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Having a high-quality leather jacket is the best wardrobe investment one could ever make. For a long time, people only approved black and brown leather, and companies also produced leather jackets in these two colors.

But change and innovation are what we humans crave. Soon folks got bored with traditional color jackets, and that's why companies started introducing colored jackets that quickly became a hot choice for fashion lovers.

Blue leather jackets are one of the popular color leather jackets many people like to buy. And it makes sense because blue is such a gorgeous and universal color that it blends in with every type of outfit.

So if you are in the market searching for a worthy blue leather jacket, just read this guide. To make it easier for you, we will also share our favorite blue leather jacket designs for you.

Let's get going, shall we?

Why Choose Blue Leather Jacket?

Why choose boring when you can choose Bold? Blue Leather Jacket gives you cool vibes and lets you show your diverse side in a way that a black leather jacket cannot. And let’s admit it, everyone wears black and brown. But to stand out among people, you need an iconic fashion item like a blue leather jacket to prove that you have got your style and don’t follow the masses.

Now coming to the blue leather jacket and why should you wear it? You see, blue is the color of freedom and imagination. And the sheer diversity of shades offered by blue is unmatchable. The blue leather jacket is perfect for those people who like trying out different options but aren’t looking for something drastic.

And that’s the great thing about blue leather jackets. You can pick any shade in a blue leather jacket and wear it like a boss with so many outfits. There are so many exciting shades of blue to choose from- from impressive royal blue to striking indigo and from the tranquil sky blue to the intriguing indigo- there is never a shortage of options when choosing a perfect blue leather jacket.

Although the colors and design are numerous, finding a stunning blue leather jacket is not such an easy task. The market is brimming with faux blue leather jackets of cheap quality, which are simply a waste of money. But at Leatherskinshop, we only deal in original Premium quality leather jackets that are worth your money.

Here are our 5 best Blue Leather jacket picks for you.

Top 5 Blue Leather Jackets For All Occasions

Blue Thriller Leather Jacket

Blue Thriller leather jacket

Get This Jacket For Just $275.00

This Blue thriller jacket is just the perfect jacket for anyone looking for a blue leather jacket that is diverse and stylish. Unlike other blue leather jackets in the market, this beauty is not a faux leather jacket but a genuine leather jacket. The beautiful blue color with black stripes at the centre and shoulders makes it a perfect casual jacket. Not to mention the high-quality, beautiful buttons make it even more striking.

Blue Combo Leather Jacket

Blue Combo Leather Jacket

 Get This Jacket For Just $269.00

Any man looking for a timeless classic look with a bit of twist should opt for this black and blue biker combo jacket. Made from cow and waxed leather, this blue leather jacket will be a worthwhile investment for your wardrobe. The magnetic front closure button on the jacket is quite handy to guard against the chilly wind. The invisible zipper is perfect for people who don't fancy a big zipper. The black adjustable collar strap can be fastened up if you want to achieve that biker look.

Classic Navy Blue Leather Jacket

Navy Blue Leather jacket

  Get This Jacket For Just $255.00

This navy blue leather jacket is our absolute favorited because of its elegant design and rich color. Finding a premium quality original navy blue leather jacket is not easy, but this navy blue jacket is the epitome of style with its quilted design. The collared lapel and quilted shoulders look pretty unique and give a muscular look. The vertical zipper pockets and snap buttons on the collar make it a perfect jacket to be worn with any outfit.

Royal-Blue Leather Jacket

Royal blue leather jacket

Get This Jacket For Just $259.00

You can never go wrong with a navy blue jacket. If you prefer a simple yet elegant design, this navy blue genuine leather jacket will be a worthy addition to your wardrobe. The padded shoulder will accentuate those bulky muscles and the tightening straps allow you to adjust it to fit your size. You can match it up with a T-shirt and knitted wear, which makes it a perfect leather jacket for winter.

Classic Blue Leather Vest

 Blue leather vest

 Get This Jacket For Just $259.00

Bored with leather jackets and want to try something new? This NWT blue leather jacket is just what you are looking for. The vest is perfect to use in moderate weather as well. The best part is that you can pair a blue leather vest with a sweatshirt, t-shirt or even a woolen shirt. Don't hold back on your options. With leather tassels, front button pockets and zipper side pockets, this leather vest is suitable to wear with any type of outfit. Adorned with leather ribbon patterns, this blue leather vest is made from premium quality original leather.

How to Choose the Best Blue Leather Jacket?

The most important thing while shopping for a blue leather jacket is to know exactly what will suit you. Your color preference and budget play a significant role, but there are many other options to keep in mind while shopping for a blue leather jacket.

Here’s a checklist you need to take into consideration before clicking that purchase button.


