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The mention of leather jackets brings the stereotypical black leather, biker, bomber-shaped jacket to the mind's eye. Despite this common perception, leather jackets come in a plethora of styles and colors that can be styled for any occasion under the sun. If you're looking to shift beyond the generic leather jacket as the days start to get chilly- white leather jackets are a versatile and stylish alternative. They protect you from chilblains, look good with most outfits, and are a transformative style option.

White leather jackets may bring rockstars with long hair, cowboy hats, and spurred-heel boots to the mind, but they can be elegant, chic, retro, and even punky if styled correctly. This guide will combat the stereotypical and overused black and brown leather jacket options and instead center white-dyed leather jackets!

When the Time is Right

White leather jackets can be cream-white, egg-white, and even stark white. Like most white clothing, it's very easy to get them dirty. So, you should always wear them when the weather is suitable, when the kids aren't around with grubby fingers, and when the outing is such that any kind of spillage chances are normal.

Breezy yet Warm

Ever felt like you were being slowly cooked to death in a black leather jacket and had to tone down your outfit by taking the jacket off? This problem is easily solved by purchasing light-weight white jackets, given the nature of the color white- it reflects heat and light away from your body, contrary to black, which absorbs heat. You cannot wear thick white jackets during the summer months, but as the weather edges towards spring, your fall closet becomes all the better by adding white leather jackets. Got balmy and windy summers where you live? A light jacket without a lining will spice up any outfit, especially when worn over a summer dress, without being uncomfortably warm.

Fitted as a Glove

Leather jackets can either flatter your body shape and highlight the hours you spend in the gym while giving you good posture, or they can make you look like a drowning astronaut. It is for this reason that getting one that fits your build perfectly is so important. Cropped white leather jackets are more appropriate for a casual look and highlight the shape of your legs. Longer jackets add that ultimate suaveness to a more formal outfit by making it look like you just stepped off the runway. While getting a leather jacket tailored is too much of a hassle, make sure the one you buy serves a fashionable function!

You Get What You Pay For

White leather jackets are expensive, and there are no two ways about that fact. However, they are a versatile closet option that you can pull out in the middle of summer instead of keeping them for winter. Hence it won't remain buried for the majority of the year. A good, high-quality white leather jacket is expected to last you at least a decade. Hence the initial dent in your pocket is a good investment.


Unlike the common fate of sheen on other leather jackets, white leather jackets are less likely to shed. While leather, in essence, may shed with age and look well-worn after being worn for a couple of years, white leather ages comparatively slower than the others. This ensures that the rustic element commonly associated with leather jackets remains constant with white jackets but without dilapidation and wear and tear. Stark white leather jackets will yellow slightly over time- adopting a more natural look that fits well with most outfits. The longevity of white leather jackets and the potential to hold their shape long after you have bought them makes them unique and a must-have closet item.

Versatility and Utility

If your inner fashionista is in a deep slumber, shrugging on a white leather jacket is a calculated way to look effortlessly chic. Since white leather jackets can go on top of ribbed shirts, button-downs, knit tops, t-shirts, blouses, and dresses and match effortlessly with slim-fit pants, skirts, or mom jeans, they are easily a good match for any outfit. They are transformational in giving your outfit an extra edge. White leather jackets are well-suited to look thoroughly in place at winter formals, a concert, a meeting with the kids' teachers, or just a casual night out. Not only will you be wearing the jacket frequently, but you can also rotate outfits and mix-and-match for an entirely different vibe every time.

Don’t be Basic

The generic layout of a t-shirt with some jeans and brown or black leather jackets is an everlasting classic. However, if you want to stand out from the crowd and still look atop fashion trends while also prioritizing breathability and comfort- white leathers are the better option to go with. There are many style options available for leather jackets with other colors, but going beyond the brown and black jackets is a transformative look, one that you will grow to appreciate during the winter months when everyone looks like cardboard cut-outs of the same jacket shop!

Stress-free Maintenance

Contrary to what might be first assumed about their maintenance, white leather jackets can be cleaned very easily. However, it is worth noting that stains such as permanent markers or food stains may irreversibly stain the jacket. A hack to cover this up is to iron on jacket patches- colorful patches of your favorite band not only customize your jacket but bring forth that street-style look on what was a plain jacket! Since the outer layer of your white jacket is smooth, some detergent and cloth are sure to remove minor stains- there are always patches and attachments to save the day if your jacket seems beyond repair.

Cushy and Comforting

If you buy a genuine leather jacket in any color, it will not be scratchy or stuffy in the slightest. Therefore, apply the same vetting procedures to white leather jackets. Faux leather white a shiny white outer layer won't just be an eyesore; it will likely leave you sweating buckets at the end of even a winter day! If you're vegan and don't wear leather, fantastic vegan leather alternatives look just as stylish.

When in Doubt, Choose Brown!

Brown Leather Jackets

The versatility of leather jackets cannot be understated as a closet staple, and brown leather jackets closely follow the same equation as white leather jackets. If you are not comfortable wearing a white leather jacket, brown is the next best option. For a busy mom with kids around, white leather jacket won't be a wise choice as it'll get dirty pretty quickly.

