by Jennifer Smith November 26, 2023 5 min read

If we talk about a men’s casual fashion trend that is surely having a moment, it would be the comfy hooded sweatshirt with a cool bomber jacket. Layered outfits are necessary for the cold weather, and a voguish man wants to look fashionable while wearing several layers of warm clothing. Hoodie with bomber jacket outfits for men let you enjoy comfort with style, solving your fashion problems. 

If you want to slay this fashion trend without risking your style quotient, we have listed some fabulous ideas to wear a hoodie under a bomber jacket. 

Hoodie Under Bomber Jacket Outfits: The Ultimate Casual Combo 

When you need to portray a dressed up look but wish to feel relaxed, don a hoodie with a pair of jeans and throw a men's leather bomber jacket into the mix. The look is perhaps the easiest to nail, yet voguish enough to take your fashion game up a notch. 

Wearing a hooded sweatshirt under a bomber jacket can make appropriate winter outfits. However, you can alternatively opt for a leather hoodie for the early fall or spring season. A hooded leather jacket gives a look that is quite similar to the hoodie under bomber jacket look and can be worn over a light cotton t-shirt.

Tips for Hooded Bomber Jacket Outfit Men Should Follow

When going for bomber jacket outfits with a hooded sweatshirt, make sure you opt for a lightweight hoodie in a slim or regular fit. We are looking for a dressed up, smart look here, for which a bulky hoodie won't serve the purpose. The bomber jacket should have a roomier fit, providing ease of layering. The pairing looks smarter when you keep the length of both pieces just below the waist. 

Go for the suitable bottom wear such as denims, chinos, khakis, cargo pants, or wool pants with this combination. Pay attention to the right color combos and accessories to pull off the look without fail. Boots, slip on sneakers, chunky sneakers, or even loafers can be a befitting option with these bomber jacket ensembles.

Hoodie and Bomber Jacket Outfit Ideas 

Unleash your style creativity with complementing hooded shirts and bomber jacket outfits for street style. You can wear warm hooded sweatshirts or lightweight ones as needed, and pair them with leather bomber jackets in any color.

Nylon, polyester, or wool bomber jackets are also easily incorporated into casual ensembles with hoodies. Here are some suggestions on hoodie bomber jacket outfit men can try. 

Black Bomber Jacket with Black Hoodie Outfit 

Since a black bomber can beat all sorts of outerwear for its versatility, you have so many options to pair with it. For instance, a great idea for a multilayered casual outfit is to wear a white round neck t-shirt and a red flannel under a black hoodie with a zipper. To elevate your outfit, wear a black leather bomber jacket on top. 

A simple black hoodie with a black leather bomber jacket is also an excellent way to style yourself for a casual ensemble. Pair black cargo pants and black high top sneakers with this ensemble.

Green Bomber Jacket with Furry Hood 

No better way to style an olive green bomber with a fur hood than to pair it with a black hoodie. You can wear black slim fit jogger pants for a laid back look, or chinos for a neat look. Stylish chunky white sneakers can be worn with this outfit.

Navy Bomber Jacket with Gray Hoodie Outfit 

Give a smart casual twist to the combo by choosing a grey lightweight hoodie and black jeans layered with a navy blue quilted bomber. The stylish look can be completed if you wear black chukka boots or Chelsea boots, black aviator style shades, and a metal watch.

Tan Bomber Jacket With Hoodie Outfit 

If you have a stylish tan leather bomber jacket, use it to layer hooded shirts in complementing colors, such as red, black, cream, or grey. Build an outfit with a red hooded sweatshirt and black chinos and pick your tan bomber jacket to seal the look stylishly. Black converse sneakers are a befitting footwear choice to complete this look.

Grey Suede Bomber Jacket with White Hoodie Outfit 

A suede bomber jacket in a light shade of grey can give you an incredible amount of pairing options. We suggest keeping styling simple and classic with a white hooded sweatshirt and navy jeans. Black leather boots are the ideal footwear choice to complete the outfit.

Custom Bomber Jacket to Rock The Hoodie Bomber Jacket Outfit for Men

Getting custom leather jackets is undoubtedly your best bet to convey a better style each time, especially with a hooded shirt and jacket combination. When you go the bespoke route, you get to choose all the details of your bomber jacket by yourself. 

Choose a jacket design that appeals to you, and order your Custom Bomber Jacket from the Leather Skin Shop. Whether you are looking for a specific material, color, or any other details, our customization process ensures that you get exactly what you ask for in your bomber jacket. Fill the form on our site or get in touch via email, and our design consultants would reach out to you to kickstart the custom process.


Can You Wear a Hoodie With a Bomber Jacket?

A bomber jacket over a hooded sweatshirt is the most go-to combo in casual menswear right now. The layered look keeps the warmth inside, while the fashionable look of the bomber jacket makes you stand out. 

Are Bomber Jackets in Fashion?

Bomber jackets are taking center stage this year for menswear fashion, urging fashion savvy men to keep at least one of these in their wardrobes. The versatile bomber jacket can pair well with so many pieces and easily gives room for layering underneath.

What Shirt Go With a Bomber Jacket?

You can never go wrong with a round neck solid colored t-shirt under a bomber jacket, but wearing hoodies with it is a recent style trend that looks quite urbane.

Can You Wear a Hooded Bomber Jacket with Jeans?

Multiple varieties of jeans can be paired with a bomber jacket. Choose the color of your jeans according to the bomber jacket's shade, but experiment with diverse styles, such as baggy jeans, ripped slim fit jeans, cargo jeans, or straight leg jeans.

Are Baggy Bomber Jackets Fashionable?

Oversized or baggy bomber jackets are no more a raging trend, and wearing one can make you look sloppy. Ideally, a bomber jacket should have a slightly roomy fit, but not be loose. 

It’s a Wrap 

Both the hoodie and bomber jacket are highly sought after picks for casual wear, and building a look by combining these two items is definitely a voguish idea. The combination is a convenient way to ensure comfort and style, giving you the additional benefit of changing your look from spruce to laid back whenever you want. Try the hoodie and bomber jacket outfits suggested above to rock this trend without fail.

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