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There is no questioning the fact that leather wear and edginess are synonymous. The cool, audacious vibes of a leather jacket outfit are sought after by the It-Girls. They want to look fabulous and still exude the bad girl vibes with their ensembles, and what’s better than a voguish leather jacket to do so? 

Edgy style comes under the umbrella of alternate styles. It focuses on clothing and accessories that give an unconventional and different look. Leather jackets are an integral part of an edgy wardrobe, adding warmth and much needed drama to your looks. If you want to look drop-dead gorgeous with statement leather jackets, here's your guide to do so with perfection.

Edgy Leather Outfits To Get You Noticed 

To nail the edgy leather jacket outfits for women, you can get your hands on leather jackets that would accompany most of your ensembles. A plain black moto leather jacket can be a classic choice, but you can go for any other color as well. If the choice of material is suitable edgy leather jacket ensembles can be worn all year round.

Even better would be a studded leather jacket, as all the studs, spikes, and rivets are highly sought after for the edgy look. Not just the leather jackets, all this metal detailing can be present on jeans, footwear, bags, jewelry, belts, and other accessories. 

What to Wear With Leather Jackets to Look Edgy?

To build hot and edgy leather jacket outfits, you can wear leather leggings and skirts, plaid tennis skirts, ripped jeans, band tees, and cut out designed clothing. Fishnet or sheer tights, platform heels, knee high boots, chained belts, and animal print clothing; all give you the edge you need. Pay attention to your makeup as well, and try on looks with smokey eyes, winged eyeliner, and dark lip colors. 

Casual Edgy Leather Jacket Outfits Women's

If it's a casual outfit, but you want it to grab all the attention, the remedy is to infuse some edginess into it. The bold style of leather jackets for women is an infallible way to elevate a relaxed ensemble. Here are a few ideas to try:

With Black Leather Jacket

GREEN Leggings Outfit

Go for a white t shirt over dark green leggings, and pair a stunning black leather jacket with it. A pair of white sneakers and a green beret would be the perfect seasonings for this casual look. 

Plaid Co-Ord Outfit

If the goal is to turn heads with your casual outfit, bring up the edginess quotient with a black plaid co-ord set of a top and mini skirt. Sheer black tights, a black leather jacket or blazer, and knee high boots can easily finish this look.

With White Leather Jacket

You can also team up a feathered top in a light color like mauve, and pair it with black skinny jeans. Wear an edgy white leather jacket, preferably a biker jacket, over this outfit and round off with black Doc Martens.

With Brown Leather Jacket

Another outfit idea is to rock a black t-shirt dress and sheer leggings combo with a brown leather jacket. You can go for a vintage leather jacket for women here for the devil-may-care vibes. Complete the look with brown platform heeled boots. 

Baddie Style Edgy Leather Jacket Outfits 

No matter whether you are roaming around the streets of New York, attending a party, or just scrolling your Instagram feed, women rocking baddie looks are everywhere. The baddie aesthetic has a lot of similarities with the edgy look, such as leather wear, curve hugging fits, animal prints, and platform heels. In fact, the baddie style with leather jackets is one of the ways to portray an edgy style. 

You can learn how to be a baddie and understand this trending aesthetic in detail. Here are a few ensembles to try.

Ribbed Bodycon Dress Outfit

Wear an alluring burgundy ribbed bodycon dress and transform it from charming to edgy in a jiffy with a black leather jacket and studded black ankle boots. You can also try a fringed black leather jacket with this outfit. Wear cat eye shades, and some chunky jewelry, and you are good to go!

Leopard Print Tights Outfit

Another way to slay the baddie style is to wear a black tank top with leopard print tights and a chained belt around the waist. Wear a tan leather jacket over it, and round off the look with combat boots. For a twist in this stylish outfit, you can swap the tan moto jacket with a faux leather jacket with fringes for an edgy vibe.

Satin Co-ord Set Outfit

Team up a bold print satin co-ord set that includes a front tied shirt and flare pants. Layer a cropped leather jacket over it to jazz up your look. Gold hooped earrings, a chunky necklace, and black stilettos will give the right finishing touch to this ensemble.

Glam Rock Edgy Leather Jacket Outfits 

Outfits that perfectly balance glam and edginess are a sight to behold, and you can create them too if you like. Include rock fashion staples, glamorous pieces from contemporary fashion, and appropriate accessories to nail the glam rock look. 

