January 07, 2019 4 min read

Street style looks are all the rage in the US. Fashion is genuinely incomplete without street styles that rock. These innovative styles offer a comprehensive approach to fashion. After all, fashion exists beyond the runway. All it takes is a keen eye to identify a street style look that shimmers like a diamond out in the rough.

Though street fashion transforms rapidly, leather apparel is the exception. Street style looks are all about being expressive and unique. Leather can certainly add oomph to any look. One of the best things about leather apparel is how trendy and comfortable they are. Making a style statement is ten times easier with some timeless, gorgeous leather jackets. Regardless of what street style look you adopt, don’t forget to let your charisma shine.

Urban and chic is the way to go with streetwear this season. Let’s have a look at some Leather Skin Shoplooks that will never fail to impress.

Go Light on the Blues

soft shades of blues

In case you’re wondering pastel blues are the new black. The pastel pinks of last year officially have a new competitor.

This Spring is all about rocking soft shades of blues. Combinations of blue clothing and blue accessories are running hot in streetwear. You can consider wearing dungarees along with a shirt if you’re all about being fun. Just remember to let your individuality shine through with whatever apparel choices you make.

Dresses, blouses, and skirts are particularly hot this season. Do search your closet before choosing to rock any style. Let’s face it, all of us have accessories and clothing pieces that we’ve forgotten. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the outfit that will pull together if you pay attention to what you already own. If you don’t have any blues, you might have to go on a shopping spree.

This rule of light and pastel blues applies to other apparel items too. If you’re into a more charismatic and urban look, consider a belted leather jacket paired up with a stylish best leather bag. This look is all about beauty and comfort. Don’t forget to jazz up your look with some trendy accessories when you pull off this outfit.

Street style looks will indeed boast serenity and safety with these light, soft blues. Aren’t these bright hues an absolute treat for the eyes? Regardless of what you wear, don’t forget to add this color to your look when you’re heading out on the street.

Rocking a Leather Jacket with a Shirt and Tights

Leather Jacket with a Shirt

A leather jacket from Leather Skin Shop that hugs you around your shoulders and flaunts your figure is an excellent addition to any look. Street fashion looks are not an exception to this rule. This street style look is about working a comfy leather jacket with cool tights and a shirt. Sass is the word you are looking for when it comes to describing this look.

The best thing about street fashion is how it allows you to flash your individuality in public. While less is indeed more when it comes to streetwear, one should experiment with patterns and prints. The entire look should be meaningful and comfortable to you personally. Be bold and quirky if that defines your personality. Be monochrome and minimalist if you’re sophisticated and straightforward. Make sure you are honest with your style.

If you are head over heels over this look, but you don’t have a premium leather jacket, get one soon. Leather jackets are worth the investment as they’re effortlessly trendy. Years may pass but can never fail with a premium leather jacket.

Isn’t it amazing how a leather jacket can make an outfit look stunning? There is no going wrong with this luscious look.

Don’t forget your large handbag

large handbag

Heading out on the street, are we? You cannot afford to forget your handbag. A street look is incomplete without a beautiful and bold bag. Don’t hesitate to add a pop of color to your outfit with a handbag that stands out. When it comes to the trends, large bags are in and sizzling. If you were wondering about what sort of bag you should wear this season, here is your answer.

Denim never falls out of fashion. This season is all about incorporating bleached denim in street style looks. When you’re coming up with your outfit, don’t forget to integrate a gorgeous handbag. Be solid and confident with whatever look you rock. After all, when it comes to style personality takes precedence.

Not only are large handbags aesthetically pleasing but they also provide enough space to carry daily essentials. The functionality of these handbags is a total blessing. There are tonnes of leather handbags that can make any normal look transform into an incredible one. Rich, elegant, exquisite or funky whatever you like, you can get.

A large leather handbag can dazzle up any street style look with ease. This accessory will always ooze charm and confidence. Don’t you love it?


Street style fashion transforms over time. The unique and expressive elements of streetwear make them worth investing.

Regardless of whether you’re rocking blues, bleached denim or a large handbag this season, it is best to be confident. After all, street style is about being comfortable and charismatic at the same time. If you’re a bit unsure about how to style an outfit, trust leather.

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