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Fashion loving divas are currently obsessed with the trend of wearing a burgundy leather jacket outfit in voguish ways. Combining the luxe appeal of the leather jacket with this rich hue gives us a combination that is hard to go unnoticed. Also known as oxblood, maroon, or wine, the color exudes opulence, warmth, and absolute sophistication. This deep red hue is trending huge in contemporary fashion, making a burgundy leather jacket a must have in your wardrobe.

The strong fashion statement it makes isn't the only perk of a burgundy leather jacket for women. It is quite versatile, making fascinating combos with several colors, including black, grey, beige, blue, emerald green, pink, or cream.

Prints go well with it, so you can safely mix and match animal prints, florals, or checked patterns with the jacket. For instance, a leopard print scarf is a great way to spice up a look. As the color is quite flattering, a burgundy leather jacket suits all body types.

Styling Suggestion for Different Types of Burgundy Leather Jackets

Depending upon the style you want to convey, you can choose a specific type of burgundy leather jacket. Whether you want to slay the rocker chic look or get ready in preppy style, your choice of jacket matters significantly. Here are the most popular types of burgundy leather jackets and how to style them.

Styling a Burgundy Leather Bomber Jacket

Whether you want to dress up in athleisure, casual chic, streetwear or preppy style, a burgundy bomber jacket would be perfect for achieving that. 

Build a combo with black skinny jeans and a t-shirt, layering it with a classic burgundy bomber jacket. For footwear, choose black sneakers for a sporty edge, and round off the look with a messy top hair bun. 

Styling a Burgundy Leather Biker Jacket

A biker jacket in oxblood color would be suitable for a rock or punk inspired look, also aiding you to look like a baddie when you want. Team up a burgundy biker leather jacket with a white t-shirt and black faux leather pants for a casual fit. Choose black ankle boots for the footwear. 

Styling a Burgundy Leather Hoodie

A burgundy leather hoodie or a hooded jacket is perfect for building a sporty or street casual look. This outfit inspiration with a grey graphic t-shirt, beige jeans, and a burgundy leather hooded jacket is perfect for giving a voguish style statement. Accessorize the look with a cream knitted scarf, black knee high boots, and a check pattern handbag in complementing colors.

Styling a Plus Size Burgundy Leather Jacket 

A burgundy leather jacket in plus size can be a great option for curvy women due to its flattering color. It's quite easy to layer the jacket over dresses, jeans and t-shirts, or skirts to ensure each and every curve of your body is highlighted. 

Go for a minimalist round collar jacket to layer over a white top with a criss crossed neckline and black jeans. Effortless yet elegant, this look can be completed with some gold jewelry and stilettos.

Styling a Punk Burgundy Leather Jacket 

Show your penchant for the punk style with a burgundy jacket outfit featuring ripped jeans. Start with a black linen collared shirt and ripped black jeans. Wear a burgundy moto jacket with quilted details on the sleeves. You can round off this edgy outfit with black ankle boots or wear black combat boots for authentic punk vibes.

Styling a Burgundy Leather Jacket with Fur

A deep oxblood jacket with fur details is the ultimate statement of luxury. Grab a white and black striped shirt and tuck it in mustard pants. Layer a burgundy leather jacket with a fur collar and lapels for a luxe look. You only need a pair of white stilettos and a mini bag to complete this look.

How to Style a Burgundy Leather Jacket in Different Seasons

Burgundy is one of the many colors of falling leaves in autumn, but the rich hue cannot be limited to one season. You can easily wear a burgundy leather jacket for women all year round. In summer, it will add some much needed depth to your wardrobe while giving a warm and magnificent feel to your fall and winter looks. Elevate your fashion game with a splendid burgundy leather jacket ensemble every season.

Summer Outfit

We are all for keeping ourselves well prepared for layering needs in summer, and a lightweight burgundy blazer will be a no-fail choice to do so. Pair an abstract print pleated skirt with a white chiffon top. On top of it, wear a maroon leather blazer to amp up the elegance. Finish off the look with white kitten heel shoes and a white clutch.