Striped Tee and Jeans Look

Build a look that set you apart from the rest with a cool red leather jacket and your favorite jeans. All you need is a classic black and white striped t-shirt paired with ripped, slim fit blue jeans. Don your stylish leather jacket in red, and make the outfit even more stunning by wearing red platform heel boots, and a red Gatsby cap.

Red Dress and Edgy Boots

A no-fail way to exude edgy vibes is by wearing a black biker jacket over a red dress. To complete this red and black casual look, wear black riveted booties, and carry a studded shoulder bag with you. Red beret and shades would increase the glam quotient further. 

Jumpsuit and Leather Jacket Look

If you love the red+black combo a little too much, here is another way to glam up in it. Opt for a stylish black jumpsuit and black block heel sandals with spikes on them. To give the outfit a whole new twist, wear a red studded leather jacket. The jacket with the shiny detailing and edgy style is surely going to make a strong statement, wooing everyone away. 

Leather on Leather Jacket Outfits for Edgy Style 

Wearing leather garments is the ultimate way to look edgy, so you can pair leather tops, skirts, dresses, and leggings with your punk leather jacket. A faux leather jacket and other garments made of faux leather are also an option here for an effortless style.

Band Tee and Leather Leggings

Using a grey band t-shirt as a base, wear black faux leather leggings and a black cropped leather jacket, preferably a bomber jacket over it. Wrap an orange scarf around your neck and wear black chunky-soled high boots to seal the look. 

Black Dress and Trench Coat Combo

You can also wear a black short faux leather dress with sheer leggings, and layer up with a black leather trench coat. Opt for edgy black lace up booties for this black dress outfit. The look allows accessorizing to your heart's content, and we suggest a riveted black bag and a trendy hat to go with it.

Edgy Style Outfit with a Dress 

Blend elegance and uniqueness by teaming up a vintage black dress and a cropped bomber jacket. If you want to elevate the style quotient of the black dress and jacket combo, block heeled booties in black, a cowgirl hat, and a studded leather belt would give a perfect finishing touch.

Custom Leather Jacket to Nail the Edgy Look

To slay the edgy look, you need a ravishing leather jacket that would lend itself to all your killer outfits. Finding a perfect leather jacket according to your personal style is hard to find, and getting one that fits you perfectly is another daunting task. Custom leather jackets from Leather Skin Shop can solve this fashion problem, as you can ask for any desirable feature in your jacket via customization. 

You can pick the material, hardware, and all the details of your jacket to ensure a stylish look. You can also choose a color for your jacket that suits your skin tone.

What Style Of Jacket to Go For?

Go for the ultimate baddie style motorcycle jacket, a vintage jacket, a bomber jacket, or a biker jacket with studs, whichever goes with your personal style.  


How can you wear a leather jacket for an edgy outfit?

There are numerous ways to use your leather jacket to layer up an edgy outfit. The band tee + ripped jeans look with a leather jacket and combat boots is the easiest to pull off. Or, you can wear a tan leather jacket over a white tube top, faded blue jeans, and black and white converse sneakers.

Are edgy leather jackets currently in style?

Once an iconic outerwear of punk and rock lovers, edgy leather jackets are back and even better than before. The cool designs and details of these amazing leather jackets lend boldness to your outfits. A punk style leather jacket is a must have in every fashion forward woman’s wardrobe so that she can turn any look into edgy in an instant. 

What is the meaning of edgy style?

The edgy style is best described as a mix of offbeat and sassy styling. Girls opting for edgy looks love to experiment with unconventional clothing and accessories, such as jackets, bags, and booties adorned with rivets, mismatched earrings, and the use of dark hues in makeup.

How can I style myself like an edgy woman?

The easiest way to rock an edgy look is to team up a band tee over black leather leggings or ripped jeans, and layer it with a leather moto jacket in black. Round it off with a chained belt, stiletto heel booties, and a beret. You can make any outfit edgier by using clothing or accessories that are standard for edgy style, such as a studded faux leather jacket, chunky neck chains, or spiked jewelry. 


Currently, edgy looks are all the rage. Be it the ever voguish celebrity divas, or the it-girls on social media, so many of them are giving us a heavy dose of edgy style provocations each day. If you marvel at their attention grabbing outfits, on point accessorization, and leather jackets, try any of the outfit ideas suggested above and inject some edginess into your looks.

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