by Jennifer Smith October 03, 2021 8 min read

If you are a plus-size woman, the chances are that you feel widely underrepresented in the fashion industry. For a long time, skinny girls and zero sizes were worshipped in the fashion industry. But times are changing, and so are the fashion norms.

T’is a perfect time to chuck archaic beauty standards out of the window and celebrate plus-size bodies. We realize as a plus-size woman; you don’t always feel inspired or celebrated seeing zero sizes on social media and mainstream industry.

But the plus-size Instagram fashion community is a fresh breath of air today where thousands of fabulous women are celebrating their amazing bodies and at the same time motivating other girls to wear their bodies confidently.

So if you are feeling left out, get some fashion-inspo from the incredible plus-size Instagram influencers that are breaking stereotypes and proving that Fashion is inclusive.

1. La'Tecia Thomas (lateciat)


La’Tecia is an Australian model and an absolute Rockstar when it comes to body positivity. She stands up against body shaming in a most remarkable way by sharing pictures of herself in amazing outfits and thus inspiring women around the globe. It’s hard to imagine that once La’tecia felt misfit in the society and went on strict diets and did exhausting exercise just to remain thin. She wanted to become Miss Australia, but all that changed when she broke the barriers of body shaming and re-found herself by accepting her body the way it is.

And then she became an advocate of large size women. She rocks every type of outfit- from crop tops to swimsuits- La’tecia wants everyone to love their bodies the way they are.

2. Sarah Tripp (Sassyredlipstick)


Sarah Tripp is all about honoring your curves. She was always a fashion lover and wanted to leverage her skills to tell women that the sexiest woman is the confident one. The Instagram space these days is highly saturated in Plus size modeling, but Sarah has established herself firmly thanks to her unique style.

Curvy, confident, and body-positive mama- that’s what her mantra is! Her Instagram is brimming with pictures of herself in bright and beautiful outfits. She shares her experiences openly and never shies, away from talking about body positivity in all shapes and forms. She has built an amazing community of like-bodies and like-minded women. Her Instagram is full of positivity, and for anyone looking for some style inspo for plus-size women, Sarah is the woman to follow.

3. Tanesha Awasthi (girlwithcurves)


Tanesha Awasthi, aka the girl with curves, is a fashion muse for every working plus-size woman. Tanesha is all about accentuating her sexy curves and is setting a new standard against body shaming. From tight skirts to fitted blouses and body con skirts- Tanesha rocks every outfit with remarkable confidence. She also launched a GWC clothing collection for curvy, plus-size girls that promote and celebrate curves in every size.

Not only are her outfits stunning, but the messages she shares on Instagram are also brimming with positivity and self-love. And that's something every woman who had to struggle with society’s beauty standard can relate with. Perhaps that's the reason she has a huge fan following among social media users.

4. Tess Holliday


Tess Holliday is a social media sensation in the body positivity niche. Frustrated by the social beauty standards, Holliday launched her body positivity movement #effyourbeautystandards. She urged other plus-sized women to stand against social norms and post their pictures in the outfits they are not supposed to wear according to society.

She is a big advocate of authenticity and celebrating one’s body in its truest shape. She didn't feel empowered or sexy enough for a long time, but all that changed when she reclaimed her lost power and decided to ditch all the archaic beauty standards. She encourages women to be authentic by sharing her experiences with her fans.

5. Alex Larosa (missalexlarosa)


Alexa Larosa is a plus-size model and influencer who constantly speaks up against body shaming and the pressure to become ‘’thin’’. She is fiercely unapologetic about her curves and likes to show them off every chance she gets. Like so many obese girls, Larosa always felt frustrated when she could not find her size clothes on the big fashion brands.

She launched #VisiblyPlusSize to make everyone realize that she is a consumer, just like so many other women who want beautiful and sexy clothes for themselves.

6. Nadia Aboulhosn (nadiaaboulhosn)


Florida-based, Lebanese-American plus-size fashion blogger Nadia Aboulhasan is also a fashion designer who uses her skills to create plus-size clothing and footwear that resonates with people who can’t find their sizes anywhere. Nadia believes in body diversity and wants to normalize the concept that all the bodies are ‘’normal’’ and that plus-size bodies should be viewed and treated as something standard.

Nadia rose to fame when she was featured on the cover of ‘’women running’’. Nadia has a strict fitness routine, and she also loves running and exercising when she is not busy. She wants to change the perspective that only small people are fit. Judging from her posts and pictures, we would say Nadia is doing a damn good job at that.

