by Jennifer Smith January 21, 2021 5 min read

Taking inspiration from the prevailing fashion looks, we all try to follow the latest trends in clothing. From the basics of the material, stitching styles and silhouettes, to the outfit detailing via accessories, fashion inspires us to dress stylishly.

It is a known fact Women's lifestyle blog that sometimes the bizarre designs and unconventional styles on the runway are not everyone's cup of tea. Fashion shows are increasingly becoming a lot more about showing an extreme form of creativity and peculiar designs rather than wearable styles.

We end up looking for fashion trends that are easy to adapt, practical, and upscale. Something which is a perfect balance between fascinating trends and classic styles. Here is where street style looks come to the rescue!


Unlike the outlandish runway fashion designs, street fashion is inspired by the casual street looks that are wearable yet up to the minute. The clothing essentials, accessories, and hairstyles that are a part of street fashion are functional, and hence much more followed than what we see on the ramp.

Originating in the '80s, where California's skateboarders and New York's hipsters' style inspired the casual dressing sense, street fashion became a highly popular fashion genre.

Here, at the Leather Skin Shop, we aspire to equip you with the swankiest clothing essentials that are perfect for the voguish street looks. Our jackets, coats, custom elements, and accessories can help you carry any street style look with panache. Let's walk through some of the exclusive looks that you can adapt and be a true fashionista.

1.The Dashing Leather Jacket Look For Men

Fashion Bloggers and Influencers swear by the suaveness of the classic leather jacket. It helps layer the fall and winter outfits, providing the perfect polished look that oozes style. Nothing can compare the practicality and grace of lustrous jackets made with genuine leather. They are fashionable, cozy, and don’t feel starchy or stiff.

Level up your streetwear look with this Exquisite Cedar Men’s Leather Jacket With A Shirt Collar. The jacket's rich color is perfect for the fall season and versatile enough to be worn over various outfits. Pair black, blue, or charcoal grey jeans with this jacket.

You can wear a plain white or a black shirt underneath the jacket and enhance the look further with accessories like a watch, beaded bracelet, and sunglasses. Complete the look with casual loafers for that classy allure.

Men Stylish Leather Jacket

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2.The Ultimate Dapper Wearing A Blazer

 What makes a man look dressed to the nines? A sleek, chic blazer!

Blazers have a quality to instantly give you a gentleman's look without actually wearing something formal. It is perfect clothing essential for those times when you have to make an impression in a casual setup. Leather blazers, particularly, help you stand out among the crowd with their subtle shine and edgy style. They also fit you perfectly, defining your masculinity with optimum comfort.

A snazzy street style look can be carried with the Leather Skin Shop’s Navy Blue Leather Blazer. You can wear it over slim-fit khakis for a casual look. Or, put on a beige high neck shirt, grey chinos and leave the blazer unbuttoned for a cool, laid back style.

Black Leather Jacket

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3.Versatile Look With Suede Leather Boots

The right footwear is what you need to give a finishing touch to the streetwear look in any season. Be it a khaki shorts and shirt outfit in summers or a layered fall outfit, boots complement a wide range of looks.

A trouser and buttoned-up shirt look is one of those outfits that looks uber-chic as well as classic. To make it edgier, go for these Men's Brown Ankle Lace Up Suede Leather Boots. The perfect fit and smart appearance of these boots help with the dapper looks you wish to achieve. As these boots are laced up, it gives an added exclusiveness to the outfit.

The same boots can also be teamed up with jeans and a turtle neck sweater to make heads turn wherever you go.

Mens Brown Ankle Lace Boots

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Now, let's get inspired by a few ritzy street style looks for the fashion divas.

4.The Regal Woman Wearing The Quilted Purple Jacket

Jackets are such a blessing. They are warm enough to help us bear the chilly winds without compromising on the style quotient. And when it comes to leather jackets, you get an added benefit of the absolute spruce in the streetwear outfits.

The Leather Skin Shop’s vast collection of women’s jackets has this beautiful Purple Quilted Gold Studded Skeletons Genuine Leather Jacket that can turn you into a show stopper instantly on any occasion. The royal purple shade is the epitome of feminity, which is what you need when you wish to flaunt the true fashionista in you. The jacket is quilted, providing optimum comfort and warmth. Plus, the gold studs add a dressy touch to any outfit you wish to wear.

The jacket can be worn over a black pencil skirt, blue jeans, or white capris for the perfect street look. It will be a treat to the eyes even if you choose a no-accessory look with it.

Womens Quilted Leather Jacket

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5.Embroidered Denim Jacket With a Dress

A beautifully embellished denim jacket is a woman's go-to essential for a variety of street styles. The jacket is highly versatile and completes fall and winter looks, all the while giving you the desired swank and comfort.

When it comes to embellishments, the Leather Skin Shop lets you design your own denim jacket with custom embroidery, studs, and pins. Both men and women can grab the opportunity to have the jacket of your choice made just for you.

Custom Style Denim Jacket

 Design Your Own Denim Jacket

A denim jacket with mesmerizing floral embroidered patterns makes the perfect spring essentials. Layer it over a plain white maxi dress for the girl-next-door look. Another streetwear idea is to wear the jacket over dark skinny jeans and complete the look with metal bangles, hoop earrings, and a silk scarf.


6.Complete The Street Style Looks With a Tricolor Leather Bag

Looking at the street looks on social media worldwide, we can see that bags are an accessory that dominates women's streetwear looks. They instantly change the whole dynamic of an outfit with their color and bling. A classy leather bag is all you need to complete your ritzy fashion looks.

To make a bold style statement, we suggest you opt for this Women Asymmetrical Style Tri-Color Synthetic Tote Messenger Faux-Leather Patchwork Handbag by the Leather Skin Shop. The bag is created with premium quality faux leather and had an asymmetrical design in three colors.

The bag will look amazing on many classic outfits like a diagonal cut skirt with blouses in a flattering color.  The bag is beautiful yet functional with enough storage space, adjustable straps and clasps, and closure snap in golden color.

Tote Red Leather Bag

 Get This Bag For Just $39


Contemporary fashion is mostly inspired by street fashion looks shared by the fashionistas on social media. Instagram, particularly, is a hub for fashion bloggers, celebrities, and influencers worldwide that is taking the fashion industry by storm with their dashing outfits in street style photography.

You will notice in most fall and winter looks the frequent use of high-quality leather goods such as jackets, boots, bags, and other accessories. When you wish to get any of those, look no other than the Leather Skin Shop's trendy collection of leather essentials. It is your one-stop-shop for premium quality, sophisticated designs that can help complete all of your street style looks.

Browse through our glamorous collection and pick your favorite leather accessory to make the ultimate fashion statement!

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