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Dressing up for the chilly winters can be challenging especially when you have to go out. After all, the idea of staying on the couch with a cup of hot coffee sounds so much better than going out to brave the cold. But the winter season has its own charm. With the holiday spirit in the air, everyone has more than one party to attend. How many can you possibly cancel last minute just to avoid dressing up? Nothing should force you to miss out on the winter party season.

We have the answer to the ultimate dilemma question, i.e., what to wear? We have a list of our seven favorite winter party tips that will get you in the mood to conquer to cold and get your party freak on.

Leather Jacket

There is a reason why leather jackets have been labeled a classic. Versatile, timeless and super chic, leather jackets look good on anyone and everyone. This uncomplicated piece of clothing deserves all the love in the world because it adds a unique element of class to your ensemble without trying too hard. It is the ultimate way to amp up your outfit. You could be wearing a simple tee and pair of jeans, but the second you put on that leather jacket; you are ready to walk out the door. They just complete the whole look!

If you are searching for variety, there is an extensive array of designs to choose from. Some love a chic bomber jacket, others a sleek racer and if you wish to go all out, perhaps a fringed leather jacket because, why not? Looking to switch things up with some color? No worries, we have got you covered. Red, yellow, pink, green or blue; you name it, and we have it. Pick your favorite from the fantastic variety offered at Leather Skin Shop.


black elegent


Velvet is the universally acknowledged symbol of luxury. Reflecting a regal and ethereal aura, there is something so delightful about velvet that we just can’t get enough of it. A timeless fabric, velvet never really goes out of style. It makes everyone look and feel like a superstar.

Velvet has a rich and fuzzy texture that is deliciously cozy and warm. Not to forget, velvet gives your outfit the ultimate body-hugging fit that flaunts all your curves. Elevate your basic look into that of a glamorous icon by merely incorporating more velvet pieces in your wardrobe. Try a sexy form-fitting blouse, a chic velvet jacket with embellishments for that extra sparkle, or perhaps a simple velvet dress this festive winter season.


Power Suit

Power suits have been making waves for quite some time now. Labeled the ultimate fashion trend of the season, the power suit is a necessity for both men and women. An empowering and bold fashion choice, the pantsuit is a must-have for everyone.                   

A versatile, flattering and warm choice for this winter season, one pant suit can be styled in an infinite number of ways to create a brand new look every time. Pair your suit with a statement button-down, a chic silk blouse, or perhaps a simple tee for one of those casual nights out about town. Keep it simple by sticking to solid colors or jazz it up with a pop of color; a suit is eternal.

Leather Boots

Everyone needs a good pair of boots. It is true that good shoes that you to good places, so it is crucial that you find your perfect shoe. For the winter party season, you must dress to impress. No ensemble is complete without the right shoe.

Shoes are the most essential accessory that is unique to everyone's personal style. We all have a favorite shoe style. For that clean and classy formal outlook, the Oxford shoe is hands down the favorite amongst all. If you are hunting for something a little bit more casual, loafers and brogues are super chic too. Some love that classic ankle boot look inspired by older times. For a more modish look, you can always opt for some sleek wingtip chukka boots. The options are truly endless.

For the winter season, Leather Skin Shop is your one-stop-shop to find yourself a pair of statement leather boots manufactured with the finest leather available in the market. That too at the most reasonable rates!

brown boots

Floral Prints

Florals have always been associated with the spring and summer season but not anymore. They are flirty, feminine, sophisticated and incredibly versatile. For this chilly winter season, instead of opting for bright, vibrant hues, get your hands on some deep, dark and sultry floral prints. To go with the cool winter vibe, it is best to play with deep blues, purples, and indigos. Add a much-needed splash of pink, fuchsia or green for that additional zing. It is all about the contrast.

Try a pretty floral dress or a chic floral blouse. Perhaps a statement pair of floral pants paired with a plain blouse and a leather jacket on top would do the trick; the options are endless.


Ruffled Maxi Dress

Maxi dresses are the ultimate winter dress pick. They drape beautifully and keep you covered, so there is no way you are feeling cold when wearing them. While plain maxi dresses might be a little bit boring; you can always jazz your look up with additions like ruffles. Ruffles add a very flirty and chic element to any outfit. Their ability to add dimension to any ensemble is perfect for party attire because you really are doing the bare minimum. Play with bold and contrasting colors to create the most stunning looks.

Ruffled maxi dresses pair wonderfully well with a jacket on top. A short cropped faux fur jacket or a simple sequined number are the ones you need if you are looking to go all out. Throw on a pair of dangling chandelier earrings, and you are ready to walk into a ball. Try your luck with a ruffled dress and turn heads wherever you go.

Ruffled Maxi Dress

Leather Handbag

Finally, no party look is complete without a handbag. Bags are the perfect complimentary accessory to any look. After all, you will need something to carry all your essentials, don’t you? Get yourself a trendy leather handbag. A chic tote, a sling bag, a wristlet or a satchel; opt for a suitable size for your party night essentials.

The key to nailing your winter fashion game is finding the right pieces that not only make you look like you just walked off the runway but also warm and cozy. There is no need to add layers on layers on layers. All you need to make sure is to keep your feet and shoulders warm. That’s really it! Bonus: Invest in a leather jacket and a statement leather handbag to complete every ensemble. Choose from an extensive array of designs from Leather Skin Shop where you will get impeccable quality at unbeatable prices.



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