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"I am obsessed with leather jackets."

Do you observe yourself saying this a lot? Are you a person who takes care of your belongings very seriously? Don't worry as you are absolutely normal. Just like other pieces of clothing, your leather jackets also require care and maintenance if you want them to last for upcoming years.

It doesn't matter whether you own a leather biker jacket or any other leather jacket, as all of these jackets require an equal amount of care and maintenance. We understand if you don't want to mess up your beloved jacket, which is why we are right here.

Today, we will be sharing some amazing tips on how you can protect leather jackets from fungus.

Ways to protect leather jacket from fungus:

Fungus on leather jacket

There are various ways that you can opt to keep your leather jackets intact from fungus. We have compiled a list of some of the most effective ones:
Figure out the type of leather

Before jumping in and following the first hack that you come across on social media, it is important to know the type of leather jacket you have. There are different qualities of leather available in the market, and not all hacks will work out great for you.

Determining the type of leather will also help you pick out appropriate cleaning solutions that are well-suited for your jacket. If you aren't aware of the kind of leather you are dealing with, you can always make a quick Google search, and if required results don't pop up, ask your seller, and they will let you know.
You may be wondering, why is it essential to know about the type of leather? As leather is of different types, if you cannot figure the type of your leather jacket, you might end up destroying your favorite piece of clothing.


1. Use a leather spray

Spraying Leather jacket

One of the most common solutions to protect leather jacket from fungus is to use a leather spray. As leather sprays are specially made for leather goods and leather jackets, they won't ever let you down. Make sure you invest in a high-quality leather spray so that it lasts you for a while and doesn't damage the look of your leather jacket.

Using a leather spray helps protect the leather jacket from moisture. If your jacket is wet or has any moisture on it, then the chances are that fungus or mold could grow on your jacket.

When spraying your leather jacket, make sure to do it from some distance and let the spray to dry off. Spraying your leather jacket will protect it from fungus and keep it soft, supple, and waterproof.


2. Apply vinegar and water

Do you own different colored leather jackets and love to style them differently with all your pre-fall and winter outfits? While it can be fun to style leather jackets according to your mood and the occasion, it's important that you don't neglect to care for them.

If you're a person who owns multiple leather jackets and can't afford expensive treatment or washes, then we have a basic home treatment hack for you. You must have heard how great vinegar can be for cleaning surfaces, but did you know that it can work wonders on your leather jacket as well?

To prevent fungus build-up, mix one cup of water and vinegar in a bowl and apply the mixture all over your leather jacket with a microfiber cloth. You can follow this amazing cleaning regimen whenever your jacket needs cleaning.


3. Keep your jacket dry

Did you know that leaving a wet leather jacket increases the chances of fungus and mold building up? Now, it wouldn't be a pleasant experience if something like this happened to your favorite leather jacket.

Imagine that you're walking home one fine day wearing your leather jacket, and it suddenly starts to rain. As soon as you get home, please don't hang your jacket inside your closet but keep it in an open area so that it dries quickly. Once it's dry enough, you can hang it back inside without worrying about fungus.
Also, once your jacket dries off, don't fold it or stuff it inside your wardrobe. Instead, hang it properly so the jacket remains uncracked and in good shape.


4. Spread leather conditioner all over

Have you recently taken out fall attire from your wardrobe? Do you want your leather jacket to feel fresh and good as new? If yes, then investing in a leather jacket conditioner is a wise option.

If you want to protect leather jacket from fungus, then it is essential to take care of leather jacket hygiene and freshness. To condition your leather jacket, apply the solution all over your jacket until you feel the softness of the material.

Other than routine cleaning, you can also use a leather conditioner after you have been out in the rain or snow to improve the condition of your leather jacket. When you use leather conditioner for the first time, carry out a spot check to proceed with the process without worrying.

5. Ensure safe storage

ensure safe storage

Do you have a separate portion in your wardrobe to store your fall or winter clothing to make things easier? Well, it's time that you put that separate portion of your closet to good use. If you only wear your leather jackets during fall or winter, then put them away safely during the summer months. Are you clueless about how to handle that? Then, we have some advice for you.

First, select a warm and dry place because wet or moist areas are unsuitable for leather jacket storage. When placing your jacket on a hanger, use a wide padded hanger to avoid creases and lines. A wide hanger will ensure that your jacket remains smooth and free from cracks and wrinkles.

Choose a storage space away from direct sunlight, as strong sunbeams can cause your jacket color to wear off. If you want to hang your leather jacket in a bag for increased safety, choose a breathable clothing bag because cheap plastic bags absorb humidity and moisture.

6. Rub leather wax

Like leather spray, leather wax is also widely used by leather jacket owners to keep their jackets intact and in shape.

You can use wax on your leather jacket to increase your jacket's water-resistance and provide it with better coverage and protection. Leather wax not only makes your leather jacket look more blooming but also prevents fungus or mold from building up.

Leather wax is also an amazing option for bringing out the natural shine in your leather jacket, sealing and protecting the leather, making it soft and comfortable to wear. If your leather jacket has worn out a little due to excessive use, then rubbing leather wax will help you revive its previous look.

7. Regularly dust the leather

Dusting Leather Jacket

Would you like to know about one of the simplest ways to maintain your leather jacket? If you are short on time and cannot follow elaborate cleaning routines, then take out a few minutes to dust off your leather jacket every few days.

As leather jackets protect you from rain, wind, dirt, dust, and almost everything else, shouldn't you at least keep your jacket intact? To brush off the dust from your leather jacket, you can use a soft clean cloth or a brush that isn't harsh.

When dusting off your leather jacket, don't forget to clean inner pockets as they also gather dust. Especially wipe over areas which are exposed to harsh weather conditions more. Be very gentle when dusting, as harsh movements could cause creases on the jacket.

If you forget to dust off your leather jacket regularly, it will be difficult to clean the dust layers later on as they become even more noticeable.

When your shirts and pants look flawless, why shouldn't you adopt the same for your leather jackets? Don't you want to flaunt a leather jacket that looks as good as new no matter how many times you wear it? Select a dry area in your closet to hang your jacket so you can retain its look and condition for years to come.

We hope that the mentioned tips on how to protect leather jacket from fungus were useful for you. Don't forget to share your feedback and reviews with us once you try out the tips mentioned above.

What are you waiting for now? Go clean that leather jacket of yours using the hacks above before it gets covered up in fungus.


1. Why shouldn't I wash leather jackets in the washing machine?

Washing a leather jacket in a machine or a dryer will cause the jacket leather to crack and dry out. In some situations, the jacket might also shrink and lose its shape.

2. How do leather jackets catch fungus?

Leather jackets catch fungus by absorbing moisture or humidity from the atmosphere. If you live in a humid area, you should be extra careful with your leather jackets and their protection. 

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