by Jennifer Smith September 09, 2019 4 min read

Here she comes in her purple Doc Martens

Got an earring through her nose

She´s got chains on her leather jacket

You better watch out 'cause I know her

- Damaged, Diesel Boy.

Whether you like to rock punk look like Diesel’s Boy muse in the 1996 banger “Damaged,” or prefer a slightly subtle ensemble – a leather jacket is something that can be used to pull off any look.

Since they first came into fashion in the early 1900s, leather jackets have evolved significantly to include many new styles, while still preserving the ones that made the garment so trendy in the first place.

Today, the versatile leather jacket is styled in countless ways. From wearing it with a skirt or a dress to wearing it with leather boots and skinny black jeans – there is an entire world of incorporating leather jacket into your outfit of the day waiting to be explored. That is, as long as you have got the right style that does not contradict the rest of your clothing.

When wearing a leather jacket to impress, you cannot just throw on the first thing that comes out the closet

But with so many options available, it is easy to get lost between them. Sometimes, you do not know which top would complement your new leather jacket the best, or what shoes should you be wearing with a particular style of a faux leather winter coat.

In times like this, it is essential to remember that merely picking out your favorite pair of pants and the most relaxed top you own will not work. Instead, for a leather jacket look that genuinely leaves the crowd fascinated with your watch, you must consider your entire ensemble as a whole and discuss each clothing item in relevance with the others.

Today, you will discover, the different leather jacket looks,you can pull off that are bound to turn heads wherever you go. We will tell you what fashion follies you must take care not to make when wearing a leather jacket, and the best ways to style different versions of the leather jacket. Read on these tiny tips and tricks to be showered with compliments on your fashion sense whenever you step out.

Shades of black from head to toe give an intimidatingly sexy look

Since Marlin Brando wore the first motorcycle leather jacket in The Wild One, the garment has become synonymous with mystery and a badass attitude. Even after a century has passed, a bad boy/ rebel girl image is what comes first to mind when we hear someone say “leather jacket.”

Just like the infamous outerwear, the color black is also associated with a non-conformist and dangerous image. And when these two things come together in the form of a sexy, fashionable black leather jacket, there is no other clothing that could emanate as much power and authority!

When you want to stand out of the crowd and appear dangerously cool, couple your favorite black leather jacket from Leather Skin Shop with a pair of skinny black jeans. Add on a seductive, well-fitting top to add some pizazz, and complete the look with a dark, vibrant lip color. Dressed all in black, you will be guaranteed to get noticed no matter where you go and compliment for your perfect dressing sense!

Spice it up with bold and brilliant prints and colors in your leather jacket

If all black sounds too grunge for you, then add a little bit of color to your outfit with this fabulous, bold red leather jacket with snakeskin animal print from Leather Skin Shop. The beautiful color and the extraordinary print of this faux leather jacket will add loads of personality to whatever outfit you pair it with.

We recommend that you drape this beauty over your shoulders with a close-fitting little black dress inside to accentuate your feminine side. A dress will contrast the bulkiness of the jacket and bring out a lovely ensemble that will make you the point of convergence wherever you are. Throw on some high heeled black boots, and you will be ready to take the world by storm!

Amp up your style game by going all out with a spiked leather jacket

A heavily studded and embellished punk leather jacket look is not something that you see every day – especially if you are living in the suburbs or a small town. Own this opportunity to stand out of the crowd by heading on over to the Leather Skin Shop online store and getting your hands on your favorite studded leather jacket from the endless variety available.

When you want to become a jet setter, do it, by going all out. Pairing this super cool leather jacket with skinny black jeans and a muted down, the plain grey shirt is sure to bring out the punk rocker in you. Go back in time and pick up a pair of spiked, black Dr. Martin’s to complete your hot and happening ensemble.

Classic casual is guaranteed to win all hearts

Last but not least, you can never go wrong with classics!

For a casual day out, we recommend that you channel James Dean into your outfit of the day and be effortlessly fashionable.

Choose a minimalistic, black motorcycle leather jacket from the online store at Leather Skin Shop and wear it with your most flattering denim pants.

Pick a simple, basic white t-shirt to wear underneath so that the point of focus remains the jacket. Some trendy chunky white sneakers will bring the entire outfit together nicely and give you that desirable boy next door look that every girl is sure to fall for!

The final word

What is your favorite leather jacket style? Do you like to experiment with your clothing, or do you have a signature leather jacket look for every time you don on your number one outerwear? How have you rocked different versions of the leather jacket with different outfits? Comment down below and let us know what we should pair our favorite jacket with next!

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