by Jennifer Smith January 08, 2020 5 min read

The hearts swirling instead of clouds,
The giddy feeling of elation,
The sound of laughter echoing in every corner,
The dubious joy in the air

We all know what time of the year it is. Yes! It’s the time to tie the knot of togethernesswith gifts of love.

Valentine’s Dayis right on the door, and here is your Valentine’s Day gift guide (Call it a token of love from LSS)

You are not someone who likes to settle, are you?

So, when February 14th rolls around, you want to WOW your sweetheart and give them a gift they will never forget. Sit back and scroll through these beautiful sentiment packed items, courtesy of the Leather Skin Shop (LSS.)

Gifts for him

  • Biker Jackets Make the Best Valentine’s Presents

When it comes to leather jackets, everyone knows that biker jackets are the real deal. And if you’re gifting something to your number 1, why wouldn’t you want it to be the best.

Rest assured, the jacket will have some heads turning when your man wears this on his Harley with those sturdy boots.But most of all, you won’t be able to take your gaze off of him.

But that is not just it, here are some more reasons why this is the perfect gift:

  • It is a decent looking jacket with no pockets and a front-end zipper.
  • Classy, simple, and elegant.
  • It is lightweight and adds to the convenience. So you can see your man dance and move without any restrictions.

Dashing Red Biker Leather Jacket

Buy Now - $199.00

  • Shoes Will Take Him Places

When it comes to first impressions, nothing is better than shoes. So, here’s some preparation to introduce him to your parents: find him a great pair of shoes. These suede leather shoes come equipped with the confidence to shine.

Here is what you can get out of these shoes apart from the confidence to shine:

  • A deep shade of red to express your love.
  • Hand made shoes that are perfectly crafted to remind him of the perfect relationship you two have.
  • The finest, high-quality leather, just what he deserves.

Men Red Chelsea Suede Leather Shoes

Buy them here

  • Hats for the Win

Do you know what’s underrated?

A great cowboy leather hat.

Do you know why we think so? Be it on a desert safari or a road trip to the countryside, these safari hats add that adventurous touch to your man. So, when you feel he needs some space, find him this great hat and book two tickets for a peaceful vacation in the countryside.

If you are confused about how he is ever to match it up with his outfit, have no fear, in our valentine’s day gift guide will teach you that too.

  • The hat works best with a great pair of leather boots to complement it. So, have your boots ready with your jeans and find a great plaid shirt to match it all up. Your cowboy is ready.
  • If you want to go explore, always pack a leather jacket with this fabulous hat. Leather jacket and suede leather hats are never a disappointing pair. We guarantee you wouldn’t stop staring.

Elegant Suede Leather Cowboy Safari Hat

buy it now!

Gifts for her

  • Snake Jackets!

Anyone even remotely interested in fashion is going to love a great piece of the leather jacket. And if you cannot say that about this red snake pattern leather jacket, we don’t know what even a great leather jacket is.

In a way, this jacket seems to have superpowers to complement your superwoman. It not only works with every outfit ever, be it a dress or a shirt, but also has the fitting to die for. Most of that comes from that beautiful snakeskin detailing on the jacket.

The jacket has padded sleeves and shoulders to keep her warm, but you’ll still have to give up your jacket for her at times. (wink, wink)

Bold Red Snake Pattern Faux Leather Jacket

Get this jacket now at $159.00

To match it up with a complete outfit to gift, you can:

  • Find a matching pair of shoes to add to the gift set. Not only will you be adding another special gift, but also helping your significant other create a great outfit for any day. An outfit that always reminds her about you.
  • If you want to go a little less than boots, try finding a great pair of jeans to go with the jacket. The jacket and jeans combination never fails to impress.
  • A Purse is Always a Safe Bet

    There is no better way to woo your woman than with a great leather bag.

    After all, a purse is half of the style statement that a woman wants to make, and you wouldn’t want to deprive your significant other of that. A great bag made out of leather and in a design that stands out is your best, safest bet.

    Say no more! And believe us, she is going to love this bag the most, just not as much as you. That is what makes this bag one of the best gifts on this Valentine’s Day gift guide.

    So, why not just gift this and see her eyes light up?

    Here is what she would wear it with:

    • A red long coat for all formal gatherings and settings.
    • When going out with her friends in a dress, all she needs are sandals to match the bag.

    Women Asymmetrical Style Tri Color Synthetic Tote Messenger Faux-Leather Patchwork Handbag

    buy it for only - $39.99

    • There’s Nothing as Exciting As A Sheep Leather Jacket

    Valentine's Day is all about showing how much the other person means to you! Your love has no bounds, and neither does this jacket.

    To make sure that the woman you get this for feels valued and happy, waste not even a second in buying this stunning product gift.

    The deep red color is sure to give her an aura of the fierceness and embolden her. Here is why the Women Distressed Red Brando Belted Sheep Leather Jacket with Epaulettes will make the perfect gift:

    • The high-quality leather ensures it’ll last as long as your love.
    • To make sure that the wearer is warm and comfortable, polyester is used to line the jacket, so your loved one is never going cold as long as she has your gift around her.
    • The buckle on the jacket is adjustable so you can get the perfect fit.

    Women Distressed Red Brando Belted Sheep Leather Jacket With Epaulettes

    Get this jacket now!

    Customized Gift for your loved ones

    Valentine’s Day is one when the entire world indulges in gift-giving and the art of professing their affection for their loved ones. You make sure to let them know their standing in your life. If you can’t find the words, you do it with gifts.

    Do you want to give your gift, a personalized touch, to make sure that the person you are giving it to, is thoroughly familiar with their importance in your life?

    Well, strain your eyes no more. LSS has the solution for you!

    • First, you have to upload a picture of the jacket you want to be customized. You can upload any design that you believe the receiver will adore and watch the magic happen.
    • Next, specify the color, the studs, the color of the lining and, any embellishment that you may want. Now, all you are left with is the size.
    • Once you pick that out, place your order with LSS.
    • Lastly, sit back and relax, the product will be at your doorstep in a couple of days!

    Final Word

    So this Valentine, exceed the expectations of your loved ones with the jazziest, glitziest, and awesome gifts and let the twinkle of their eyes make your day.

    You know where to shop and what to buy, so let your wallet unload!

    Now, you can do it with leathery goods.

    Happy Valentine’s, everyone!

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