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Being sharply dressed is our number one priority while attending any sort of event or going out.

Judging a book by its cover isn’t good, but people judge your personality by your shoes. And hey, it’s not my personal opinion but research backs this claim too.

According to this study conducted by the Journal of research in personality, footwear can be used to judge other people’s personalities. So gentleman, it's time to up your shoe game.

Choosing a perfect outfit is always a priority for people, but you must not forget that selecting a perfect pair of shoes according to the occasion is equally important. Because wearing the right type of footwear can take your dress game up a notch, whereas choosing the wrong shoes can blemish your whole outlook.

That's why we compiled this guide to help you choose perfect shoes for every occasion and how to select custom shoes for men.

6 Top Tips to Choose Perfect Custom Shoes for Men

Perfect Custom Shoes for Men


Many people won't waste time buying perfect shoes. They just want something good-looking that they can wear anywhere. Some men want style and comfort while buying shoes, and they are least bothered with other essential elements. But research shows us, people can judge your personality based on your shoes, so you should always do some research while buying footwear.

The truth is, there are a lot of factors to consider while buying shoes. You need to check some basic boxes to make sure your investment is indeed worth it. We did all the heavy lifting for you and made a 6 step guide that can help you perfect shoes for every occasion.

Choose by Season

Your footwear wardrobe largely depends on the season you are shopping in. you cannot ignore the external effects and weather elements while shopping for shoes. In winters, you might be looking for designs and colors that you can’t even think of wearing in summer. Chelsea boot is one such example. For summers, sneakers, slip-ons, and boat shoes are popular options. So if you are shopping by season, always do your research and keep the outside vibe in mind.

Choose by Occasion

We all have a scheduled life where we go with our day-to-day lives. While shoe hunting, keep your daily routine and what occasion and events you are going to in mind. Even if you have the most expensive shoes on the planet, but they are not according to the event, it will do you more harm than good to wear them.

You can go to a formal event in running shoes. Similarly, you can't attend a wedding in a pair of flip flops or crocs. For a smart and casual look, go for sneakers, loafers, and brogues. For formal events, nothing works better than a pair of refined oxford shoes.

Choose by Outfits

Shoes can make or break an outfit, and the same is true for an outfit as well. You need to be on the top of your game in both departments. So to buy perfect shoes, you need first to decide what type of outfit you will be wearing.

You need to keep in mind the dress code because no matter how fancy your footwear is, it will be a fashion disaster if you pair it with the wrong type of outfit. Always buy shoes that will blend well with your dress. You don't want your shoes to stop overshadowing or under shadowing your dress.

Decide whether you want footwear for a casual or professional affair and choose accordingly. Buying sneakers as office wear is definitely going to get you some funny glances from your co-workers. To avoid these looks, read the complete guide below.

Choose by Comfort

Style is important when it comes to choosing shoes, but so is your comfort. So never compromise on that. If you wear a fancy yet uncomfortable shoe to a client meeting, you will end up being distracted and under confident. It’s always better to prioritize your comfort and ease while hunting for shoes. If your shoes are ill-fitted and not supportive enough and you have to wear them for a long time, you might end up hurting your feet. That’s why always make sure to buy well-fitted shoes.

The same goes for shoe style. If you feel confident wearing one type of shoes, stick to that because confidence is the key here. Sure, change is better sometimes, but if it makes you under confident and affects your performance or personality, it's not worth it!

Choose by Color

While buying shoes, one of the main aspects to consider is shoe color. This totally depends on your preference. If you want a shoe that will go with maximum outfits, you should opt for neutral colors like black or brown. But if you are aiming for a unique look and want a specific type of footwear to complement that look- you need to stick to a particular color.

Always remember to buy shoes that are darker or atleast close to the color of your pants. There’s a reason for that. You see if your pants are darker than your shoes, your footwear is not going to make an impression.

Don't forget to factor in the type of pants you wear while buying shoes. For the jeans lover, there are a wide variety of shoe colors to choose from. Jeans are so versatile that you can choose any type of color with them and still your shoes will stand out. For other trouser types, go with a color that is darker than your pants.

Choose by Quality

Never compromise on the quality of the shoe. Going for low-quality shoes can save you some money but you will end up spending more eventually. A quality pair of footwear is your best investment since shoes are so crucial to our personality.

Our shoe size doesn't really change once we hit adulthood so investing in high-quality premium leather shoes makes a lot of sense. Just think about it! You have to wear shoes every day for the office, outings, formal events, friends get togethers, weddings, etc., so it makes sense to buy top-quality shoes that will last you a long time instead of going through the hassle of buying them and again.