7. Essiegolden (Essie Golden)


The founder of “golden confidence’’, Essie golden, is a plus-size fashion influencer based in NYC. Golden confidence is the movement that motivates women and men of all shapes, sizes, and colors to ditch societal rules and wear what they desire. Essie is a huge advocate of embracing your body, and her Instagram posts are always filled with positivity and self-love. She frequently collaborates with top brands to launch plus-size swimwear lines- something that plus-size women can't find easily in the stores.

8. Michelle Elman (scarrednotscared)


Michelle Elman started ‘’Scarrednotscared’’ in 2015 to make people fall in love with themselves. She endorsed the idea of being proud of having scars rather than being ashamed of them. She is always encouraging the plus-size community to take baby steps towards self-love and acceptance. Apart from giving some style tips, Michelle frequently talks about love and living fully and unapologetically. The queen of boundaries is definitely someone to follow if you are looking for some authentic style/life tips.

9. Trendy Curvy (mskristine)


Kristine Thompson, the owner of Trendy curvy, is a fashion influencer who wants plus-size women to experience luxury fashion. She started a trendy curvy blog when she witnessed on Instagram how bright, bold and beautiful plus-size women were. This inspired her to become a part of the community, so she launched her blog-Trendy Curvy.

Kristine takes immense pride in her body because she was brought up in a way that encouraged her to celebrate her body. And she wants to share that message with her fellow big girls.

Aerospace professional turned fashion influencer Kristine is an ideal celeb to follow on Instagram if you are looking to up your fashion game as a plus-size woman.

10. Allison Teng (curvygirlchic)


Allison always loves shopping, clothes, and all things fashion. But when you are a plus-size woman, it's always a struggle to find cute and girly clothes. That's what inspired Allison to start her blog and page. She dresses up in girly and luxurious clothes and celebrates her body in a positive way while encouraging others to explore all the options. If you are looking for top fashion trends and some major style inspo- Allison is the girl to follow.

11. Rachel (LovelyinLA)


Based in LA, Rachel is a plus-size fashion blogger with a fashion design and manufacturing degree. Her elegant and refined style makes her stand out from other social influencers. Rachel loves wearing dresses, and her insta is a lookbook for plus-size girls who love to rock dresses. Chic, affordable and stylish- Rachel shares her looks with community members who cannot afford to splurge on luxury fashion. So if you are on a tight budget and looking to dress up- Rachel is the one plus-size blogger you should not forget to follow. She has also been featured in Refinery29, Instyle, and today’s show for her efforts to create an all-inclusive fashion community.

12. Rosey Blair (roseybeeme)


Rosey Blair is a plus-size consultant who is well-known for her bold fashion sense and her unapologetic stance of fat-shaming. She had gone viral on tik tok when she called out the media industry for casting people in fat person roles when they aren’t even fat. She also discussed the problematic narrative spread by the media that makes people insecure in their own bodies and pretty judgmental towards people who are plus size. Her vintage-inspired Instagram is all you need to get a kickstart on a self-love journey and not bow to the standard set up by the media around plus-size girls.

13. Sarah Chiwaya (Curvily)


Sarah’s witty and bold sense of style is quite refreshing in the plus-size fashion industry. Sarah was always mad at herself for not losing more weight whenever she saw her wedding photos. But then she took charge of her life and found a fantastic plus-size blogger community and realized that happiness is not limited to the size of your clothes. She then started Curvily to show other plus-size women that ‘’style, beauty and value are not limited to sample size.’’The vibrant, fun, and bright Instagram posts made by Sarah tell us just how confident and optimistic she is. Sarah’s feed will cheer you right up if you are feeling some blues or got no inspiration.

14. Corissa Enneking (fatgirlflow)


This midwestern gal is giving us all the inside tips on finding luxurious, sexy, and stylish plus-size lingerie. She launched her online space because she realized no one was talking about where to shop and how to shop as a plus-size person, so she set out to change that. Corissa Hopes that her enjoying life fully as a plus person motivates others to do the same. She openly talks about fat acceptance and how fat people are being marginalized in society. Through her platform, she wants to dismantle the oppressive system that makes fat people live in shame.

15. Margie Plus (margieplus)


Known and loved for her neon yellow hair, Margie plus is a plus-size fashion blogger and also a brand ambassador of Savage x Fenty lingerie. Margie has always wanted to stand out, and she didn’t let society’s norms dictate how she wanted to live her life. She has worked with brands like ASOS, Nike, and Forever21 for their inclusive wear. From her bright yellow hair to her astonishing outfits, Margie plus is living her life on her own terms and wants every plus woman to do the same thing. She strongly believes that there are no rules when it comes to fashion.

She takes inspiration from things around her and incorporates that into her style. Her mantra is to develop a positive relationship with the body so that everything about it seems beautiful to you. We just love Margie plus’s bold, bright, and beautiful Instagram feed, which is a major inspiration for any plus-sized girl.

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