Fall Outfit

Escape the conventional pairing options and go bold with an emerald green, mustard yellow, and burgundy ensemble. Team up a mustard sweater and green boyfriend jeans and take the style meter reading up with a fur lined burgundy leather jacket. We recommend keeping the rest of the styling simple to ensure balanced creativity. Complete the look with a pair of red high top lace boots. 

Winter Outfit

Burgundy will always go hand in hand with off white, so we are trying this combo for a winter look by layering an off white turtleneck with a burgundy jacket. Distressed skinny jeans in a light color or capri pants will be the right choice for this look, which you can round off with a pair of beige suede booties.

Spring Outfit 

The infallible choice for a stylish spring look is a floral print top. You can wear a chiffon floral top in black with a pair of blue jeans for a fresh look. Tie the outfit together with a lightweight burgundy leather biker jacket. Black ankle strap heels will add a touch of poise to the look.

Customize Your Burgundy Leather Jacket

Getting the right jacket style in your preferred color may be more challenging than you anticipate. Once you begin exploring store after store for the perfect piece, you realize that finding an all-in-one piece is not that simple. But you know what is simple? Getting a customized leather jacket. You can ask for the type, style, material, and color of your custom leather jackets from Leather Skin Shop, and our skilled artisans will craft the perfect burgundy leather jacket for you.

Pairing Suggestions with a Burgundy Jacket 

Some colors and clothing pieces make a classic combination with a burgundy jacket for women. You can hardly go wrong with these outfit ideas. However, your style is your personal territory. You can expand it as much as you like, trying out stylish combinations and seeing whether they work. Accessorizing a burgundy leather jacket ensemble is best done with burgundy, black or gold pieces, but you can also match them with other pieces of your outfit for a coherent look. Here are some stylish combos to rock a jacket in burgundy color. 

Grey Pants 

Pairing a burgundy leather jacket for women with grey pants is the easiest way to portray your sartorial prowess. We suggest a suede jacket with charcoal grey slim fit cargo pants. The look is casual and comfy, and you can inject some glamor into it with black strappy heels. 

Faux Leather Pants

Ace the leather-on-leather look by wearing a basic white blouse, black high-waisted leather pants, and a cropped burgundy jacket. As simple as it sounds, you can get ready in minutes and still win the fashion race with this outfit. Round it off perfectly with black ankle boots with fur trimmings.

White Shirt 

A simple yet fabulous maroon racer jacket can be styled over a white mandarin collar shirt and black skinny jeans. Pump some sophistication into this stylish look with black ankle shoes.


Make a feminine statement with a black checked midi skirt paired with a white top and ankle boots. Complete the look with the burgundy moto jacket and booties, followed by a chained shoulder bag.

Black Dress 

Add some edge to your black patterned dress with a stylish burgundy leather jacket, finishing with black ankle boots to complete this look which is a fusion of chicness and elegance.

T-shirt and Jeans

Pair the jacket with an off white long t-shirt, blue jeans, and burgundy knee high boots for a simple and classic look. A white and burgundy printed scarf would tie things up stylishly.


1. Which Color Goes With Burgundy Leather Jackets?

Burgundy gels well with black, white, grey, and beige to make an eye-pleasing combo, but you can also wear a burgundy leather jacket with pink, blue, dark green, and mustard colored pieces. 

2. What Clothing Can You Pair with a Burgundy Leather Jacket?

You can pair your burgundy jacket with a plain white t-shirt and black, white, grey or blue jeans. For a feminine appeal, pair it with a black dress or jumpsuit, or opt for printed separates to go with it. Sweaters, skirts, and faux leather pants in complementary colors can also go nicely with the stylish jacket.

3. Can You Wear a Burgundy Leather Jacket with Jeans?

Yes, you can wear a burgundy leather jacket with jeans in different colors and styles. The most suitable would be black bootcut or skinny jeans. Other options can be blue distressed jeans and grey jeans. 

Wrapping Up 

Shifting your leather jacket choice from a classic style, you may find the burgundy one highly appealing. The key to nailing a burgundy leather jacket is to style it with clothing and accessories in suitable shades. We have suggested a myriad of ways to put together a gorgeous look with it, but you can always tweak a suggestion according to your own style.

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