Similarly, if you are a construction worker, you can't wear a white leather jacket to the field with all the dust and dirt flying around. A good old brown leather jacket will be a perfect choice for you in that case.

More commonly used and a familiar staple for many closets, brown leather jackets can create the undeniably cool biker look. For a casual look, wear it with low slung jeans .For a more sophisticated and sporty look- pair your brown leather jacket with chunky sneakers and shades. Adding white pants and a tucked dress shirt with a brown leather jacket will give you a sharp and professional look.

Channel your Inner Fashionista

Jacket Maintenance 101

Jacket Maintenance

Having the know-how of maintenance is a must for anyone who owns a leather jacket and has spent a pretty penny purchasing one. While white leather ages more gracefully than others that may appear dingier and more frayed after use, it also requires extra conditioning to maintain longevity and seem appropriate. Real leather needs conditioning to preserve the seamlessness of its texture, often achieved through a cream or rub directly applied to the surface of the jacket. This prevents fissures from appearing on the surface, and by extension, the corrosion of your white jacket.

Outfit Inspirations- Patterns, Pairing, and Colors

Outfit inspiration

Pulling off white jackets isn't everyone's cup of tea- hence people hardly ever reach for white leather jackets beyond the brown and black ones. However, leather jackets as a whole are a very versatile clothing item- but you need the right size, length, and fit to be able to pull it off because nobody wants to look like they're drowning in a hazmat suit!

Most white leather jackets come with black linings and zips, and some may even have garish emblems on them- make sure you know exactly what you want. We have also curated this style guide that will help you channel all kinds of looks from boho, vintage to chic and busy mom!

1. Off-Duty CEO

Black Patches Leather Jacket

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Men’s styling options are also made versatile by adding a white leather jacket to the closet. The off-duty CEO, trying out formula racing while counting many millions and sporting a fresh fade and sunglasses is exhibited the best by the snug fit and black stripe contrast offered by this black patches leather jacket.

2. The Classic Southern CowGirl

Cowboy White Leather Jacket

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The rules of white clashing with white aren't applicable when it comes to this fit. Classic black or white tanks, tees, and even button-downs tucked into loose-fit pants enable a sophisticated casualness that doesn't compromise on comfort whatsoever. Wellingtons, booties, combats, and ankle socks all seamlessly fit in with the casual flair of the cowboy white leather jacket. Accessorize this with a nude or brown purse and black sunglasses!

3. Hot Girl Fall

We certainly hope you’re not wearing genuine leather in the blazing summer heat, but as the weather inches towards cooler times and you have an under-the-sun picnic planned- this look is the route to take. Pair your white leather jacket with a slip top or deep neck top. It can be silk or a light knit in a dark color- preferably red, plum, or jade green. Some faded denim skinny jeans or ripped skinny black jeans, pumps, or sandals with this look scream casual, yet cool, picnic aesthetics.

4. Casual Drinks and Dinner

White Belted Leather Jacket

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A slinky top or lacy black tank with a fitted, belted white leather jacket and a pair of slim-fit pants can be as roguish or toned down as you like. Bold red lipstick, gold hoops, and high heels make this as much a party outfit as any other. You can switch out the jeans for a business skirt for a business meeting. The opportunities are endless! For cooler days, the jacket can replace a blazer or cardigan as a weather-friendly option.

5. The Busy Mom

White leather Jacket with pink strips

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This one is a classic, but with brown and black leather jackets or some washed denim on denim looks. For a more refreshing, vitalizing outlook to your hectic sultry day spent running errands, don a casual white leather jacket with light pink stripes, comfortable mom jeans or pants, and the ever-present tennis shoes or sneakers.

6. Rock Star

A black flared skirt or skater skirt with fishnets, combat boots, or platform sandals, a crop top or bralette with a white leather jacket over the outfit to beat away the winds and the cold- you will look like the frontman of a rock band! With gothic accessories and flyaway hair, this look is carelessly cool!

7. The Office Bossman

Straight cut white leather jacket

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Have a casual dinner with a client at a restaurant that doesn’t require suits and ties? This slim fit, straight cut white leather jacket brings attention to your shoulders and arms and enables you to look sophisticated, professional and yet in with the times! Made to be worn while out playing polo on a cold day and with a layout such that any business partner is bound to ask you where you got it, this look ranks high on the suave scale!

8. The Party Girl

Embellished White Leather Jacket

Get This Jacket For $325.00

Many party-goers struggle with making winter apparel event-appropriate because it is usually chunky and unflattering. There's a quick solution- a knit sling dress or silk slip dress with knee-high boots or thigh-length socks to beat out the chill. Better still, add an embellished white leather jacket with loads of zips to make a statement!

This list is by no means exhaustive of all that you can achieve with a white leather jacket. Other options to explore besides the over-used black and brown leather jackets are colors like light gray, green, maroon- all of which can fit in incredibly well when you match them up with outfits.

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