Hooded Leather Jackets for Men and Women

Give a modern twist to the leather jacket look by wearing a trendy women’s or men’s hooded leather jacket.

About Hooded Leather Jacket

A leather jacket with a hood is also known as a leather hoodie. It can be a valuable addition to your outerwear collection, providing impeccable style and comfort. Women's and men's leather jackets are already a sought-after piece of clothing. The exquisite look of leather, its durability, comfort, and other great qualities makes leather jacket a popular fashion choice.

Origins and Popularity in Contemporary Styles

When a hood is added to a leather jacket, the style quotient of the jacket increases. Both women's and men's leather jackets with hood reminds one of the hip-hop style or street fashion movement from the bygone eras.  Hooded jacket was also associated with rebellion among the youth subcultures during 70s and 80s, making it a staple for punk fashion. Now, a leather jacket with hood is a modern fashion fixture for street style.

Besides magically transforming your look from ordinary to savvy, women’s and men’s hooded leather jackets can be incredibly versatile. You can go for the ready-to-wear options available in the category of leather hooded jacket for women and men. Or, you can order custom leather jackets with attached or detachable hoods in a perfect fit to portray your individuality.

Types of Leather Jacket with Hood

Hooded leather jackets come in a range of styles, colors, and materials. You can opt for a men’s or women’s leather hoodie made of full grain cow leather, lambskin, or sheepskin. You can choose a specific type, such as hooded faux leather jackets, real leather jacket a distressed leather jacket or suede jacket. 

A hood can be a feature added to biker leather jackets, shirt collar leather jackets, or racer leather jackets. A leather bomber jacket for men or women can also have an attached or detachable hood. Besides the popular hooded bomber jackets, you can buy a hooded long coat or vests.

A jacket with hood is a functional garment, but a removable hood in some designs is also a very practical feature. A detachable hood in a hooded jacket gives you the warmth and protection, besides allowing you to instantly change your style when needed. You can wear a jacket without hood, and if it starts raining all you need to do is to affix the removable hood to stay protected.

A wide range of colors is available when it comes to leather jackets, so you can choose a black, white, grey, or maroon leather jacket with a hood. The choice of colors or style depends on your current wardrobe and personal fashion choices.

Classic Black or Brown Leather Jacket with Hood

If you are looking for a classic hooded leather jacket, a black leather jacket with a hood or a brown leather jacket with hood are the go-to options. A women's or men's leather jacket in black or a brown hooded jacket pairs well with most of your wardrobe pieces. You can opt for both of the classic hues in the form of bomber jackets, coats, or jackets in many different types.

Leather Hoodie in Pullover Style

Pullover-style leather hoodies for men and women look cool and classy. They are a must-have leather jacket type for outfits that need a sporty touch to be complete.

Zipped Hooded Leather Jacket

As it fuses comfort and convenience with style, you can go for a women’s or men’s leather hooded jacket with a front zipper opening. A stylish spin to this leather jacket type is a Brando style motorcycle leather jacket with a hood and an asymmetrical front zipper.

Punk Leather Jacket with Hood

If you are a punk fashionista, there are many spiked and studded leather jacket designs that you can opt for. Rock your punk leather jacket with a hood to be the life of the party or a fashionable street style look.

Hooded Leather Vest

Do you want a sleeveless leather hooded jacket that adds an urban touch to your look? Swap a full sleeved hooded leather jacket with a spectacular men's leather vest!

Styling a Leather Hoodie

Men can simply wear a brown hooded leather jacket with jeans and a regular t-shirt. Or they can layer a black hooded leather jacket with a black turtleneck and ripped jeans for a dashing look.

Women can pair the hooded leather jacket with jeans, skirts, dresses, and sweaters for a chic street worthy style. An impressive way to style a navy blue leather jacket with a hood is to wear it over a printed white and blue top, and light blue faded slim fit jeans.

A great alternative for the hooded leather jacket style is to wear a leather jacket with a hoodie, as it gives a similar look and style.