Best Custom Shoes for Every occasion

Model CEO/Employee

Oxford Shoes for Men

Get Yourself Similar Shoes for Just $199.00

When you walk in the room wearing Oxford, people can't help but notice you. So If you have to attend a lot of formal events and seminars, oxford shoes are the best investment for you. Oxford or Balmorals are characterized by a closed-lacing system and are equipped with low instep and non-rubber soles. If you are looking for elegant and classy shoes that you can wear to any kind of professional event, Oxford should be on top of the list.

If you want footwear that will go with all types of outfits, black oxford shoes are most suitable. You can wear them to office, corporate events, funerals, and even weddings. Whether a black-tie event or a seminar, the refined and elegant design of black oxford shoes add that hint of professionalism and sharpness that you need to make an impact on your audience. Oxford goes nicely with a black tux, a power suit or even with formal dress pants.

For a semi-professional look, we recommend buying brown oxford shoes.

Smart Look

Brogue Shoes for Men

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If you are looking for something that isn't too casual nor too professional, Brogue is the perfect fit for you. Men with a relaxed office dressing code need something that makes them look professional yet smart and casual. Brogues are typically decorative leather shoes but less pointy compared to Oxford. The perforation, stitches and holes in brogues makes it a perfect shoe for a smart yet sharp look. The great thing about Brogue is they are pretty versatile.

If you are attending a formal event, go with a darker shade. For a more casual outlook, lighter shades work better. If you want to wear brogue as a formal footwear, remember not to buy one with a lot of broguing, making it more casual than traditional.

Hang out Plans

Oxford Shoes for Men

Get Yourself Similar Shoes for Just $279.00

After a hectic week, the weekend is all about getting relaxed and kicking off those Oxford. For a fun and casual vibe, opt for loafers as your casual footwear. Whether it's a family hangout or a friend’s get together, swap your leather dress shoes for loafers. Extremely popular in the footwear industry, loafers are basically from Scandinavia, but you can see them all around these days.

They are easy to slip on and are lace-free, making Oxford a popular choice among men who dress to impress. They good thing about loafers is they are extremely versatile and can accommodate variety of color palettes. You can wear them for a casual look, but they can also be used for a less rigid formal look. Navy loafers are pretty in vogue these days and they go well with whites, beiges and greens.

Errands wear

Flat Sandals for Men

For daily footwear, comfort cannot be compromised. Sandals work best in this regard. Flat sandals are our top choice because they are extremely comfortable so you can wear them all day long without having shoe blisters. They are simple and practical yet pretty easy to match up with any outfit you choose. You can choose from a range of colors and strip styles from basic to super vibrant colors- sandals will quickly become your favorite type of footwear. And the great thing is that there is lots of design variety so you can wear them to some formal events. But you have to make sure that the sandal you choose mixes perfectly well with your outfit and abides by the dress code of the event you are to attend.

Romantic Shenanigans

Leather Boots for Men

Get Yourself Similar Shoes for Just $178.00

Choosing the right type of footwear for a date is quote tricky. You want to make a good first impression and choosing a perfect pair of shoes will help you make a lasting impression on your partner. Choose the type of footwear that shows that you care enough to wear the right shoes but don't go for formal shoes.

If it's fall or winter, opt for boots to leave a good impression. Boots always look chic, are versatile enough for every occasion and are smart and comfortable to wear. Another option that can't go wrong on a date is sneakers. Well-fitted jeans with sneakers are always a good look and make you appear cool and chill. Sneakers will give you a fancy vibe that sint snobbish. A pair of jeans, a trendy sweater and a pair of cool sneakers will definitely make your date swoon over your outlook.

Oh and whatever you wear, don’t opt for open-toed shoes because they look way too casual and indicate that you are making no serious effort.

Vacation Wear

High quality Sneakers for Men

Planning a long-due trip? Don’t forget to pack perfect footwear for travel. when traveling, comfort and style cannot be compromised. You can't take a walk on the beach in Oxford, right? That’s why we recommend investing in high-quality sneakers. Sneakers are pretty versatile so you can use them when you are out and about or while you are just lounging in.

Moreover, the comfort provided by sneakers can’t be beat. If you have a lot of traveling ahead, sneakers are perfect for train or plane ride. Sneakers were perfect to rock that smart yet casual summer look while vacationing. Wear them with jeans or shorts, you will never look out of place.

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