If you cannot stand the uncomfortable clothes, then it is best to look for a jacket that is comfortable yet stylish. See, when you invest in a comfy blue leather jacket, you will enjoy wearing it when stepping out. That way, you get the most out of your investment. Moreover, when you are comfortable with something you wear, it boosts your confidence and makes you look graceful.

Premium Quality Leather

While choosing a colored leather jacket such as a blue leather jacket, you need to be mindful of leather quality. Wearing a cheap quality leather jacket can have a negative effect on your look. So never make the mistake of buying a leather jacket that does not reflect your awesome personality. Instead, invest in premium quality leather Jackets that will leave everyone in awe of your style and crown you as the ultimate style king.


You need to get the cut and the fit right. That part depends on what your preference is. Do you want a classic, timeless look, or are you going for a more contemporary and cool vibe? The choice is yours. Next, you want the design to be suitable for your body type. If your blue leather jacket is poorly fitted, it will make you look awkward, and we don’t want that, right? You can read this helpful article on ‘how to choose a perfect leather jacket for your body type.’’


As they say, the devil is in, and we totally agree when it comes to the blue leather jacket. If you want to draw attention to your muscular shoulders, buy a jacket with little detail like patches or zippers on the shoulder. If your midsection is a bit bulky, go with studded or buckled jackets that can divert attention away from your heavy stomach. If you want to keep it simple, buy a simple blue leather jacket with a beautiful zipper, and you can pair it up with just anything you want.

Outfit Ideas for Blue Leather Jacket-How and What to wear?

If you have only worn the black or brown leather jacket in the past, you must be feeling skeptical about the idea of wearing a blue leather jacket. The ultimate question people ask is ‘’how to style a blue leather jacket and what outfit to wear with it?’’ but we are here to debunk the myth that a blue leather jacket is not as versatile as a regular leather jacket.

There are countless styles to style blue jackets that you can wear to a formal event or a casual hang out with friends. This style guide will tell you how to rock that beautiful blue leather jacket of yours in an effortless way.

Go With the Casual vibe

Whether you want to dress up for a casual hang out with friends or wanna dress to impress for a date night, smart casual is the way to go. Pair up your blue leather jacket with any color jeans of your liking. Wearing a sweatshirt with this combination will really help you channel that smart and casual vibe that is trending these days. You can go with a black, white, brown or even white sweatshirt. To add a touch of style, slip-on brown leather boots and you are ready to rock the world!

Formal Outfit

If you want to achieve a more formal and classic look, wearing a jacket with a dress shirt is recommended. White dress hair almost always works perfectly with blue. Alternatively, you can go with a black or light blue dress shirt as well. For trousers, you can experiment with printed pants or solid color pants. If you want to nail that formal look, add a blue tie to your white dress shirt, color and you will look as sharp as a needle.

Diversity is the new Norm

The thing about blue jackets is that you can use them for everyday errands because they seamlessly go with every piece. Wear it with a graphic or printed tee for a more diverse look. If you decide to dine at the restaurant, you can even match some accessories like sunglasses, a watch or even a hat. It will give you that perfect gentleman vibe.

Be Bold with Blue

And now for the fashion daredevils who don't mind experimenting with their outfits. The bottom piece plays an important role in this look. Slip on any of your favorite shorts along with a bright colored t-shirt. This will really make you stand out because it's an iconic look that not many people can pull out. In this look, you have to choose the right type of footwear- go with slip ones that need no socks. Don't shy away from trying accessories like sunglasses or a brown belt to make your outfit even more striking.


What Color Tie Should I Wear With a Blue Jacket?

You can always play it safe with a blue tie if you are wearing a blue leather jacket. However, it's best to use a different shade of blue from the color of your blue leather jacket. It also depends on the color of the shirt you are wearing. So if the dress shirt is white or sky blue, you can always go for a dark-colored tie. Don't hesitate to try different colors like red, brown, grey or even brown and see what looks better.

What Style Goes Well with Blue Leather Jacket?

The simple answer is: Everything. Blue is such a universal color that's blue leather jacket can be your most diverse clothing item. You just need to figure out your style and dress according to that. You can wear t-shirts, sweatshirts, knitwear, dress shirts and printed shirts according to the event. Just use our style guide to get some inspiration and make people swoon over your killer looks.

Is Blue Leather jacket in Fashion?

Blue leather jackets are pretty popular. People are always looking for a genuine blue leather jacket that helps them vamp up their dressing game. Many celebrities like Ryan Reynold, Gigi Hadid, James Franco etc., have been spotted wearing blue leather jackets. Blue is a vastly favorite color, so it's a fairly popular choice for a leather jacket as well.

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