by Jennifer Smith October 06, 2021 5 min read

What is that I hear?
What is approaching?
That's right!
Halloween is approaching – the best time of the year – and we are all ready for it.
The spooky vibe, the knocks on your door for some candies, the experimenting with the costumes to make the perfect one - I can't wait anymore.
That reminds me –do you guys have your costumes ready for the spooky day? No? Well, don't you worry…
You are at the right place!
Halloween is just the perfect time when you can unleash your creative side and let it take over you. No judging, no fear, only your creativity!
But we understand it can be stressful coming up with costumes; that's why we got a list of some of the best (and spine-tingling) Halloween costume ideas that you can slay at your Halloween part-ay!

Joker – why so serious?


The unique.
The fantastic.
One of the most loved:
The crazy clown that has stolen the hearts of everybody –including ours.
This costume is guaranteed to give you the satisfaction of being the best one out in your party if done right (obviously!), and get everyone's head-turning.
What do you have to do?
Get yourself a red suit and an orange waistcoat. 

Throw some flour on your face (or makeup. Both works!)
Play around with your makeup till you get the right look.
Put on a happy face (get the reference?)

And you are all set to go. This fantastic costume will send shivers down your spine. Imagine what it will do to others.

Pennywise – kill, kill, kill them all!


Okay, we don't mean actually kill them. We mean to kill them by striking them in this outfit.

We all know Pennywise from the movie IT - The clown famous for luring kids in and killing them. Brr, that's scary. And the perfect idea for your Halloween costume, am I right?

You can easily find a Pennywise outfit online or in a costume shop. It is very accessible because who doesn't want to be Pennywise? So before it all runs out, get yourself that costume or you will be regretting it later as it is probably on the best Halloween costume ideas.

A biker – broom broom!


Men Black Motorcycle Biker Leather Jacket With Red Stitching

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Let's be real – everyone loves a good outfit that makes them look hot. And you know which one would be the best for that?
You got that right; A BIKER!
Hang up; it doesn't end there; it is also effortless to create. Triple the benefits.

One more: you can go all crazy with leather in it. Leather jackets, leather boots, leather belts, leather, leather, leather.
What do you need for it?

Get yourself MANY leather accessories – literally everything you have of leather. The most important being a leather jacket, leather boots, and leather belts.
Wear all black to really get that bad boy look.
Grab your bandana and wear it around your head.
Get a tattoo – temporary or permanent that is your choice.
Get the right hairstyle.

And your transformation to a biker is done. Pretty cool, right?

Vampire – suck out all the blood

Get yourself in the head of this blood-sucking creature.
Vampires are a common yet unique costume that you can go for.
What do you need for it?
Purchase a cape with collars if you don't have it already.

Don't have a cape with collars and can't go out to get it? Get this long coat online
to get a similar look.                   

Cowhide Leather Long Coat

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Put it on your regular white collar shirt and black pant.
Put on some vampire fangs (that you can easily find anywhere!)
Apply some intense makeup to make you look like you are dead.

And you will be ready to suck the blood of people – I mean ready to suck all the attention of the people!

Skeleton – bones on your bones

Men's Skeleton Leather Jacket

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Who isn't scared of skeletons?

I refuse to believe that people exist who doesn’t have even a tiny bit of fear of skeletons in them – all the more reasons why going for a skeleton outfit is the best.

Halloween isn't only about dressing up and going to a party. At least, what I think is it is about really working on your costume and adding to the spooky sense that it creates. And going for a skeleton costume does just that.

If not a skeleton costume, you got the option of going for a skeleton look-alike leather jacket.

You can easily find them available at costume stores. Chances are you might even already have them in your house!

Anabelle – the creepy doll gave us nightmares


This little yet scary doll has made sleeping harder for us. So, why not use it to scare others and steal their sleep?

Yes, this costume is also easily accessible, whether it is online or at a costume shop. If not, get a white gown with a red belt across it. Go overboard with the blush on your cheeks and wear two ponytails.

You are ready to remind everyone of all the nightmares the doll has given them.

Betty & Veronica from Riverdale

Apart from the scary costumes, you can go for some cute Halloween costume ideas as well.

Get your best friend to dress up with you as the two iconic best friends from Riverdale's famous show. Everyone will be looking at you as if you guys are the real deal!

You can get aleather jacket if you are going to be Betty. After all, she became a Serpent and started wearing those sexy leather jackets.

Women Ebony Quilted Black Biker Leather Jacket

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You can also go for these types of boots (although they say it's for men, you can rock it just as good!)

Men Brown Zipper Biker Motorcycle Suede Leather Boots

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And if you are going for Veronica, wear something sassy that she would typically wear, and you are good to go.

This is a perfect idea if you have a best friend willing to do this with you

The yellow, cute, little minions

pandemic facing minion

A pandemic facing minion, maybe. (Hehehe)

Without a doubt, minions are the cutest characters that you must have ever seen in your life!

Of course, the effort you will have to put in this costume will be immense, especially if you want to go full-on! You can literally paint yourself yellow.

But hey, don't worry if you don't want to, get a cute denim jumpsuit with a yellow T-shirt, and you are ready to call yourself a minion!


Not willing to go all yellow? Then you can go all blue!
These cute little smurfs are a dream to wear at a Halloween party.
Either paint yourself blue or wear a blue shirt with a sleeveless white dress over it. If you aren't willing to do the work, then just go to the store and get the smurf costume.

If you don't want to go overboard with the costume, wear a blue shirt with this white leather jacket, and you will look like a smurf (almost).

Women White Genuine Handmade Brando Leather Jacket

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Mickey Mouse, clubhouse!

    micky mouse

    Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, the two cute mice that we have seen our whole childhood.

    How about paying tribute to them by wearing their costumes?
    Wear a black shirt with a red and white polka dots skirt and mouse ears. Ta-da! You are now a mickey mouse.

    See? Easy to make and an adorable costume!

    You are good to go!

    Now with the costume ideas that we have given you, you are ready to really enjoy the excitement and happiness that Halloween brings with it.

    Be creative and create an awesome Halloween-y costume, or you can opt for an idea from the Halloween costume ideas given here.

    So, go on and show off your creative side to the world!

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