by Jennifer Smith December 25, 2020 6 min read

The chilly winds and the snow.

The intense longing of hot cocoa.

Take out the blankets, light on the fire.

It's time to put on your winter attire.

The prediction of our favorite show has indeed come true! They kept telling us ‘Winter is coming!’ And now winters are here!

And with this cold weather, comes the winter shopping for warm clothes and jackets.

With the arrival of the months of winters, it is about time you get yourself the right winter jacket that will keep you warm as you make your way through the snowy streets in the cold temperature.

The question that probably popped up in your head must be, “How do I get the right winter jacket?”

Leave that on us; this winter jacket buying guide will help you know just what to look for

    1. Pick the perfect fit.

First things first, pick the jacket that is just your size.

Now, you can check how your new and about-to-be purchase is going to fit in different ways. Follow these steps, and you will be good to go.

Trick 1: Look out for the shoulder seams – they better be aligned with your shoulders, or else it's a no-no…unless you are going for the ones that have a design like that.

Trick 2: Stretch your arms above your head to check the length of the coat. One way to spot a too-small jacket is to check if it rises above your waist and if you feel any spots that are tight or restrict your movement. You oughta keep that back.

Trick 3: Stretch your arms out to see how long the sleeves are. They should stop just near the wrist bone. If they stop above your wrist, you know you need to put it back.

Why is the size important? Well, think about it; you wouldn’t want to walk around in a jacket that is either too small and struggle with keeping yourself covered properly, or too big and not stay warm enough.

So rule number 1; check the size. On to the next one.

    2.Check out the insulation.

What is insulation? It is the material that keeps you secured from the shivering cold. There are three types of insulations for a winter coat:

  1. Down – the classic ones that do the perfect job keeping you warm. They are lightweight and compressible. One drawback is that it doesn’t work well against moisture.

It will perform best if you live somewhere dry and cold.

  1. Synthetic fibers are the ones you need if you live in a place with a damp and cold climate as they are great holding up against moisture. The drawback, however, is that they don’t last too long.
  2. Pile fabric – the water-resistant insulator that will work for you if you don’t want something thick for the winter.

Insulators decide what you are protected from, but your needs dictate which one is the best one for you.

    3.Look out for the pockets.

No matter what happens, you must not overlook the importance of pockets and what they can do for you. Whether you want to keep your essentials like mobile phones and wallets, or you just want to keep your hand from turning into ice due to the numbing weather.

    4.Look at its zippers and cuffs.

Sometimes jackets are waterproof, but the zippers and cuffs are not, which is why it is absolutely necessary to look at them. Get the right cuffs to guard your hands against the cold, and look for a waterproof zipper for some added warmth.

    5.Get a high-quality jacket.

A few things to examine to check its quality:

  1. The stitching should not go through the insulation in the coat.
  2. Make sure no thread is hanging out.
  3. There should be no holes in the coat.

Jackets you need to check out.

Did you think that was the end? Nope.

This winter jacket buying guide won’t abandon you after telling you what to look for in a winter jacket. Instead, it will show you some high-quality winter jackets that you must check out.

Leather jackets are a complete package –whether you want to stay warm or want to look stylish or even both. Here are some of the most stylish and warm leather jackets.

    1.Black Hooded Leather Jacket

Get This Jacket For Just $269

It’s black, it’s leather, it’s hooded – it’s perfect.

This oversized black hooded leather jacket is assured to keep you warm with its hood to keep your head warm and the pockets to keep your hands warm.

It’s oversized, but it doesn’t look oversized – the perfect fitting for you.

But it doesn’t just end there, no. This leather jacket will be your best friend if you want to look like a complete fashionista while staying warm.

I guess you can say it fits the criteria for being the perfect package – staying warm and looking stylish.

On to the next one.

    2.Cowhide Leather Long Coat

Made from cow leather, this long coat is made to fit your winter needs. Enough to keep you warm, this jacket will definitely be one of your favorite ones.

Whether you want to dress formal or casual, this will be your number one option.

Get This Jacket For Just $349

Plus, long coats are a complete fashion statement for winters...or even in summers. There is just something about them that can never let them go out of style.

Speaking of coats, let’s look at the next long coat.

   3.Women Dark Brown Quilted Leather coat

Get This Jacket For Just $395

All the ladies reading this, you need to make this a part of your winter wardrobe collection ASAP.

This knee-length coat will become your favorite piece of clothing to wear. Keep yourself warm and comfortable thanks to the supreme quality leather, the thick collar, and the padded shoulders to keep you from getting cold.

Not only that, the vibe that this brown quilted leather coat gives out is unmatchable.

How can we forget men in our winter jacket buying guide?

So, now for the men’s coat.

    4.Men’s Navy Blue Leather Coat

Get This Jacket For Just $395

This sexy navy blue leather coat is here to make you look cool and stay warm.

This jacket has a fur lining on the inside of the garment and a denser fur on the collar, and the overall garment made from soft leather that is well insulated for the cold weather to give you the warmth that you crave in the chilly months of winter.

Apart from that, this is not a zip jacket like the usual ones; instead, it is a button-up jacket to give your look a cute touch.

And now to the fitting part – it comes with a seamed waistband that will assure the perfect fit for anyone who wants to buy it.

The cherry on top: it's navy blue – the sexiest color you can wear.

    5.The Vintage Brown Mens Leather Jacket

Get This Jacket For Just $285

Winter fashion should be all about comfort, coziness, and style, and that’s exactly what this Shiny brown leather jacket delivers. This is a bold piece of clothing, which is guaranteed to bring your winter look to a whole other level! The vintage yet trendy style, the sleek silhouette, and the polished exterior will make the heads turn your way! This jacket is definitely flamboyant but in a classy way, which make it perfect to go with all types of attire.

Plus, the mandarin collar, the quilted sleeves, and the chic shoulder detailing is enough to make you fall in love with it!

Wearing this jacket will not only help you keep warm, but it will also boost your confidence with its hunky and resilient outlook!


Now, with this winter jacket buying guide, you know just what you need to check before buying your winter jacket! You have also seen some of the perfect ones yourself, and now you can finally say, "Bring it on, winter."

Nothing is going to stop you now from going out in the winters! And that too in style! No matter how cold it gets, you are ready to face it fully-quipped with your stylish winter jacket that fits perfectly!

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