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Fashion is just an attempt to actualize art via living forms and social interaction." Yes, trends and fashion are indeed important appeals to appreciate the art of life, and our celebrities are the ones that create these fashion statements. These celebrities have many fans, and it is common for enthusiasts to take their appearance, haircuts, and even clothing extremely seriously. By presenting the top celebrity leather jackets in the spotlight, LeatherSkinShop as a trendsetter gets you closer to your favorite celebrity clothing.

A leather jacket is an essential part of every wardrobe. A timeless steal that you can rock with your everyday outfits. It is a luxury fashion that is part of ordinary people's closet and rules celebrity wardrobes. It has an expensive feel that keeps you cozy and spice up your look.

The question lies about "which of the jackets are owned and flaunted by celebrities?" This article revolves around celebrity leather jackets and which celebrities are famous for their choice of leather jackets. Let's find out about it.

 1. Emma Roberts Quilted Black Biker Leather Jacket

Have you dreamt of living a dream life? Or do you want to look like Emma Roberts?  Yes, then this is your chance to carry a style as Emma did on the Paris fashion week, using a cool biker leather jacket. This jacket has almost the same look as that one.

black leather jacket styles

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Biker jackets have a class of their own. The edgy and sexy look makes you stand out in a crowd. This jacket at Leather Skin Shop is a unique, modern piece made with 100% genuine leather. The jacket has a quilted pattern with an asymmetrical design that helps to add to your drool worth wardrobe. The collars are flapped and have YKK zippers which will last for a long period.

For a complete look:

  • Flaunt it like Emma Roberts; wear it on a skirt dress; a black skirt, and a white blouse. Wear your ebony quilted black leather jacket  and stiletto heels. A nice clutch bag, and you have the same look as THE EMMA ROBERTS.
  • You can even wear it over a pair of denim, with a white t-shirt. Add on stiletto heels for a modern feel.

Whoa! You will look terrific by styling like your favorite celebrity. Slay this jacket around a formal event and be the head-turner.

 2. Gigi Hadid's brown leather jacket

Brown is a versatile and regal color that has warmth itself. It is a great choice to pair with every clothes as it creates a great combination with almost all colors.

Are you a fan of the Hadid Sisters? Gigi Hadid  owns a brown leather jacket in her perfect wardrobe. A famous look that she created for the street style paired with a brown leather jacket. Gigi is a fashion diva and known for her forever classy style game.

brown leather jacket styles

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This leather jacket is effortlessly chic and modern. The stand-up collars are a feast that you never had before. The button closure on the neck snugs you from the neck. This leather jacket will hug you tight and serve as a perfect option for cold winters.

Experience the goodness of this modern, celebrity leather jacket and live the moments you dreamt of.

For a complete look:

  • Gigi Hadid has been a fashion icon. You can carry this leather jacket just like Gigi. Wear shorts and a white t-shirt. Add a pair of flip flops and a handbag to look chic and attractive.

 Grace up your street style game by channeling your inner Gigi.

  • Dress up with a pair of denim and a turtle neck sweater. Add on the cognac brown leather jacket and long boots.

And you will be all set to hit the chilly weather, rock on any semi-formal events, or roam around the streets.

3. Tom Cruise Black Leather Jacket

Tom Cruise  has been one of the favorite Hollywood celebrities known for his sexy style game and fashion sense. Early in the days of mission impossible, his black leather jacket was very well known and gained popularity.

Black is a color that owns a class. It has a swag that no other color can beat. Every wardrobe must own a black leather jacket to spice up your everyday look. For men, this color adds a masculine and bold look.

tom cruise jacket styles

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This jacket is comfortable to wear with zipper detailing all over it. This edgy biker jacket at Leather Skin Shop is your dream jacket if you love the "Mission Impossible" look of Tom Cruise. You wear this jacket like Tom Cruise did and feel like the hero of your own kingdom.

For a complete look:

  • Go bold and sassy like Tom Cruise in a monochromatic look with zippers open. Get your shoes, t-shirt, and jacket; all black.

Ride on the bike feeling safe from the weather and creating an impact on the people around.

  • You can pair the jacket with a chic t-shirt and Jeans and flaunt it over the streets.

        Walk on streets like it's your ramp and be the talk of the town. Mesmerize people with this 'heroic' look as you walk on the streets.

4. Brad Pit's Retro Red Leather Jacket

In 1999, the audience loved Brad Pitt's retro red leather jacket in Fight club movie. Have you been a fan of this iconic jacket or love the fashion sense of Brad Pitt? This is your chance to get the look of Brad Pitt with this super cool red jacket at Leather Skin Shop.

red leather jacket styles

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This dashing biker leather jacket gives a bold and confident feel like Tyler in Fight Club. This jacket is made up of genuine leather and is a piece that will grab your attention. Red is a unique color that is dark and rebellious and lets you flaunt it with an edgy cut.

For a complete look:

  • You can carry it like Brad. Wear a playful t-shirt that makes it look appealing. This cool, classy, and cheeky outfit is all you need to stay confident and rule the world with whatever you want.
  • You can even carry the jacket with a versatile look for the day. Pair the red jacket with your favorite white denim and a white t-shirt underneath. The boyish look is suitable for any semi-formal events or the perfect option to rock a party.

Be bold and confident in this dreamy celebrity leather jacket that will take you back to the '90s.

5. The Terminator Leather Jacket

You definitely have been watching 'The Terminator' all your life. It was a movie that had massive success in 1984. Arnold Schwarzenegger has been wearing the timeless leather jackets in the movie. The movie starts with Arnold in this staple apparel.

biker jacket styles

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Black emits fashion and swag. It is a color that gives you an edgy look with a class of its own. This jacket is known as the terminator one due to the bold look and attitude it offers. Here at LSS, you can go for this film look.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is everyone's favorite with his witty attitude and strong personality. The masculine and rebellious look you have dreamt of with your outfit here is your chance to go for it.

For a complete look:

  • Go bold with the monochromatic look like Arnold; all black. The hero feels you experience is all that the jacket offers.
  • You can pair it with a white color t-shirt, and long boots.

A pair of sunglasses is always the cherry on top, making it a prompt and complete look.


Concluding, fashion trends are created by what celebrities wear. Get your favorite celebrity look with a leather jacket by getting one at Leather Skin Shop. Be the hero and heroine of your dreams, flaunting these timeless staples that are MUST for your wardrobe.

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