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Holidays, cozy fires, and hot beverages aren't the only perks of the winter season. The season is synonymous with parties of all sorts. Be it Christmas dinners, new year parties, or birthday get togethers; the social calendar mostly remains full throughout the holiday season.

When you get invitations to so many parties, the question what to wear to a party in winter is first thing that pops in your mind.

You may have some nice jackets and coats, but probably your formal wardrobe calls for some fabulous new additions so that you can create classy partywear outfits.

Leather, fur, velvet, fleece, and denim are the topmost preferred fabrics for the winters. Designers are also incorporating moleskin, tweed, and corduroy into formal winter essentials, which look a class apart. In short, fashion stores are filled to brim with edgy menswear and womenswear for the chilly season.

Trending ideas on what to wear to a party in winter 


With so many options available online and in stores, buyers may get confused about what's best for them. That is why we are here with a style guide for winter parties with the most fashion forward outfit ideas. Choose your favorite among these to get compliments from everyone at the party!

1.Leather coat for a posh and masculine look


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The best thing about the deluxe leather jackets and coats is that you don't have to style them; they style you!

Plus, they are so versatile. They go with almost any bottom type, be it casual jeans or corduroy pants. The classic winter essential is a must have in your wardrobe to wear to a party in winter.

Leather coats are of various kinds. Some have a beautiful luster that makes them highly opulent and glamorous, while some have a modish cut and shape that defines the silhouette of a fit man. This army green leather coat with a fur collar from Leather Skin Shop is sure to add dashing vibes by enhancing your masculinity. Wear it over dark blue jeans and boots, and pair a ritzy watch with it for a unique look. A perfect outfit for rooftop parties as well!


2.A custom denim jacket over a hoodie


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Another menswear essential that is highly in vogue and tremendously comfortable as well is the classic denim jacket. It looks fantastic on any body shape and size, plus a breeze to pair with various types of shirts and bottoms.

Leather Skin Shop gives you an option to customize your denim jacket with embroidery, spikes, studs, or pins to make it worthy for a party!


If you are invited to a day bbq party at your friend's newly renovated backyard and thinking what to wear with your denim jacket, an edgy option is a hoodie! They make an incredibly cool outfit. The look is relaxed but upscale enough to wear to day parties.


3.Giving a swanky touch with a leather cap


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Accessorizing winter outfits is so much fun with the voguish footwear, caps, hats, and shawls. It is incredible how a simple accessory elevates the whole look of an outfit plus provides functionality.

If you are not planning to dress up too much and still look stylish, a leather cap is a great accessory to make you look modish. It will give you the ever-popular Marlon Brando look!

You can combine this accessory with several outfits: simple jeans and a flannel shirt, or a trench coat with leather pants. Get this ultra sophisticated military leather cap from the Leather Skin Shop!



4.A contemporary velvet jumpsuit

 Jumpsuits for WomenBlack Jumpsuits

No winter fashion tips for women can be complete without the mention of an outfit made with velvet! It is the ultimate winter fabric that is utterly resplendent and incredibly soft and warm. Velvet is synonymous with grandeur, which makes it the go-to fabric for night parties in winter.

Trending these days highly are jumpsuits made with velvet. With minimal accessories required, this outfit will set you apart from the crowd and definitely get you some admiring gazes!


You can pair the jumpsuit with a contrasting shrug or blazer and put on low heeled shoes, pumps, or flats with them for a relaxed look.


5.An all-leather look for the uptown diva


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Leather is definitely among the favorites of men and women alike. A perfect combination of sheen and luxe, leather jackets, skirts, and pants is the appropriate option if you wonder what to wear to a party in winter.

While it is up to you whether you want to wear a single leather essential and pair it with other fabrics, an all-leather look is undoubtedly a classy formal wear attire. You can opt for this Teal Leather Jacket from the Leather Skin Shop and pair it with a black leather skirt. You can leave the jacket unbuttoned and reveal the nice top you are wearing underneath.

Chained purses and stilettos are the perfect accessories for this outfit, and you can wear matching teal ear studs to nail the party look.


6.Dress up to the minute in a glossy satin dress


Some winter parties, date nights, and formal dinners call for dressy outfits. If you are invited to such a formal party, opt for a satin midi dress and pair it with high heels and delicate jewelry! You will look terrific and awe-inspiring in the super sleek outfit for sure!

The best thing about satin is the comfort it provides. This means that it is the perfect combination of dressy and cozy, which is all we want in parties held during the cold weather. Also, it fits so well on your body and enhances those curves for a sultry look (date night goals!) To sum up, satin is highly appropriate for functions and parties in every way.


The satin dress allows you to finally wear your pretty jewelry to give you that extra unique feel at festivities.


7.Leather handbags: the ultimate winter party accessory


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A stylish leather bag is all you need to make any winter party outfit look chic! Carrying a leather handbag with most formal outfits is a trending fashion. It completes the party look and is a convenient and durable accessory.

Make a fashion statement by carrying this high-quality faux leather handbag with a lipstick kiss pattern from Leather Skin Shop. The elegant handbag will go well with most of your outfits due to its versatile black color and elegant design.


It’s A Wrap!

Selecting the right style, fabric, and colors is the key to an outfit that makes you look super attractive. Fashion isn't a one for all thing as something that looks great on a model might not suit you. Therefore, assess your final look in the mirror and carefully notice any flaws before hitting the party!

We assume that your question “what to wear to a party in winter?” is answered well with the outfit suggestions given above. So this season, amp up your style at social gatherings by choosing the best winter formal attires. Not only will you woo onlookers with your dressing sense and charm, but you also stay protected from the chilly breeze.

Who knows, you might become the next trendsetter in your friends' circle and inspire them to dress as stylishly as you!

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