets for use around town.

In fact, with simpler designs, you could use these jackets in a much more formal setting without being a fashion disappointment.

Long Coats

Leather Skin Women Green With Black Sleeves Genuine Leather Coat

Buy Now - $249.99

The timeless piece that has claimed the hearts of many for infinity.

Any guesses?

We are talking about long leather coats. Your formal settings are incomplete without this elegant wardrobe staple.

Although not many people go around wearing long coats, it remains one of the most respectable and formal types of jackets.

However, there are some rules for looking fabulous with long coats. The general idea is to wear tights with it and pairing it with a great pair of clean boots. This gives the long coat a very formal vibe and makes it such a great addition to your wardrobe for both formal and informal settings.

Highlighted Feature:

  • Premium matte finish.
  • Genuine leather.
  • Contrasting belt and sleeves for added style.

Having a problem with finding your perfect fit?

Umm... Nah! Not my type.”

Exclusivity is welcomed with open hearts here! If you feel that you want to design your leather jacket all by yourself; why not do it today?

Nothing can be better than owning a customized piece. After all, the fashionista and fashionist living inside you need to be satisfied.

Therefore, we give you the choice of designing your leather jacket without any hassle. All you have to do is to find a design you have fallen in love with, take a picture of it and share it with us.  

You have the liberty to choose just about any size, any colour or the lining, and sit back and relax. You will be dazzled by the wardrobe magic we whip up!

Final thoughts

Edginess, toughness, ruggedness – leather jacket has it all

Whether you are a vintage junkie or a racer, a leather jacket will suffice.

Not only does it give you a premium luxurious feel but also adds to your comfort, especially in winters.

A point to ponder: leather gets better with time rather than deteriorating, given that you look after your leather.

The fact that leather jackets are the first preference for many for extreme winter conditions is just the cherry on the topping!

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