COVID-19 Update

We are all in this together!

The impact of COVID-19 is being felt across the globe. It is the most challenging time that history has ever offered. The pandemic is disrupting lives, the global economy, and how the things used to function before. Right now, we are navigating the unknown, but be assured we are here for you.

Measures we are taking

We are following WHO advisory on taking necessary precautions

Temperature checks are being performed on a daily basis for all employees

Distance is being maintained between the staff

Hand sanitizers & protective masks are available for all staff

The packages are being disinfected before the mail is sent out


Amid all the chaos, Leather Skin Shop is taking all the precautionary measures suggested by the authorities. Our shipping facility is open for customers, and we are still serving you the way we used to.

It’s time to support small businesses. Our digital door welcomes you to check the colossal collection of leather apparel and accessories we have homed. If there is something you were planning to buy before, feel free to buy it now.

Our website is functional, and we are delivering the orders to our customers. An important thing: Leather Skin Shop has decided to donate a percentage of the profit to COVID-19 Relief Fund.

We stand with the notion of “We are all in this together.” Thank you for your trust and for being a loyal customer of Leather Skin Shop.