by Jennifer Smith October 18, 2021 5 min read

Leather products are always in demand and genuine leather jackets have been favored by humans for a long time. The class and elegance offered by genuine leather jackets is second to none. Are you also looking for a natural leather jacket with premium quality but have no idea how to discriminate between genuine leather jackets and fake leather jackets?

We compiled this guide to help you stay away from synthetic leather jacket sellers. Just follow these 7 tips and you will be able to tell genuine leather from synthetic leather quite easily.

Ready? Let’s dive in!

Price Tag Speaks

Leather Jacket price tag


When it comes to leather jackets, judging it by the price tag is justifiable. Just like anything original, genuine leather is not dirt cheap so always keep that in mind while shopping for genuine leather jackets. People who have a real sense of originality know the difference between faux and genuine leather jackets.

Original leather jacket is 2x more expensive because leather is a natural product. Anything with a cheap price tag is synthetic leather and not genuine no matter what the company claims. Instead of buying cheap synthetic leather jackets, you should opt for genuine leather jackets that are a class of their own.

Do a Liquid Test

Liquid test on Leather Jackets


Another quick and easy method to spot a genuine leather jacket is to do a liquid test. In this test, drop a single drop of water on the surface and wait and watch. If the moisture is absorbed into the leather and a dark patch appears- the leather is genuine. If the water does not get absorbed and sits on the surface, you have been scammed in the name of original leather. The principal of this test is that leather is made up from countless small pores. These pores absorb the moisture just like wood. That's why genuine leather jackets will absorb the liquid while the synthetic leather jackets will repel it. Although some faux leather jackets may absorb the water to some degree. In that case, it's always preferable to follow caution and run other tests listed below.

Leather Scent Matters

Ahh the smell of genuine leather is something unique. It has a more natural odor that is quite particular like wood chips. Faux leather, on the other hand, is made using harsh chemicals that reeks of chemicals and plastic. This test is a quick one and you can easily do it while shopping for genuine leather jackets. Take a whiff and notice what the smell is like? Does it smell like nature and earth? If that's the case then, you have found THE ONE.

Notice the Texture Keenly

Leather texture

Another differentiating element about faux and genuine leather is the texture of the surface. The fake leather is synthesized so the grain or texture of the surface is even and symmetrical while genuine leather has an imperfect grain texture with variation and uneven patterns. So take a good look at the grain when buying genuine leather jackets and if you see the texture is smooth and even, that's not the real thing. The texture of natural leather is somewhat imperfect and that's what makes it natural and authentic.

Give it a Twist

Twisting Leather

Go on. Twist it nicely. And it will help you determine whether you have got the real deal or not? When shopping for genuine leather jackets, bend the material and observe keenly. If you notice the change of color and wrinkles, Voila, you have got the original stuff. But if there are no wrinkles or change of color and the leather maintains its texture, it is chemically altered. For example, if you bought a red leather jacket and it does not change its color upon twisting, you might have bought a faux leather jacket. Real leather is a lot more flexible and will bend easily compared to synthetic leather which is rigid.

Weigh it

More it weighs, the more genuine it is! Yes we are talking about the leather here. If you are buying genuine leather jackets for the first time, take some time to weigh the jackets while in the store. Real leather is heavy weight because it is made from natural skin like cowhide or lambskin. The synthetic leather is machine made which makes it lightweight because it is not a natural thing. So keep the weight aspect in mind while buying original leather jackets.

Check the Borders

Borders of a Leather Jacket

The borders and edges speak loudly whether the leather is original or faux. The stark difference between genuine and faux leather is that the real leather has coarse and uneven edges. Faux leather on the other hand have smooth edges and defined finishing which makes it look cool, no doubt. But a genuine leather jacket is something else with all its natural flaws and grandeur. Always look for the edge whether you are buying a leather bag, genuine leather jacket or even wallets.

Run a Fire Test

Fire test on Leather Jacket

The fire test is somewhat risky and should be avoided. You can try other tests that we have talked about. Only try this test if you own a leather jacket and cannot tell the difference even after running all the tests.
Because synthetic leather is made from plastic that is derived from petroleum, it is flammable. Now don't go and set your jacket on fire like that! But the real leather has high resistance to fire because it is made from natural animal leather and not from chemical products. If you aim to try this method, just pick the edge of men bomber leather jacket and bring it to close proximity to the fire. If it smells like plastic, the leather is faux!

Wrap Up

If you are shopping for genuine leather jackets as a beginner, these simple and easy tips will help you spot the difference between faux and natural leather. These days the market is brimming with faux leather products and manufacturers are coming up with different ways to make a faux leather product look closely similar to natural leather products. In that case, it's important to know how to differentiate between faux and genuine leather.


What is Real Leather Made of?

When we talk about real leather, we mean the leather made from animal skin. Cowhide and lambskin is a common leather type although goat, buffalo and exotic leather such as alligators and snake skin are also used for making leather goods. Cow and goat leather is just a by-product as cows are mostly used for meat and dairy purposes.

Is Genuine Leather Waterproof?

Genuine leather can be water-resistant but not 100% waterproof. Leather absorbs water to some extent but it does not repel water like synthetic leather. Synthetic leather already has a layer of plastic while genuine leather is made from natural products which means it is porous so it cannot be waterproofed completely. There are treatments to make the genuine leather waterproof.

Which Leather is the Softest?

All types of leather are quite soft and feel like second skin but if we are talking about the softest leather, the lambskin is the winner. The reason is that it comes from an animal source that hasn't matured yet which is why it is airy, lightweight and has a velvety structure.

How Can You Tell the Quality of Leather?

As a beginner it is important to educate yourself about the qualities of genuine leather. The quality speaks for itself and you can also run a few tests like the real leather has a grainy texture and absorbs water while synthetic leather has a smooth texture and repels the water. Price tag is another tell-tale sign of the quality of genuine leather.

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